Thank you transforms everything

thank_you Thank you.. see the effect it has one water?  Now what are you mostly made of? Water.  Just think that if thinking thank you can do this to water what all the self talk going on in your head all day does to your body.

Dis-ease is the result of stress, worry, anger, fear.  It changes your body, physically changes your body.

Thank you, the power, energy of gratitude transforms your body and your world into beauty.  What you don’t really get most of the time is that well being, abundance, prosperity, is your natural state.  It’s what you intended to experience. You knew the law of attraction, the secret to all good things before you entered that body of yours. You knew that you had only to think with feeling and that which was thought and felt would show up. 

You knew this… but you forgot.

Now it’s time to remember again.  You’ve read the books, seen the movies, you’ve even followed teacher after teacher looking for the “answer” to your soul’s yearning.

The answer is within you, it’s always been there. Awaken the knowing of power that lies within you.  Awaken it and nurture it into full bloom.  Thoughts become things. The law of attraction does not bring about only those things that you think about that are pleasant, actually most people get the crap stuff quicker because they are more deeply emotionally attached to those things.

Now that you know that goodness is your natural state you have a few choices to make. Do you decide to impose a bit of discipline on your own mind or continue as you’ve been doing and creating what you’ve been creating?

The reason most people give up on law of attraction creation prinicples is they will not hold out and hold on long enough to change their habited beliefs and reactions to life. If you’ve ever quit smoking or any other habit you know that staying quit requires moment by moment decisions to act differently.  Eventually it becomes programmed into your subconsious and you don’t think about it anymore, it’s automatic.

Thus it is with all change.  Begin by getting into the energy of gratitude.  Say and think Thank You throughout the day.  Be thankful for every little thing that shows up in your life. Even the things you don’t want bring you a gift, they help you know what you do want by showing you the unwanted.

Thank you transforms thinking, the cells of your body, your life, and the world. Be aware of the power of thank you.  Tell people thank you who offer you any kindness.  Watch as it transforms the energy between you.

Thank you is a power creative power, use it often and transform your life.


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