Enjoying the law of attraction creative process

When my daughter was eight she was really into the process of creating one experience after another.  You would no sooner finish one excursion before she was asking, “what’s next”? One day I pointed out that perhaps she should enjoy the experience before running off to the next one.  She replied, “Oh I do enjoy the experience, but the exciting part is getting there”.

She understood something most adults have forgotten.   As creators we are all about the creation process.  It’s not really the “stuff” we are after but the process of experiencing ourselves as the energy of creation.  That’s why so many never feel that they’ve done or gotten enough stuff.  When you place all the importance on getting stuff you just are not fulfilled for very long.  Soon after arriving at one place your soul is urging you to create the next experience.

It’s the process of experiencing ourselves creating that really does it for us.  Simply by shifting your thoughts about things a bit you can enjoy your life right where you are while creating/attracting the next set of experiences.

Start by accepting that creating is what you do, it’s Who You Are.  There is no way around it, you are always calling things forth into form.  Now for the really fun part.  Begin seeing the fun in creating.  Each thing that shows up does so due to your asking it to appear for you to interact with.  Wow, that’s some powerful creating you’re doing.  Be amazed at that for just a moment.  Feel the energy of power moving through you.  Now you are ready to take the next step.

What are you desiring to interact with?  Get clear about that part.  Feel the creative life force stir within.  Think about all the possibilities of creative style.  You can go the long way around to your creation or straight to it.  The long way allows you to bring forth lots of little experiences that might not be so pleasant… but you learn from them what you don’t care for much.  The straight way may include some of the same experiences, but your attitude says that it’s all part of the process, showing you more and more who you are, what you are and allowing you the opportunity to experience yourself as creative power.

This second way is the way of joy.  You realize that the process of creating is the fun.  This is why you chose a body and this planet.  You want the experience of understanding yourself to be Creative Life Force in a physical body remembering just what a powerful creator you are.

You can now easily let go of situations, things, people, places not in line with what you are desiring to experience right now.  You can move easily through the process of creating enjoying each  moment, knowing yourself to Be the power calling forth into physical form each and every event.

Start where you are right now.  What do you want?  Who do you desire to experience yourself as Being?  Make a few decisions and get to the creating process.  Laugh a lot, smile often, hug people on a regular basis.. oh, yeah.. pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Live Happy Be Happy

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