Appreciate your life to success


Look at the picture of the flower.  It’s pretty isn’t it?  Now look again, allow the beauty of the flower to be experienced by you.  Notice the details, the depth of color, the lines in the petals, all the little pollen dust sitting so daintily on the pistons.  Feel the color of the flower.  Let the orange energy move through you bringing you in touch with your courage, determination and feeling of being alive.

The exercise we just did is appreciation.  It brought the value of the flower into your awareness.  Appreciation is value, the value you see, feel and interact with.  By getting in the flow of appreciation regarding anything in your life you add to the value of it, making it work in a more positive way for you.

The more you take time to look for the value to what is already in your life the more your vibrations shift lining up with more appreciation.  It’s more than gratitude, more than being thankful, it’s seeing the value and adding to it.


Change your life vibration today

3 thoughts on “Appreciate your life to success

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