Learning from your emotions; they have a message for you


Today there seems to be a lot of talk about only feeling those “good” emotions, working your way up the ladder of feelings without much regard for the ones you don’t much care for. While it’s understandable that you want to feel good, it’s beneficial to take a look at those unwanted feelings before moving on past them.
All feelings have value to you. Each one brings with it a message that once understood helps you to move forward with deeper understanding and personal insight. Anger for instance asks you to halt and pay attention to your surroundings, often warning you ahead of time of a potential danger. When understood anger as well as your other emotions bring healing and balance to your life experience.

The problem with anger is that often times it’s held to tightly because of a past trauma. Something happened and you just haven’t let it go. Anger boils inside you and explodes with the least provocation often bring with it destruction of relationships and peace. Once you take a look at the cause of this type of anger response you can trace it back to it’s root, change your perception of the situation and allow healing. Healing is the process of allowing something else into your life rather than the same old types of things.

After tracing your anger back to it’s root look for the gift in that situation. There is always a gift, sometimes you just have to dig really deep to find it. Abuse in childhood reminds you to protect yourself and you can now be inspired to help others understand that they have control over their own lives rather than just living with the anger and hurt of the past. No matter the original cause of the anger you can shift it’s meaning in your life and move forward into healing and balance.

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