Being aware of your creative powers



What is your present circumstance?  Are you ready to admit to the one who brought all these elements into play so that you could experience yourself in this situation? 

This is the powerful first step to experiencing yourself as the powerful creator that you are.  You are always creating, you never stop.  There is no pause button, no remote that you can use to turn off creating.  It’s always going on, the question is; are you aware of what you are doing?

When you are ready to wake up and look at what is around you, accepting that you have pulled together the molecules that form this illusion we call reality, then you are conscious enough to begin creating on purpose.

Creating on purpose is simply knowing that you are the power that pulls things into play through thought and feeling.  By lining up what you know yourself to Be with what you wish to experience you make things happen that reflect this knowing.

The more awake you are the more aware you become of the power that moves through you to bring things into focus.  This focus takes form and you are the one directing the show.  When you are finished interacting with your creation simply move onto the next one.  There is no letting go, work, or struggle required, just move on to the next scene.

A simple exercise to help you really understand what I’m talking about is to walk through your home.  Let your eyes gaze upon different things.  Pause a moment to interact with them by noticing shape, color, etc.  Move on to the next one.  Quite simply, you are bringing things into your awareness by noticing them, then moving on to notice something else.

This is the creation process.  It’s about noticing what you want to interact with.  Paying attention to what is enjoyed is the easiest way to keep it in your field of attention.  When you stop paying attention to one thing because you have moved to something else, the first thing has little influence on you.

Practice paying attention to what pleases you, noticing only these things, these states of Being.  In a short time you will be so focused on what you want to interact with that you notice little else, thus you will bring into form those things in line with your joy.


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