It’s about so much more than just paper money, real abundance






Real abundance is more than money, money is just paper.  When people say to me that they want more money I know what they really mean is that they want the things that money can buy.  After all money is only piper it is not true wealth, nor the experience of wealth.  What all people really desire is to experience the reality of interacting with abundance and prosperity in every area of their lives.  This includes fine homes, reliable transportation, nice clothing, plenty to eat, and being able to come and go as one pleases.  But even deeper than that human beings really strive to be happy.  The desire for wealth is deeply rooted in our desire to experience ourselves as the abundance and prosperity that we actually are.


As long as we continue to look outside ourselves for wealth and happiness, we will find it only in fleeting moments.  The reality is we must first come to the understanding that we are the energy of abundance, well being, and happiness.  And in all of our searching for abundance through money and lots of work we miss out on the opportunity to experience ourselves as Source Energy, the power which brings all things into physical form.  What each of us indeed is actually seeking to find is a way to experience ourselves as that which we truly are.


In all of your getting get understanding, whether it is learning new knowledge or new skills, understanding of who you are is at the root of joy.  Knowing yourself to be the energy of love, joy, abundance and prosperity is the energy that motivates you always to keep going forwards to express yourself as more abundance.  The goal of all the doing that keeps you busy from sunup to bedtime is to finally come to an understanding that you are the source energy of everything you have been seeking outside yourself.  All the energy for all possibilities is flowing continuously through you seeking to bring into form whatever you can place imagination, passion and prolonged thought to.


When you line up your day with I am declarations, knowing yourself to be love, well being, abundance, and joy you’re well on your way to experiencing yourself as these various states of being through each creation you bring in to form.  You are the power bringing experiences into your life to interact with.  You’re always in the process of calling into form experiences of allowing you to express the next highest expression of who you believe yourself to be at any given moment.  Lining up with the truth of who you are is the surest and quickest way to experience yourself as abundance and prosperity.  It is also the surest path to joy.


Beginning each day with I AM declarations and ending each day in gratitude  will quickly move you along the path of self expression from the truest point of your being.  It’s about so much more than just paper money, it’s about self realization.


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