It’s Time for Change Really Big Change

climate-change1 We all notice how things are changing, many in ways we don’t like, some we even feel are harmful to the planet and thus the life of those who inhabit this globe we call home.  What to do about it is the question on many people’s minds.  It seems sometimes that things are out of control.  When you turn on the news and see what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico you just can’t help feeling horrified.  What will the end result be?  No one seems to know that or when the oil will stop gushing from the ocean floor.

Feeling angry and helpless isn’t the answer.  It never is the answer.  Only when we take a long, hard look at “problems” with a fresh eye, asking for the gift, do we find the solution.  The solution to the oil mess is another form of energy.  It’s time for us to make our voices heard.  One suggestion to getting heard is to gather 3-5 friends, a video camera and make a visit to your state representatives office.  Tell him or her that the video will be uploaded to YouTube or Google as soon as you leave the office. 

Be ready with your questions.  Be polite, be firm, be informed.  Realize that your state representative may not be as informed as you are on alternative energy options.  Take print outs with you so that you can share information and links.  Remember the two guys on the house floor discussing what “texting” was?  They may not be familiar with how to “google” answers, so be patient and respectful.

Phone calls, emails and petitions are wonderful, but a visit with a video camera is powerful.  It’s a much easier way to get a response to your concerns.  Most politicians don’t want to look silly on the net and will be much more likely to listen to you and respond to your questions and comments knowing that the whole world will be watching in just a few hours.

We are the best tools for change we have.  There is no reason for threats, angry words.. reason, facts and respect are the key.

I hope you’ll post links to your interviews here, I’d love to see them.  Use the comment section to talk about what changes you feel we can make working together.  What do you think is a powerful way to transform our world?


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