Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

If you knew that you could do, be, have, experience ANYTHING you wanted and not fail, how would that change your life?  What would you want?  What would you do?  The real truth is that you CAN do, be, have, experience anything.  The problem is you DON”T believe that.  If you believed it there would be no holding you back.  You would take one step after another joyfully in the direction of your dreams and you’d enjoy each moment of the journey knowing that you will succeed.

Success is a guarantee.  The Source of All Life is always on your side working in and through you to bring into form whatever you say you want.  You say what you want not with your words but with your attention.  Giving your attention is done by thinking, feeling, worrying, feeling excited.  The attention energy of love and fear work equally well to bring into form what you are focused on.  Fear is the result of not believing that you are the power of creation.  Fear is the result of believing that you must earn, work hard, deserve something that you don’t have rather than “knowing” that you are always deserving of everything.

You are in the driver’s seat.  You are the writer of the script, the actor, director and you are sending out the casting call to others to join you in your experience.  Most creating is done in fear.  Fear of lack, sickness, dis-ease, not having enough and worrying about how badly it will affect your life.  Switching over to love takes a shift in mindset.  You need a new mind.. a mind that knows you are more than body, more than thought, more than emotions and experiences.  A new mind set that knows you to BE the Source of Energy that brings things into form is what is needed to change your life.

Where did limiting beliefs come from?  Most likely your parents started you off on the journey of limit.  They didn’t do it to be mean or hurtful, they were only sharing what their parents had shared with them.  After being told how things work you add a bit of experience with some emotional reaction and you are well on your way to a set of beliefs that play out your whole life creating over and over again what you DON”T want.

You have an emotional attachment to lack, working to deserve things, over coming bad luck.  Now let’s change it.  Be honest with what you are believing.  It’s easy to figure out.  Just look at the things that keep showing up unwanted in your life.  Beliefs are doing that creating.  Admit what the beliefs are.  Start off by just being willing to release them.  Emotions are connected, after all people you love taught you these things.  Just begin with willingness to release these beliefs.

Now move on to actually letting them go.  Make a list of what’s not the way you want it.  Identify the beliefs of lack creating these experiences.  Ask yourself if these beliefs are really true.  For example; money is really hard to get.  Is that really true?  Think about all the people with lots and lots of money earned only by investing in stocks, bonds, etc.  They don’t work hard, they work smart.  It’s obvious that money isn’t hard for everyone to get.

Take another example; I don’t deserve love, money, good things in my life, I haven’t “earned” them.  Is this really true?  You are a Child of GOD/ GODDESS.  You not only deserve every good thing, every good thing is already yours, waiting only for you to claim it.

You see the process.  As you go through the limiting beliefs and make sense of them it’s easy to just laugh and let them go.  Now take up a new mind set, new beliefs that are true.  Think them, feel them.  Move step by step into the experience of them.  You can’t fail.  You always create exactly what it is you believe, success is built in.  You have only to Believe, Think, Feel, Do, BE what you want and it shows up.

Happy Creating!

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