Truth is a Bitter Horse Pill


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Life is what we make it, what we believe it to be.  It always manifests exactly as we believe we are, life is, the world is.  There is no one to blame for your lot in life, it’s the result of what you believe.  That’s a big bitter pill isn’t it?  We’ve given our power away to those in “authority” over us and begun experiencing ourselves as small.  We are not little creatures incapable of creating a wonderful life, we only experience that because we’ve bought into the programming passed down for thousands of years that we must rely on others to know what’s best for us.

Our playing to role of small people who need to be fed, washed and diapered our whole lives doesn’t make it true, it only creates an experience.  The experience is then compounded by emotions and eventually you have yourself a belief that just isn’t true, but that you keep creating with over and over again.  We are surrounded by programing for believing just how little we are too.  It’s in the media, in the schools, the churches, the political leaders and bankers are always telling us how little we know and how we must trust them to have our best interests at heart.  It’s time to awaken form our slumber and claim our rights, our human rights, our dignity and our power to turn things around to how we want them to be.

Over 95 % of the entire world’s wealth; that’s money, gold, silver, homes, lands, planes, trains,  and power, is in the hands of about 4% of the people.  Don’t you think it’s time for you to have more than crumbs, don’t you want more than the crumbs you’ve been settling for all your life?  Do you think it’s fair that so few have so much while so many have so little?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can wake up, humanity can wake up to a new way of living, a new way of creating.  Rather than just taking what’s been offered by those few in control, you can take your power back and create with a new set of beliefs that will then produce experiences you want to have.

Most people on this planet live in total poverty, they don’t even have enough food to eat.  Many work and live from hand to mouth.  A few prosper after figuring out that they are capable of creating the life they want.  I want you to be in that number of folks who figure out how to prosper.  There is always more than enough of everything.  Lack isn’t the problem with not having, lack thinking is the problem.  You believe in lack, you believe in struggle so that’s what you create over and again. 

Your beliefs are the root of your problem.  It’s doubtful that a single belief you hold onto and create your life with is even your own.  All your beliefs you got from someone else who got them from someone else.  Why would you want to keep beliefs that didn’t even come from you?  Why would you continue to create life with beliefs that only get you what you don’t want?  Are you ready to take a long, hard look at what you believe and release just about every single one of them?  What if there are beliefs that will work better for you, don’t you want to create with those?

You can change.  You can change your life, the world even, by changing your beliefs.  Before you can change them, you need to figure out what they are.  Take a look at your life.  What are your experiences with money, success, health, and relationships?  Those experiences are the result of beliefs.  Now you get the picture, you get the idea.  Look at what you’ve created and you’ll see the belief that created it.  Spend some time in silence, in meditation and find the belief that will create what you want.  Now Practice That! 

You deserve more than you have had to this point.  You deserve to enjoy prosperity, success and financial abundance.  Swallow the pill of truth and get busy creating with a new energy, the energy of I AM Powerful!

Get your copy of “How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World” today.  It’s a guidebook to help you swallow the bitter pill of truth and create on purpose!

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