Gardening For The Soul


Gardening represents the growing of our selves as well as the growth and harvest of food for our bodies.

During the winter I till the soil to root up all weeds, seeds and plants that are not helpful to the crops I wish to grow.
This is similar to the process of being honest with self about all the emotions and experiences of the past which we hold onto to.

Just as weeds, unwanted plants, in the garden will take nourishment and water from the vegetables I do wish to grow; holding onto the past consumes the attention and focus of my life energies.

Winter is the perfect time to till up the soil and lift up the seed and plants onto the surface so that I can easily identify them for removal.

The cold winter, which lacks the heat of the sun and encouragement for growth allow many of the unwanted seed and plants to be absorbed back into the soil providing food for growth come spring.

I spend most of the winter thinking and planning about the spring and summer garden.  Choosing from many catalogs those plants, which will bless my life with taste, health and beauty.

When spring heralds the time of beginning of growth I once again take my tiller and go through the soil, removing unwanted traces of last year’s experience.

This process reminds me of time spent in meditation and journal writing.  I allow myself to remember the experiences of the past, the opportunity for growth and deeper understanding they bring.

Those which I have learned from I bless and allow them to go their way, being absorbed once again into the Universal Energy.

I think on the things in my life I wish to experience, the loving people and exciting situations I desire to attract into my life for my further growth.  These are the seed of my personal garden I now wish to plant.

A good garden requires soil, sun for light and heat, nutrients and plenty of growing space.  I can’t allow the old plants and weeds too much room or they take from my garden the things needed by the vegetables for growth.

Having decided which plants to grow and having tilled the earth and removed last year’s leftovers, I am now ready to sow the seed and plants of new growth and blessings.

Much in the same way, I take stock of my life and let go of past hurts, pains, anger and disappointment in order to have room for new blessings and growth in understanding to grow.

During the growing season I offer nutrients, sunlight, and my attention to keep weeds at bay so that my garden has and easy path for production of high quality veggies.  Daily I walk through the plants and encourage them, and offer my aid in whatever way is needed.
I focus my attention on the growth of my garden.

In my personal garden I daily take time to do an inventory of what is growing in my heart and mind.  I am honest with myself about the emotions I am feeling, the desires I wish for and the steps I take to cultivate these things in my life.

If I allow the weeds of anger, despair and hurt to take over my heart then my life is joyless and full of worry.
By weeding out the old plants of the past once I have understood them and their role in my life, I am better able to release them.

The sunlight of joy, peace and love are then able to grow untangled with the plants and roots of the past.
More sunlight is able to penetrate my life and heart and my garden grows stronger and faster.

Throughout the growing season I am diligent to provide proper food and water for my garden.  I walk through with my tiller keeping the soil soft and weed free for easy and fast growth unhindered by the roots of weeds.

In my personal garden I daily take time to walk through the experiences of the day and understand them, incorporate the lessons they bring.  I keep the soil of my heart loosened and watered with prayer and mediation.

At the end of the summer I gather all the wonderful fruit of my garden.  I relish the taste and quality of the vegetables and herbs.  They bless my body with health and provide a blessing to the hunger for strong nourishment.

Often more is grown that what I can eat, so I store the extra in the freezer or canning jars to pull out and use during the winter when the garden is resting.

My personal garden blesses me with patience, joy, love and peace.  I find that I have grown deeper understanding of my self and my brothers and sisters.  Each season brings a bigger harvest than the one before as my experience deepens and my understanding of what to plant and the timing of it aids the growth.

Gardening for my body mirrors the gardening I do for my soul.  The principles of one enhance the other as I incorporate the lessons of each season into the next.

The attention, focus and planning required to grow vegetables mirror the steps I take to grow in understanding, love and joy in my life.

May your garden have plenty of sunshine, rain and your harvest be plentiful and the fruit sweet.

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