Time for Thrival Enough Survival Mindset

Thrival Time


It’s time to Thrive.  We’ve survived long enough.  We’ve proven that we can survive but aren’t you ready to do a bit of thriving now?  I know I am.  Just surviving is hard work and it’s not a lot of fun either.  We’ve done it the same way for so long because that’s how we were taught and we just didn’t have the tools to do differently.
Now the tools for Thrival are coming to the forefront.  You can read them, see them, listen to them everywhere.  People are awakening to the urgency that there HAS to be a better way and there is. 
When I wrote "How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World" I was in a place of realizing that all the hard work I had been doing just wasn’t working.  I was getting by, but barely.  After I hit my 50th birthday I started giving some real thought to whether or not I wanted to still be working in my 70’s and realized that working my whole life wasn’t sounding like so much fun.  
I began to earnestly ask questions and listen for the answers.  Those answers are in the book.  I live by them and know that they will work for you because they work for me.  I’m not selling you hype, you’ve had enough of that.  These are real principles that work when you live them.  It’s not magic fairy dust, (sorry, I’m out of that), but you will create your own magic with these ideas if you practice them daily. 
The only difference between those "Masters" who walk on water and everyone else is practice, practice, practice. 
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Posted by Donna Devane. Posted In : Success Tools

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