Proof that you can live Success

Proof You Can Do It

We all want to live better.  That’s a given, humanity seeks comfort, love, shelter, food and fun.  Well, here is the BIG Breaking News!  If anyone can live this, everyone can.  That includes you. What are you dreaming of?  What passion burns within?  Don’t give up.  Keep on keeping on with your dreams.  I didn’t just wake up one day with books in print.  That actually began years ago when I was a child.  I always loved reading and wanted to write.  I wrote stories, poetry and inspiration pieces.  I was in my mid 20’s before I ever had anything published.  I got enough No, Thank you letters to wallpaper my study before I was published.  I didn’t stop writing though.  I have kept a journal since about 11 years of age.  I wrote a few stories for my children when they were little and still have those.  Perhaps I’ll have them published one day. 

I’ve spent my life reading and writing, learning and sharing.  It’s what I love.  So let me ask, what do you love?  Do you get up each day excited at the opportunities to interact with your passion?  I was asked a while back how I write so many books.  I told them I first get an idea, then I sit down at the keyboard, place my fingers there and type until the book is finished.  That’s the magic.  Doing it.  Just write.  When following your passion it’s the act of living the experience that is the first reward.  Of course I want others to purchase and read the books.  But the first joy is the writing.  It’s like I say to potential host for Awakened Radio Network, do you have a message that burns within you that even if someone offered to pay you to stop talking about it, you wouldn’t be able to hush.. that’s passion.

Living your dreams is a day in day out adventure.  No matter what else is going on you just keep living that passion.  Like you, I wash dishes, laundry, vacuum the floors, run to the grocery store, fuel up the car and cut the lawn. I do all the stuff you do and then I write.  I write these short blogs to keep in touch with you and give you the opportunity to interact with me.  I do YouTube videos and radio shows to share and interact with you.  This is my passion.  It fulfills me, thrills me, excites me.  I do it for love and pleasure. 

What is your passion?  Are you living it?  I’d love to hear what you are passionate about.  Leave me a comment. 

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