Let Truth Reveal Itself To You


In this place of not understanding, I am still, waiting for truth to reveal itself!  During my morning meditation that statement came to me and I’d like to share this insight with you.  Imagine you walk into a dark room from the bright light of day.  If you fumble about it’s likely you will run into things, perhaps stubbing your toe or bumping your head.  If you are still for a few moments the light will reveal itself to you and you will be able to make your way to a light switch or candle so that you can easily move about the room.  Giving yourself that few moments of stillness allows your eyes to register the light or truth of the room. 

Whatever situation you find yourself in today stop your moving about.  Cease the panic and chaotic doing for the sake of doing something.  Be still and go within.  In this space think lightly over the problem.  Write down the problem and then allow time for solutions to make themselves known to you.

Your life is created in this within space and mostly it’s done without and awareness on your part or very little.  By taking time to adjust your inner eyes to the energy you are moving in you will be able to see more clearly and recognize the solution when it appears. 

The more distressed you are the more time is necessary in the stillness for you to see your way through to a new experience.  Notice the thoughts you are having.  How are they related to your situation?  Allow yourself to understand the power within you that brings thought into form.  Be honest about your fear, anxiety and stress.  Follow it to it’s root and then make the adjustments necessary to create your dreams.

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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