Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

It’s summer.  It’s hot. It’s humid. That’s how it’s been my whole life here in south Alabama.  In the summer we talk a lot about it being hot & humid.  It also storms a lot here, has a far back as I can remember.

Nothing new about any of that.  You might be wondering why I’m blogging about weather.  I’m actually not.  I just want to get your attention!

How often do we just seem to be stuck on the same conversation?  How often does our life seem to be a rerun of what’s gone before?  There’s a reason for it. We are that reason.  We keep the same movie running in our heads where it shows up as strong emotions, we imagine it over and over again so it must take form.

That’s how we create.  We do it either with full understanding or in our ignorance of not knowing who we are and thereby not  paying attention.

Just for today pay attention to your thoughts, feels and your life.  Do you see how they all reflect one another?  Want a different movie to star in? Create a new movie in your head and stay in that movie and thrill as it becomes your reality!

I love you,

Love yourself well!

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