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June 2nd 2012 is The Day to go live on the Awakened Radio airwaves with your book, coaching / healing services or product.

Radio is a great forum to share your message, product and or service with the whole world.  We help you to do just that.

Awakened Radio is dedicated to Being the energy of change.  We do more than just talk about change, we make changes.  You are invited to Be this energy too. 

Last month’s speakers day was awesome.  We were crying tears of joy by the end of the day.  You could feel the love, compassion & caring of our speakers and our listeners.  This is just the beginning of what we are creating.

Awakened Radio really is more than just an online radio station, we are family.  We really do care about each other, our planet and our self.

As station owner & host, I invite you to take part in something awesome.  Claim your 30 minute slot with us June 2nd and go on air to tell the world about the transforming power of your book, product or service.  We will help you promote it, we’ll provide archives that you can place on your website or blog.

We are doing more than talk, we are making things happen.  Join us.  Be part of something truly transforming.  Get the details at the website.   Let’s get busy creating the change we want to experience.  Let’s to it together.

Are Americans Playing The Hunger Games?

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NOTE:  This show is a powerful kick in the seat in the pants to all of us to Wake UP>>>>>> and smell the coffee.

I watched The Hunger Games and was blown away just in the first thirty minutes.  Are we at the point in America where we will ask for food and get our name put in the drawing to fight to the death in order to bring honor to our tribe?  I know it’s just a movie.. but art does imitate life.  Our thoughts and things we accept as ok show up in our entertainment. 

Look at our attitude towards war.  We’ve been trained to accept that they are necessary evils & that we should “honor” the deaths of our children who sacrifice to keep us safe while bringing horror to people in other countries that we don’t know and who have done NOTHING to us.

We have been conditioned to accept that poverty is “just the way it is” and there is nothing we can do about it.  We accept without thinking that politicians are corrupt, that corporations should make trillions in profit while the people who support them slowly loose their homes, even their lives.

How did this happen?  Where did it start and where does it end?  It started with our going to sleep, becoming comfortably numb as Pink Floyd suggests.  It was just too easy to let it slide.  One law after another passed, one horror after another reported on the TV.  It was easier to just let it pass & hope for the best.

Here we are in a place that many are not enjoying, yet few are standing up and speaking out about due to fear of being a dissident or terrorist.  We line up at airports to be molested, we tolerate injustice, we allow GMO, vaccines that harm & kill.  We accept that this is just how it is.

It DOESN”T have to be this way.  We are the ones with the power to change it.  We start by realizing our roles in it existing to start with.  Our beliefs, our conditioning is the grease that keeps it going.  We must allow for another way.  Another way is brought about when we STOP taking part in what is not wanted.  Stop supporting corporations and politicians that bring about harm in order to make more profit.  Stop taking part by not giving your money to interests that cause harm.

Humanity is at a crucial point. You know it deep in your gut.  You hear the call to stand up and BE the difference.  Join us at to BE that difference.  Host a show with us, help us to get the word out to the world that humanity is waking up and we are ready to create something different.

Together we can change things.  I know this.  What I don’t know is if we will.  Will you join us?  Will you Be the Difference?

Listen to my show Is America Preparing for the Hunger Games, share it with your friends and join us at the station.

Abundance is All There Is

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Abundance Radio Show Listen In

There is ONLY Abundance.  That’s all there is. 

Now I know some of you are saying, “yes, but, look at all the poverty”.  Yep, there’s an abundance of it isn’t there?  There is ONLY abundance.  That’s all there is.

It’s a challenging concept for some that there is only abundance but it’s nonetheless true.  Everything is energy.  Energy is everywhere.  Energy creates energy forms, what we call stuff and experiences.  There’s an abundance of it.  There is abundance of wanted and unwanted because there is an abundance of us calling molecules together with our beliefs, our thoughts, actions, fear, hope, joy, love to create reflections of those very energies.

A Journey Back To Self is a series of self healing lessons that I began teaching in 1995 that many have used to totally transform their lives from abundance of lack, sickness, sadness and dis-ease to abundance of joy, wealth, happiness and well being.

Each week I discuss a section of the book that you can find at Amazon under Donna DeVane  or get a signed copy at The Barefoot Guru and join me live in the chat room or call in and take part in the show.  It’s like coaching on the radio. 

It’s time for us to understand how things come into form and to consciously create what we want to experience.  We all want the same.. food, shelter, money, love.  Now you have a guidebook to help you understand the principles that you use to create the wanted with.  Join me weekly.  Take part in your life with awareness.  You do have the power to change things.  I’ll help you. 

Join me for A Journey Back To Self.

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What began as a dream is now five months old and growing by leaps and bounds.  I’m talking about Awakened Radio.  When I first starting talking about it around two years ago it was a dream something I wanted to experience.  Now we are a family of caring people sharing our message with the world that we can create something different.

Awakened Radio is an online radio show that features conversations on topics that matter to you.  We inspire, encourage, motivate, challenge and sometimes even provide a kick in the pants to move us all forward into a new action.

Now we are ready to take another step forward and invite you to the party we are hosting May 5th from 11 am – 5 pm central time.  You can join us on the air to share with the world your book, product, business, coaching service or other interest.

We are about working together so that we all thrive and at Awakened Radio we are living examples of what we teach & talk about.  We are working together to create a new reality for all of us. 

Here’s what we are doing May 5th.  If you have a book, product or service that you’d like us to help you promote, go to and get the details on being on the air.  You make a donation of your choice to the station, I put you on the schedule.  The schedule is on the webpage showing the slots open.  There are only a few left.. so please hurry if you are ready to go global.

We will bring you on the air for 15 minutes so you can tell the world about your project or book.  I will produce so all you have to do is talk.  After signing up you provide with me a picture or logo of your product / service, a small write up and a link to your website / etc. where people can purchase or get more information.

I will provide archives of the shows so that you can use them on your blog, website etc.

It’s easy and it’s fun.  You might just decide that you want to host a show with us.  We have details of that on the station website as well.  You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get your own show and producer.  We are not a corporation we are real people with real messages talking with other real people to make real changes.

Join us May 5th on the air or in the chat room to hear about some awesome books, courses and projects that can help you change your life.  We will be doing drawings for some great prizes plus auctions.  Your support helps us to stay on the air and to grow reaching the globe. 

You are appreciated.  You are loved.  Awakened Radio is more than a radio station, we are a family working together to make things better for everyone.  Join us daily for live shows, chat and call in.  


What is Money? Does Your Attitude Determine Having it?


What is money Radio Show Give a Listen

Just what is money anyway?  Does it have real value or is it just paper, metal or digits in a computer program?  These questions have been debated for centuries and yet we still have questions.  What is money really?

Money is just like everything else.  It’s energy.  It is set into motion by our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  It’s illusion just like everything else.  It has no value other than the value we individually  and jointly agree on.

The value money has for you is the meaning, the value you decide it has.  What are your beliefs, attitudes about money?  Is it dirty?  Evil?  Hard to get?  What about people with money?  What about poor people without money?  How do you feel about it? What do YOU believe?

When you are honest about how you feel towards money, how you view it and people with it, you begin to see how money responds just like any other energy thought form to reflect your belief.

If you are always experiencing a hard time getting money, seeing it flow through your hands like water pouring through a sieve then look to your beliefs for the answer. 

Money is just like happiness, love, anger and fear.  It’s energy.  It’s illusion, a reflection of what you know to be so.  It responds to what you say is true about it for you. 

When you begin shifting your beliefs in regards to money and you, then experiences begin to reflect the new beliefs.  Remember, experiences are the mirror showing you what you know to be so.  Rather than resisting the reflection take a long look and adjust the belief system that creates the experience.

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Join us daily at for shows on the topic of money & just about everything else.

Ancient Technologies HAARP Mind Control of the Masses

Shocking news

Weird stuff is going on in our world.  HAARP, mind control, drugs that harm and misinformation that leads to sleep walking humans.  It’s hard to believe and often goes unseen due to our being so oblivious to what is happening.  We have been programmed to react or hide in fear.  We have chosen to lay our power down at the feed of government, entertainment and technology.

At we talk about these things and much more.  Listen to the audio above to hear Billy Hayes; HAARP Truth Teller,  Keith Hunter; author of Lost Age of High Knowledge, Causic and Donna DeVane discuss technology of Ancient Times and present time.

Was there technology long ago that puts HAARP to shame by it’s measure?  What are all these technologies for?  How do they work?  Do they help mankind or harm us?  How can we harness the truth and the energy of creation to bring about a new world, a new experience of well being for All Our Relations on this planet?

Join us at www.AwakenedRadio daily for shows on these and other topics.  We care and invite you to care with us.

HBO Angry Boys is Sexual Exploitation of Children

Banner Promo 1 heard it and just couldn’t believe it.  A TV show on prime time showing a little girl drinking from a giant pink penis sippy cup?  Not here, not in America!!  How could it be?  I don’t often believe things just because someone says it so I began to do a bit of research.  Within three minutes I had visual proof.  Indeed a small child was holding in her hands a giant pink penis and drinking from it.  This on prime time TV for all the world to see. 

I realized at once that this outrage needed to be share on Awakened Radio so I booted up the Sam broadcaster and began asking women to join me to discuss this.  I was again amazed at how few mothers showed up in the chat room or called in to discuss this topic.  Are we this far gone that we just don’t have the ability to see the WRONG of this?  One friend told her 20 year old daughter about it and the young lady replied, “who cares”?  

I Care! I care a lot.  I don’t know if some major mind control experiment has taken place in this country and I’m one of the few immune or whether we are just so out of tune with love that we can’t see anymore.  Really, I don’t care which it is.  This is an outrage.  I never would have thought that Americans would sink so low as to allow this type of visual message to be sent to our children and the sick people who abuse children.

We cry out when a child is molested, yet we allow visual messages on our TV programs that speak volumes.  How can we not see what is being allowed?  What we are giving our consent to?  We are not bad people, we are just asleep.  We’ve allowed ourselves to shut down due to the messages broadcast constantly at us that there is nothing we can do.  So we go about our lives focused on survival and rarely see past the veil that hides our true feelings and our opportunity to stand up and be counted.

Twenty years ago, ten years ago, this tv show would never have even attempted something like this.  Ten years ago TSA wouldn’t have tried to put their hands on our bodies at the airport either.  Do you see the steps that have led us to this place?  Our FEAR, real and imagined has worked to shut us down to what is decent and of value.

Those responsible for this mindset are not just the politicians,  the media tycoons: we are responsible.  We have allowed ourselves to be trained like monkeys to react or to stay asleep at command.  We MUST wake up.  We must come out of our hypnotic trance and claim our Divine Humanity.  Now is the time to change things.  Not tomorrow or next year, but right now. 

We do have value, we do deserve respect.  You are important, our children are important.  Together we can change things, we have only to stand up & speak out for decency and do the next right thing.  I invite you to join with us at and speak out.  Take a stand for Life.  Check out our schedule, host a show, help us to get the word out that we care.  I know there are those who are Awake, Aware & Alert.  Join us.  Help us.  Be The Change.