Now the Journey Begins You ARE Living Consciousness!


I am so thrilled and excited! After months of writing, editing and rewriting some more A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness is in print and kindle.  I was recently asked if this book covers each chakra in depth.  Yes it does and in a way that walks you step by step through the process of not only knowing what and where the chakras are, but guides you through the process of healing your own body / mind / emotions.  There are 250 pages of life transforming Wisdom written in the pages of this book.  You journey through the relationships of emotions, the past, fear, anger, love, oneness and into the light of knowing who you are.  Of course the book will not do your work for you, but it gives you every tool you need to totally change how you create based on realizing Who You Are. 

It’s available at Thrival with Donna DeVane and Amazon.  Big NEWS for you.  When you purchase an autographed copy from my website store you save $5.00 and get a free meditation CD to use along with the book.  This is a limited time offer, so invest in yourself today.  I’ve given you the tools you need, plus host a weekly radio show for support of these teachings.. the next move is yours!

You will discover working with stones and crystals, meditation, light and sound to self heal.  You will be guided through a series of teachings with “homework” exercises to help you integrate the teaching into Wisdom.  Discover the magic of being your own “medicine healer” “shaman” while working through the energy levels of dis-ease, pain, and unforgiveness.  I make it easy for you and even a bit of fun.

Here is an except from the very first lesson. “

I want to note here that when I use the words “negative and positive” I am referring to wanted and unwanted experiences, feelings, etc. When you move away from the concept of “right / wrong, good / bad, negative / positive, and think in terms of what you enjoy, what you like, prefer, life is much easier. As you begin to think in terms of do I enjoy this or not it gets easier to stay in the experiences you prefer.

As we start our journey with the Stone and Crystal People remember to be open to new thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories and intuitive knowing. Always keep a journal nearby to write down your “messages” as you do your mediation and healing work. I use very basic stones and crystals for the energy work so that you can easily find them. If you have stones and crystals already and are just getting started working with them remember color of stone with color of chakra. As you progress you will begin to hear the stones and crystals suggesting where to place them and how they desire to work with you.

For your red Chakra use ruby, garnet, red jasper, or red tiger eye. While you can use dyed stones they don’t have the energy of “real stones”. Match color of chakra to color of stone. If you experience discomfort, change out for a different stone. Turquoise can always be used on any chakra as can basic earth color energy stones. When out walking pay attention to any stone that calls you. ( Root Chakra Area)

Orange: carnelian or red jasper I really prefer carnelian as it promotes courage and aids you in moving forward with a greater ease. (Belly Button Area)”

It’s Time for YOU to Heal YOUR Life

journeybookYou are among the first to see my book.  Woo Hoo, I am so excited.  The proof is on the way to me and in a few weeks it will be ready for purchase.  This has been a long time coming.  I began teaching these lessons for self healing in 1997 and over the years have added to the principles you will now find in the book.  I’ve been amazed as people have reported to me what a difference the tools in the book have made in their ability to heal the past, physical pain, emotions and live free.

I am delighted to reveal to you my plans around this book and the powerful life changing message it brings to you.  As soon as it’s available for sale I will be offering a one hour FREE teleseminar to all those who purchase the book.  This phone call will focus on getting you started on working the self heal lessons contained in the book.  After the first free call you will have the option of continuing to work with me in this group coaching setting once a week.  You will still have the option of working one on one with me if you like, or being a part of the group coaching activity.  The group coaching will be a two hour phone call each week where I can answer your questions and help you work through the healing lessons in the book.  I will limit each class to 20 students.  The price will be $20.00 per person per coaching session.  This gives you opportunity to communicate with me live.

Within a few weeks the book will be live, I’m waiting on the proof now, just received notice it’s been shipped.  I want to have things lined up when it goes live in a few weeks.  Email me at and put journey book in the subject.  As soon as the book is live and I am ready to begin the teleseminar phone calls I will email you.

You can see a preview of the book on Amazon by clicking here

Note, the book isn’t live yet, but go ahead and bookmark it.  Share the link with your Twitter and Facebook friends.  Help me to help others.

Once the book is live I will begin setting up the first FREE teleseminar for those who buy the book.  This is going to be great.  A Journey Back To Self is a powerful tool to help YOU change your life.  If you have already bought the ebook, let me know by email and I’ll send you the information on the free phone call.

Please note also that when the book goes live I will no longer offer the ebook.  I will be offering some new ways to work with me in a few weeks as well.  I am excited to be a part of this Spiritual Evolution that is happening right now on our planet.  You are a part of it too.  Embrace the chance to Heal Your Life and Live Free.

I look forward to working with you and will keep you updated.  Just a head’s up.  I will soon be adding audio classes that will work with the book. 

What’s with all the hate in America right now?

It seems that hate is infecting America.  It’s a relative of fear, but often not realized as such.  Hate is the result of feeling afraid for so long that you feel powerless to do anything to change your circumstances.  After a while the fear and powerlessness gives way to blame which results in hate.  The reality is that you are not powerless, you only feel that way because you’ve been in fight or flight stress so long that your logic and reason have shut down.  That’s why your stomach hurts, your head pounds, you can’t sleep through the night and your digestion is all messed up.

See, fight or flight is great if you are actually BEING attacked by someone.  Living this way day in and day out however wears down the body, the emotions and spiritual insight takes a vacation.  What to do?  That’s the question of the day.  Wherever you turn today it seems that you are being told who is to blame, someone is out to get you and the problems you are experiencing are really the fault of someone else.

Staying in that mindset assures that you will not enjoy your life.  Fight or flight mindset assures that you will not know peace, that your creativity to solve your problems will not be available to you.  It’s time to take three deep breaths and come back to yourself.

Three deep breaths relaxes the body, calms the mind and restores balance to the emotions.  Now you can think.  Now you can use reason to solve your problems.  Problems are gifts waiting to be discovered.  In a calm state of mind you can connect the dots, seeing how your choices, thoughts and feelings led to the very circumstance you are presently in.

When you start seeing how you created your experiences you can begin to understand what the circumstances are really telling you about you that you haven’t been willing to accept.  Take whatever isn’t the way you want it to be and flip it over to the other side.  If you are experiencing lack flip it to the side that shows you that what you really want is to understand that there is always more than enough of everything.  You created lack to remind you that abundance is a thought, a choice, a mindset away.

A painful relationship reminds you that you really desire a loving, respectful relationship with others.  Pay attention to the message.  Are you treating yourself and others the way you desire to be treated?  This is the determining moment in your life to shift mindset and decide who you are and what you want.

Understanding the role of fear will help you to ask for the gift in the situation.  Once you ask for the gift you are well on your way to getting what you really want.  Peace, loving, kindness, security, companionship and self worth, are what you desire to experience yourself as.  Use the three breaths to bring you to a state of calm, once there in the stillness, ask for the gift in the situation.

Let me know what gifts you found in your present experiences. I love hearing from you.

I recently did a show on hate in America, click the link to give a listen.  It’s also available on ITunes.

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