Creating Life On Purpose in 2015


WOW another year has come and gone. That was fast!  Most of us are thinking about how we want 2015 to line up for us.  I know I am thinking in those terms.  I’ve started making my list of stuff to do, to experience.  A few more books are on the drawing board for the coming year along with a few courses I’m putting together.  I’ve added a garden and a move to my list too, along with new furniture and new friends.  I love expansion of celebration energy.

I’ve got a few new things going on now for you too.  See the picture above?  It’s a special special for  you.  I don’t do autographed books that often but felt the nudge to put all five of these together in one autographed package to aid you in creating your year your way.  That’s important.  Your way.  Not the way someone tells you it should be, but the way you want to experience your very own life.  It is your life after all and you have the say so about how it lines up for you.  Go to Shift My Beliefs for that great deal. It will open in a new page so you can stay here and take part in something else that awesome!  I’m going all out to inspire you to create on purpose.

OK, here is the next Awesome thing I have for you.  I have 15 audio copies of I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want Consciously Creating Life.  Audible gave them to me for me to give to you.  Audible asks that you leave a review after listening and I ask that you practice the principles in the book in the coming year. Now, how do you get a copy?  Leave me a comment here.  Look where it says, leave a comment, at the end of this post.  Once you do that I will be able to email you with the code for the audio book.  It’s that easy.

Now honestly, the book is not going to jump up and transform your life.  You get to do that.  The book is simply a guideline on how to do it with gusto and fun.  What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and leave a comment.  Say, Hey Donna.. I want a copy!

I love you.. love yourself well..

Now the Journey Begins You ARE Living Consciousness!


I am so thrilled and excited! After months of writing, editing and rewriting some more A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness is in print and kindle.  I was recently asked if this book covers each chakra in depth.  Yes it does and in a way that walks you step by step through the process of not only knowing what and where the chakras are, but guides you through the process of healing your own body / mind / emotions.  There are 250 pages of life transforming Wisdom written in the pages of this book.  You journey through the relationships of emotions, the past, fear, anger, love, oneness and into the light of knowing who you are.  Of course the book will not do your work for you, but it gives you every tool you need to totally change how you create based on realizing Who You Are. 

It’s available at Thrival with Donna DeVane and Amazon.  Big NEWS for you.  When you purchase an autographed copy from my website store you save $5.00 and get a free meditation CD to use along with the book.  This is a limited time offer, so invest in yourself today.  I’ve given you the tools you need, plus host a weekly radio show for support of these teachings.. the next move is yours!

You will discover working with stones and crystals, meditation, light and sound to self heal.  You will be guided through a series of teachings with “homework” exercises to help you integrate the teaching into Wisdom.  Discover the magic of being your own “medicine healer” “shaman” while working through the energy levels of dis-ease, pain, and unforgiveness.  I make it easy for you and even a bit of fun.

Here is an except from the very first lesson. “

I want to note here that when I use the words “negative and positive” I am referring to wanted and unwanted experiences, feelings, etc. When you move away from the concept of “right / wrong, good / bad, negative / positive, and think in terms of what you enjoy, what you like, prefer, life is much easier. As you begin to think in terms of do I enjoy this or not it gets easier to stay in the experiences you prefer.

As we start our journey with the Stone and Crystal People remember to be open to new thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories and intuitive knowing. Always keep a journal nearby to write down your “messages” as you do your mediation and healing work. I use very basic stones and crystals for the energy work so that you can easily find them. If you have stones and crystals already and are just getting started working with them remember color of stone with color of chakra. As you progress you will begin to hear the stones and crystals suggesting where to place them and how they desire to work with you.

For your red Chakra use ruby, garnet, red jasper, or red tiger eye. While you can use dyed stones they don’t have the energy of “real stones”. Match color of chakra to color of stone. If you experience discomfort, change out for a different stone. Turquoise can always be used on any chakra as can basic earth color energy stones. When out walking pay attention to any stone that calls you. ( Root Chakra Area)

Orange: carnelian or red jasper I really prefer carnelian as it promotes courage and aids you in moving forward with a greater ease. (Belly Button Area)”

Time for Thrival Enough Survival Mindset

Thrival Time


It’s time to Thrive.  We’ve survived long enough.  We’ve proven that we can survive but aren’t you ready to do a bit of thriving now?  I know I am.  Just surviving is hard work and it’s not a lot of fun either.  We’ve done it the same way for so long because that’s how we were taught and we just didn’t have the tools to do differently.
Now the tools for Thrival are coming to the forefront.  You can read them, see them, listen to them everywhere.  People are awakening to the urgency that there HAS to be a better way and there is. 
When I wrote "How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World" I was in a place of realizing that all the hard work I had been doing just wasn’t working.  I was getting by, but barely.  After I hit my 50th birthday I started giving some real thought to whether or not I wanted to still be working in my 70’s and realized that working my whole life wasn’t sounding like so much fun.  
I began to earnestly ask questions and listen for the answers.  Those answers are in the book.  I live by them and know that they will work for you because they work for me.  I’m not selling you hype, you’ve had enough of that.  These are real principles that work when you live them.  It’s not magic fairy dust, (sorry, I’m out of that), but you will create your own magic with these ideas if you practice them daily. 
The only difference between those "Masters" who walk on water and everyone else is practice, practice, practice. 
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Illusions; Ain’t None of Them Real, They’re ALL Real!


I recently got a new Windows 8 computer with this awesome video making software.  I’ve been making several videos each day.  I create illusions with software and I know they are illusions, yet they are real.  We can see them, hear me talking in them.  Are they real?  Are they illusion?

They are both.  All life is both.  We get caught up in the illusion because we forget we are the creator of it.  We get stuck thinking and feeling that’s it’s real, solid, permanent.  I can go to my computer or YouTube account and delete each illusion I created with the click of a button.  I can then make more illusions and delete those too.  This is what we are doing.

Daily we create another set of illusions.  Mostly though we don’t delete the last set.  We tend to get stuck in the experience of the illusion and begin believing that it’s real.  It’s not, it only feels that way due to our continuation of interaction with it.  As long as we hold it as a solid, real thing it feels difficult to disengage from it.  Once you wrap your head around the fact that you are the creator of all the illusions and you can release it & connect another more to your liking things get fun.

You and I are here to create.  That’s what we do cause that’s who we are.  We are creative life force energy bringing our thoughts into form so we can interact with those thoughts, ideas and beliefs as real things.  They are not real for any longer than we hold them in that shape. 

Just as I create illusion in my videos we create the same thought forms day in and day out.  Having forgotten that we are doing it is what creates the additional “illusion reality” of it being the way it is.  Holding onto it as fact, as absolute is what keeps it in form.  Releasing it by disconnecting your emotions from it allows it to return to the plane of possibility or source energy.

Today play around a little bit with this idea.  Whatever you are experiencing ask yourself, “what if it’s not real”?  What if it’s only an illusion I keep in form due to my emotional attachment and constant interaction with it?

Don’t push or force, just let the questions play around in your head for a few days.  I’d love to hear your experiences with this.  Write me a comment and or join me at Awakened Radio to share.  You can also interact with all my illusions on my YouTube Channel.