Time for Thrival Enough Survival Mindset

Thrival Time


It’s time to Thrive.  We’ve survived long enough.  We’ve proven that we can survive but aren’t you ready to do a bit of thriving now?  I know I am.  Just surviving is hard work and it’s not a lot of fun either.  We’ve done it the same way for so long because that’s how we were taught and we just didn’t have the tools to do differently.
Now the tools for Thrival are coming to the forefront.  You can read them, see them, listen to them everywhere.  People are awakening to the urgency that there HAS to be a better way and there is. 
When I wrote "How to Thrive in a Survival Mindset World" I was in a place of realizing that all the hard work I had been doing just wasn’t working.  I was getting by, but barely.  After I hit my 50th birthday I started giving some real thought to whether or not I wanted to still be working in my 70’s and realized that working my whole life wasn’t sounding like so much fun.  
I began to earnestly ask questions and listen for the answers.  Those answers are in the book.  I live by them and know that they will work for you because they work for me.  I’m not selling you hype, you’ve had enough of that.  These are real principles that work when you live them.  It’s not magic fairy dust, (sorry, I’m out of that), but you will create your own magic with these ideas if you practice them daily. 
The only difference between those "Masters" who walk on water and everyone else is practice, practice, practice. 
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Illusions; Ain’t None of Them Real, They’re ALL Real!


I recently got a new Windows 8 computer with this awesome video making software.  I’ve been making several videos each day.  I create illusions with software and I know they are illusions, yet they are real.  We can see them, hear me talking in them.  Are they real?  Are they illusion?

They are both.  All life is both.  We get caught up in the illusion because we forget we are the creator of it.  We get stuck thinking and feeling that’s it’s real, solid, permanent.  I can go to my computer or YouTube account and delete each illusion I created with the click of a button.  I can then make more illusions and delete those too.  This is what we are doing.

Daily we create another set of illusions.  Mostly though we don’t delete the last set.  We tend to get stuck in the experience of the illusion and begin believing that it’s real.  It’s not, it only feels that way due to our continuation of interaction with it.  As long as we hold it as a solid, real thing it feels difficult to disengage from it.  Once you wrap your head around the fact that you are the creator of all the illusions and you can release it & connect another more to your liking things get fun.

You and I are here to create.  That’s what we do cause that’s who we are.  We are creative life force energy bringing our thoughts into form so we can interact with those thoughts, ideas and beliefs as real things.  They are not real for any longer than we hold them in that shape. 

Just as I create illusion in my videos we create the same thought forms day in and day out.  Having forgotten that we are doing it is what creates the additional “illusion reality” of it being the way it is.  Holding onto it as fact, as absolute is what keeps it in form.  Releasing it by disconnecting your emotions from it allows it to return to the plane of possibility or source energy.

Today play around a little bit with this idea.  Whatever you are experiencing ask yourself, “what if it’s not real”?  What if it’s only an illusion I keep in form due to my emotional attachment and constant interaction with it?

Don’t push or force, just let the questions play around in your head for a few days.  I’d love to hear your experiences with this.  Write me a comment and or join me at Awakened Radio to share.  You can also interact with all my illusions on my YouTube Channel.

It’s Time for some Really Big ON Purpose Changes

Change is the one thing you can always count on.  It’s always happening, life is always expanding to experience more of itself.  We set energy into motion with our beliefs, thoughts & actions and it always expands.  We are seeing that now as the fear and anger is expanding into what may be another unwanted war.  One of the reasons I do several radio shows each week, plus videos and a few blogs is to express the insights I have on how life works.  As we all begin to see behind the veil of handed down, outdated & archaic beliefs, we will begin to live in a new way.  That’s the BIG change that’s needed right now.

We’ve spent too many years, too many life times playing small.  We’ve scrambled about like mice on a sinking ship playing the survival game.  It hasn’t been fun, but it has been effective in keeping chaos and tyranny in control.  As America and the world watch the build up to what could be the biggest world war ever, it’s time for us to take a different path.  Reacting with fear and anger only fuels the fire of war.  Trying to force peace upon others fuels the fire too.  I’ve begun to notice how so many are taking their fear into a “peace meditation” for the world.  Peace is being projected to the middle east and to government. 

Be very aware of the energy you are setting into motion.  Be Peace.  Then share peace with the world.  Never attempt to force peace on anyone, that is an act of violence.  It will always backfire resulting in the intended person resisting and moving into more anger as they try to get away from your energy manipulation.

Recently I was asked what I’m telling people to do about the current events.  My reply was to BE peace.  Be wise, take care of your family’s need.  Make sure you have dried food in your home, plenty of water.  That’s a good idea whether we are on the verge of war or not. Smile  

Gather with others for support and encouragement.  Being with others during times of stress can lend to a greater sense of safety and nurture.  Take time daily, several times each day, to be still and know peace.  Peace isn’t inaction or passivity, it’s an energy of action.  Peace when lived influences all around you reminding them that they too can know peace.  NEVER try to force a change of mind on another, it will always be reacted to as violence.  Practice peace, speak peace.  Get to know yourself in a deeper way, share your thoughts, feelings and ideas freely with those who support you.  Listen carefully to those around you.  Validate them no matter how they are feeling.  Connect with people in a new way.

Take time to be out in nature.  Sit in the early morning or late night hours and feel the energy around you.  Take note of how you are feeling. Observe what energies are there for you, choose which ones to connect with.  Be conscious of what choices you are making.  Remember, it’s all about the energy.  Setting energy in motion brings about more of itself until you release it to create again. 

These are very exciting times we are living in right now.  We have presented ourselves some new insights by the huge display of what our fear and anger has been busily creating while we weren’t paying much attention.  Start today by paying attention to the energy you are activating and reacting/responding to.  Enjoy your SELF as the “noticer” observing energy, making conscious choices.  Be fully human & fully divine.  Remember Who You Are.  Live there.  Be Peace.

I invite you to join me and the others Awakened Radio Hosts for our live talk radio broadcasts.  Visit Awakened Radio.  You’ll find information there on the hosts, broadcasts, how to host, advertise, you can read our Thrive Evolutionary Consciousness magazine & even submit your own articles for publication.  You’ll also discover how to enter the Prosperity Games we are playing station wide.

I love you.

Love Yourself well.

Do you have Wealth Consciousness? It’s about Mindset & Programming.


It’s all about expectations.  What do you expect in your life?  Sounds too simple doesn’t it?  Your life is a product of your beliefs sending out directions to be made into experiences.  The Law of Attraction, Thrival Principles, Great IS , Mighty OM, is always sure to provide exactly what you are asking for.  Thing is, and here is where people get kinda touchy.. you are not asking for what you actually want.  Rather you are asking for experiences based on beliefs that were never yours to start with.

On Awakened Radio Network I’m hosting the “Prosperity Games” throughout the whole station and even teaching Wealth Consciousness specifically during Empowered Women each Wednesday at 2 PM C just to help us all realize what beliefs we are creating with and to provide opportunity to everyone to trade out beliefs for better working ones. 

One BIG belief that limits is the “it’s better to give than to receive” line.  Giving is part of the process, but it’s only part.  Being willing to receive is also necessary.  Giving from the Knowing that abundance is already yours is part of the giving.  See how it goes like the infinity symbol?   I’m NOT saying give to get.. what I am saying is give out of the KNOWING that receiving is part of giving.  Giving from greed is not going to create the experience you want, it creates only more opportunity to feel greedy.  Greed is a fear based energy based on the belief of lack.  Lack is a total lie.  Look around you.  There is ONLY abundance.  Abundance is the way of creation.  No matter what you look at, you will see an overflowing of it.

That’s the way of LIFE. What you set in motion expands to experiences more of itself.  That’s why when you feel that things are getting worse, they generally are.  Works with getting better too.  It’s all about the energy of what you are setting into motion.  Energy Matters.  Your beliefs are energy when set into motion and they always show up as experiences perfectly reflecting themselves.  Now you begin to see how it works.  Beliefs are not those affirmations you make for a few minutes a day and then create with the opposite belief system.  What gets created is what you know to be so for you.

Being aware of your beliefs allows you to turn them over and move into the energy of what you want.  For example take the belief that money is really hard to get.  A lot of people are hung up on that one.  Look around you at ALL the money in the stock market, in banks, in the account of the super rich.  Does your belief that it’s hard to get really even make sense?  Being honest at this point is important.  Once you realize the truth you can begin changing your programming about money.  Start with noticing all the money everywhere you go.  Don’t get over into judgment about how people got it or what they do with it.  Just notice ALL that money. 

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions as you begin to notice money.  What beliefs come up for you to look at and change so that your beliefs work to bring about experiences you want to have?  Be honest with yourself and what you think and feel.  Play this noticing game for a week.  Keep track of what shows up in a Prosperity Journal.  Join me every Wednesday at 2 PM C, 3 PM E for Empowered Women Wealth Consciousness.  The chat and phone lines will be open.  It’s time to Full Throttle Thrive..

My 45 day intensive Wealth Consciousness Coaching is now available.  Change your experience with money in 45 days.  Visit Evolutionary Spirituality Coaching

Leave me a comment, I ‘d love to hear from you.  What is your main issue with money?  Give me your feedback and I’ll discuss it on the radio show.

UFO’s Aliens Political & Religious Cover Up


Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible
By Rev. Michael J. S. Carter Is Donna DeVane’s guest.  Wow, what a mind blowing topic and book.

Michael shares his personal experience and information from his book to the delight of our listeners.  If you’ve ever wondered about Aliens, if they are really among us and for how long you will want to hear this show and read Carter’s book.

I have long had questions on this topic and must say that Carter’s book & interview answered many questions while bringing up many more.  Why don’t we know for a fact whether our government knows and has proof of this?

How would it change our society? Religion? Politics?  These are some of the questions Carter answers for us during the interview.

I suggest you visit Rev. Michael Carter’s website & purchase his book.  He has agreed to come back on air with us to answer our listeners questions.  Contact me through Skype by adding AwakenedRadio to your contacts  to let me know you’ve read the book.  I will then arrange for another interview so Carter can answer your questions.  Our website is www.AwakenedRadio.net

Listen to my interview with him here. http://www.talkshoe.com/resources/talkshoe/images/swf/lastEpisodePlayer.swf?fileUrl=http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-75476/TS-626464.mp3