Now the Journey Begins You ARE Living Consciousness!


I am so thrilled and excited! After months of writing, editing and rewriting some more A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness is in print and kindle.  I was recently asked if this book covers each chakra in depth.  Yes it does and in a way that walks you step by step through the process of not only knowing what and where the chakras are, but guides you through the process of healing your own body / mind / emotions.  There are 250 pages of life transforming Wisdom written in the pages of this book.  You journey through the relationships of emotions, the past, fear, anger, love, oneness and into the light of knowing who you are.  Of course the book will not do your work for you, but it gives you every tool you need to totally change how you create based on realizing Who You Are. 

It’s available at Thrival with Donna DeVane and Amazon.  Big NEWS for you.  When you purchase an autographed copy from my website store you save $5.00 and get a free meditation CD to use along with the book.  This is a limited time offer, so invest in yourself today.  I’ve given you the tools you need, plus host a weekly radio show for support of these teachings.. the next move is yours!

You will discover working with stones and crystals, meditation, light and sound to self heal.  You will be guided through a series of teachings with “homework” exercises to help you integrate the teaching into Wisdom.  Discover the magic of being your own “medicine healer” “shaman” while working through the energy levels of dis-ease, pain, and unforgiveness.  I make it easy for you and even a bit of fun.

Here is an except from the very first lesson. “

I want to note here that when I use the words “negative and positive” I am referring to wanted and unwanted experiences, feelings, etc. When you move away from the concept of “right / wrong, good / bad, negative / positive, and think in terms of what you enjoy, what you like, prefer, life is much easier. As you begin to think in terms of do I enjoy this or not it gets easier to stay in the experiences you prefer.

As we start our journey with the Stone and Crystal People remember to be open to new thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories and intuitive knowing. Always keep a journal nearby to write down your “messages” as you do your mediation and healing work. I use very basic stones and crystals for the energy work so that you can easily find them. If you have stones and crystals already and are just getting started working with them remember color of stone with color of chakra. As you progress you will begin to hear the stones and crystals suggesting where to place them and how they desire to work with you.

For your red Chakra use ruby, garnet, red jasper, or red tiger eye. While you can use dyed stones they don’t have the energy of “real stones”. Match color of chakra to color of stone. If you experience discomfort, change out for a different stone. Turquoise can always be used on any chakra as can basic earth color energy stones. When out walking pay attention to any stone that calls you. ( Root Chakra Area)

Orange: carnelian or red jasper I really prefer carnelian as it promotes courage and aids you in moving forward with a greater ease. (Belly Button Area)”

What If You Are The Reason For Everything In Your Life?


Let’s Talk About Taking Responsibility

What if you knew that everything in your life was there because of you?  What if you accepted that you are the cause, the creator of every experience, every relationship, every situation?  Would that change things for you or does it feel to frightening to accept?  If you understood that your thinking, feeling, believing, doing, expecting, were all calls to the Universe / GOD Particle, to create for you, through you, that very thing you are focusing on, would that encourage you to get more honest and take more responsibility for what you are setting into action?

If you’ve been listening to my radio broadcasts or watching my YouTube videos you know that I’ve been having a lot of fun this year cleaning and releasing to make a sacred space for new experiences.  I made a vow on air a few weeks back that in addition to telling & teaching these principles I would show you how they work and that’s exactly what I’m doing.  I set up the Prosperity Games & The Power of One to help us all move easily into the Wisdom of living what we’ve spent years learning so that we actually do begin to create as Consciousness, consciously, the life we really do want to have.

What if you played along with me and began experimenting with the “what meaning does this have” game and changing the meaning?  I’ll tell you what will happen, your life opens up to include a lot more peace, joy & abundance which is, after all, what we all want.

Your mindset, those things you set into action over and over again because you’ve become habited to believing they are the only truth, is what gets you the life you are living.  You are doing it.  Nothing or no one outside you is punishing, testing or making you anything.  YOU are doing it.  The meaning you’ve already given everything in your life is playing out over and again.  In my book A Journey Back To Self I share a little exercise for realizing the meaning you’ve given everything.  It’s basically this;  sit quietly and look around the room.  Let your eyes notice a picture, furniture etc.  Say softly to yourself.. this __________  has no meaning for me.  At once your mind fills in the meaning.  You remember where you got it, how long you had to work to pay for it, who gave it to you, how you feel about the situation that brought it into your life.  Do this with several items, even people.  WOW! 

Spend a week doing the exercise.  Apply it to whatever shows up for you.  Apply it to everything.  Ask yourself, “what does this mean to me”?  “What does it matter”?  “Do I want it to mean that and matter in that way”?  The more you play the more aware of yourself as Consciousness you are & the more consciously you create.  This process is fun and aids in moving through the deep seated beliefs and habits without the ego fuss and struggle you might have dealt with in  the past.

Join me for my radio shows and check in with me on YouTube.  Let’s create on purpose & live awesome lives!  Let me know here how this works for you.

Do you have Wealth Consciousness? It’s about Mindset & Programming.


It’s all about expectations.  What do you expect in your life?  Sounds too simple doesn’t it?  Your life is a product of your beliefs sending out directions to be made into experiences.  The Law of Attraction, Thrival Principles, Great IS , Mighty OM, is always sure to provide exactly what you are asking for.  Thing is, and here is where people get kinda touchy.. you are not asking for what you actually want.  Rather you are asking for experiences based on beliefs that were never yours to start with.

On Awakened Radio Network I’m hosting the “Prosperity Games” throughout the whole station and even teaching Wealth Consciousness specifically during Empowered Women each Wednesday at 2 PM C just to help us all realize what beliefs we are creating with and to provide opportunity to everyone to trade out beliefs for better working ones. 

One BIG belief that limits is the “it’s better to give than to receive” line.  Giving is part of the process, but it’s only part.  Being willing to receive is also necessary.  Giving from the Knowing that abundance is already yours is part of the giving.  See how it goes like the infinity symbol?   I’m NOT saying give to get.. what I am saying is give out of the KNOWING that receiving is part of giving.  Giving from greed is not going to create the experience you want, it creates only more opportunity to feel greedy.  Greed is a fear based energy based on the belief of lack.  Lack is a total lie.  Look around you.  There is ONLY abundance.  Abundance is the way of creation.  No matter what you look at, you will see an overflowing of it.

That’s the way of LIFE. What you set in motion expands to experiences more of itself.  That’s why when you feel that things are getting worse, they generally are.  Works with getting better too.  It’s all about the energy of what you are setting into motion.  Energy Matters.  Your beliefs are energy when set into motion and they always show up as experiences perfectly reflecting themselves.  Now you begin to see how it works.  Beliefs are not those affirmations you make for a few minutes a day and then create with the opposite belief system.  What gets created is what you know to be so for you.

Being aware of your beliefs allows you to turn them over and move into the energy of what you want.  For example take the belief that money is really hard to get.  A lot of people are hung up on that one.  Look around you at ALL the money in the stock market, in banks, in the account of the super rich.  Does your belief that it’s hard to get really even make sense?  Being honest at this point is important.  Once you realize the truth you can begin changing your programming about money.  Start with noticing all the money everywhere you go.  Don’t get over into judgment about how people got it or what they do with it.  Just notice ALL that money. 

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions as you begin to notice money.  What beliefs come up for you to look at and change so that your beliefs work to bring about experiences you want to have?  Be honest with yourself and what you think and feel.  Play this noticing game for a week.  Keep track of what shows up in a Prosperity Journal.  Join me every Wednesday at 2 PM C, 3 PM E for Empowered Women Wealth Consciousness.  The chat and phone lines will be open.  It’s time to Full Throttle Thrive..

My 45 day intensive Wealth Consciousness Coaching is now available.  Change your experience with money in 45 days.  Visit Evolutionary Spirituality Coaching

Leave me a comment, I ‘d love to hear from you.  What is your main issue with money?  Give me your feedback and I’ll discuss it on the radio show.

It’s time to Be Do Create Something Different

Tiny mouse frozen in fear in the Himalayas

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IT’s easy to figure out where we as a species are headed.  Just take note of where we are and what’s going on around us.  If we don’t change directions we will end up somewhere not very pleasant.  We’ve talked about the law of attraction and being healthy, wealthy and wise, not it’s time to talk about creating on a bigger scale.

We’ve been so focused on getting a new car, a new house, a job, finding the love of our life that we’ve ignored what we are creating on the bigger playground; our world.  Take a look around you.  High numbers of human beings without jobs, 1 in 7 Americans don’t have enough to eat.  We are in two wars and it looks like we might be heading for another one.

Since 9/11 happened we’ve been living in terror and creating with terror.  Do you see the connection?  We’ve been afraid for so long that we’ve not even noticed what we were all creating together.  A world of lack, fear, pain, horror.  America is barely even looking like herself anymore. 

It’s time for us to let go of the fear and come back to Who We Really Are.  Coming back to love is the answer, the only answer for creating something different.  We have to BE different.  We can’t continue creating with fear unless we enjoy things to fear.

I’ve had enough of it.  I am standing up and speaking out on this subject.  I want my children and grandchildren to experience a wonderful America like I grew up with.  Not scanners probing their bodies, rfid chips keeping track of their movements, no homeland security knocking down their doors without a warrant.

I’m calling up the spiritual community to join me as Spiritual Evolution Revolutionaries to bring change to America, change to our planet.  Join me on my radio show and BE the energy of change.

I’ve created a new video and I invite you to watch it.  For some reason it wouldn’t embed here.  Watch it at this link

Join your voice with mine, let’s be different, create a different world.  It’s time.

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Get your signed copy of my new book A Journey Back To Self


It’s Time for YOU to Heal YOUR Life

journeybookYou are among the first to see my book.  Woo Hoo, I am so excited.  The proof is on the way to me and in a few weeks it will be ready for purchase.  This has been a long time coming.  I began teaching these lessons for self healing in 1997 and over the years have added to the principles you will now find in the book.  I’ve been amazed as people have reported to me what a difference the tools in the book have made in their ability to heal the past, physical pain, emotions and live free.

I am delighted to reveal to you my plans around this book and the powerful life changing message it brings to you.  As soon as it’s available for sale I will be offering a one hour FREE teleseminar to all those who purchase the book.  This phone call will focus on getting you started on working the self heal lessons contained in the book.  After the first free call you will have the option of continuing to work with me in this group coaching setting once a week.  You will still have the option of working one on one with me if you like, or being a part of the group coaching activity.  The group coaching will be a two hour phone call each week where I can answer your questions and help you work through the healing lessons in the book.  I will limit each class to 20 students.  The price will be $20.00 per person per coaching session.  This gives you opportunity to communicate with me live.

Within a few weeks the book will be live, I’m waiting on the proof now, just received notice it’s been shipped.  I want to have things lined up when it goes live in a few weeks.  Email me at and put journey book in the subject.  As soon as the book is live and I am ready to begin the teleseminar phone calls I will email you.

You can see a preview of the book on Amazon by clicking here

Note, the book isn’t live yet, but go ahead and bookmark it.  Share the link with your Twitter and Facebook friends.  Help me to help others.

Once the book is live I will begin setting up the first FREE teleseminar for those who buy the book.  This is going to be great.  A Journey Back To Self is a powerful tool to help YOU change your life.  If you have already bought the ebook, let me know by email and I’ll send you the information on the free phone call.

Please note also that when the book goes live I will no longer offer the ebook.  I will be offering some new ways to work with me in a few weeks as well.  I am excited to be a part of this Spiritual Evolution that is happening right now on our planet.  You are a part of it too.  Embrace the chance to Heal Your Life and Live Free.

I look forward to working with you and will keep you updated.  Just a head’s up.  I will soon be adding audio classes that will work with the book. 

You are the one to bring the changes into form You’ve got the power


With so much going on in our nation and around the globe, many are feeling angry, powerless and frightened.  Looking at the jobless rate, laws that don’t make sense, and finger pointing, it’s easy to just give up and give in.  You don’t think you can do anything, after all you are just one person and how can one person make a difference in such big problems?

Martin Luther King was just one person.  He saw a huge problem here in America.  He didn’t stop with just seeing the problem, he actually saw some solutions.  Martin didn’t stop with pointing out problems or solutions.  He didn’t wait until someone else took action to change things.  He went further to see himself as part of the solution.

As Martin began speaking out and telling people the solution others joined him, one person, one voice at the time.  With the passion of love for his fellow man and a determination to transform his nation he began to step out.  More and more join him to move in a sea of people all seeing the same problem, the same solutions and understanding themselves to be part of the solution.

This is where we are now.  We see the problems.  Some even see the possible solutions, but few realize they are the power to bring about the change they desire.  On my radio show I’ve been talking about how to bring about change in this present economy.  It’s not enough to just notice and talk about the problems.  It’s not enough to want things to be different.  You are the power, the very energy of change.  Your voice matters. 

As you speak up and speak out you encourage and inspire others to join their voices to yours.  Together you are a powerful force for change.  Get to know people in your community.  It’s important that we get back to our humanity, honoring one another as valuable.  Work with those people near you to brain storm on how you can change things locally.  Support small businesses in your community.  Remember, you are saying yes to the way people do business when you exchange money with them for goods and services.

Form a community group to provide information to people.  You will be surprised how much dozens of your know, how much information you all have together.  This is a perfect time for us to work together to meet the needs in our local area.  More millionaires were made in 2009 than in 2008, that’s awesome.  It means that when you are looking for solutions and apply your inspiration, believing you have the power to make a difference, a difference is made.

All it takes is one person with a vision to get it all started.  When you reach out in love, passion and knowing that you CAN change things, people will join with you and together you can change the world.  Get started today.

I am looking for people who have made a difference in their community, who have started a business during the last two years to share with my radio listeners the journey you took to make your dreams come true.  If you are this person or know of someone please leave me a comment.  I’ll get back with you to discuss how you can join me on Empowered Women Radio. 

Ready to Shift Those Beliefs?

I don’t want to fight anymore

The Red Bird

Image by spisharam – AWAY via Flickr


One of my favorite things is to sit outside in my bird sanctuary and watch as the birds come to the feeders.  This spring I hung new feeders, a total of five now offers food to my feathered friends.  There are four hanging feeders and one stand feeder.  All were filled with a variety of food.

I noticed three beautiful red cardinals.. flying about and fussing with one another.  They didn’t land on any of the feeders as each red bird was determined to keep the other two from the food.

I laughed and told them to stop their silly fussing, there was more than enough food for all of them.  Still they fussed and chased on another from the feeding stations.

Finally I giggled and said, “you silly red birds, don’t you see there is more than enough food for all of you with plenty left over”.  “Stop fussing and fighting so you can eat, why are you fighting and struggling when there is more than enough for all of you”?

I felt an answer from deep within me.. “they like the fighting and the struggling, it’s what they belief is supposed to be done”.

I gasped as I realized how we humans do the same thing.  We fight and fuss as though there isn’t enough for all of us simply because we think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

As I began feeling a major energy shift within me, I exclaimed, “I don’t want to struggle any more”.

With that I realized that it’s all a matter of belief and perspective.

Get your Shift Groove on, Shift Your Beliefs Today