Now the Journey Begins You ARE Living Consciousness!


I am so thrilled and excited! After months of writing, editing and rewriting some more A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness is in print and kindle.  I was recently asked if this book covers each chakra in depth.  Yes it does and in a way that walks you step by step through the process of not only knowing what and where the chakras are, but guides you through the process of healing your own body / mind / emotions.  There are 250 pages of life transforming Wisdom written in the pages of this book.  You journey through the relationships of emotions, the past, fear, anger, love, oneness and into the light of knowing who you are.  Of course the book will not do your work for you, but it gives you every tool you need to totally change how you create based on realizing Who You Are. 

It’s available at Thrival with Donna DeVane and Amazon.  Big NEWS for you.  When you purchase an autographed copy from my website store you save $5.00 and get a free meditation CD to use along with the book.  This is a limited time offer, so invest in yourself today.  I’ve given you the tools you need, plus host a weekly radio show for support of these teachings.. the next move is yours!

You will discover working with stones and crystals, meditation, light and sound to self heal.  You will be guided through a series of teachings with “homework” exercises to help you integrate the teaching into Wisdom.  Discover the magic of being your own “medicine healer” “shaman” while working through the energy levels of dis-ease, pain, and unforgiveness.  I make it easy for you and even a bit of fun.

Here is an except from the very first lesson. “

I want to note here that when I use the words “negative and positive” I am referring to wanted and unwanted experiences, feelings, etc. When you move away from the concept of “right / wrong, good / bad, negative / positive, and think in terms of what you enjoy, what you like, prefer, life is much easier. As you begin to think in terms of do I enjoy this or not it gets easier to stay in the experiences you prefer.

As we start our journey with the Stone and Crystal People remember to be open to new thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories and intuitive knowing. Always keep a journal nearby to write down your “messages” as you do your mediation and healing work. I use very basic stones and crystals for the energy work so that you can easily find them. If you have stones and crystals already and are just getting started working with them remember color of stone with color of chakra. As you progress you will begin to hear the stones and crystals suggesting where to place them and how they desire to work with you.

For your red Chakra use ruby, garnet, red jasper, or red tiger eye. While you can use dyed stones they don’t have the energy of “real stones”. Match color of chakra to color of stone. If you experience discomfort, change out for a different stone. Turquoise can always be used on any chakra as can basic earth color energy stones. When out walking pay attention to any stone that calls you. ( Root Chakra Area)

Orange: carnelian or red jasper I really prefer carnelian as it promotes courage and aids you in moving forward with a greater ease. (Belly Button Area)”

I don’t want to fight anymore

The Red Bird

Image by spisharam – AWAY via Flickr


One of my favorite things is to sit outside in my bird sanctuary and watch as the birds come to the feeders.  This spring I hung new feeders, a total of five now offers food to my feathered friends.  There are four hanging feeders and one stand feeder.  All were filled with a variety of food.

I noticed three beautiful red cardinals.. flying about and fussing with one another.  They didn’t land on any of the feeders as each red bird was determined to keep the other two from the food.

I laughed and told them to stop their silly fussing, there was more than enough food for all of them.  Still they fussed and chased on another from the feeding stations.

Finally I giggled and said, “you silly red birds, don’t you see there is more than enough food for all of you with plenty left over”.  “Stop fussing and fighting so you can eat, why are you fighting and struggling when there is more than enough for all of you”?

I felt an answer from deep within me.. “they like the fighting and the struggling, it’s what they belief is supposed to be done”.

I gasped as I realized how we humans do the same thing.  We fight and fuss as though there isn’t enough for all of us simply because we think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

As I began feeling a major energy shift within me, I exclaimed, “I don’t want to struggle any more”.

With that I realized that it’s all a matter of belief and perspective.

Get your Shift Groove on, Shift Your Beliefs Today

Don’t worry be happy


People are unemployed.  That’s true.  It’s also true that most people are employed.  Some people don’t have much money.  That’s true.  It’s also true that trillions of dollars circle the globe every day being exchanged for goods and services.

My point is that it all depends on what you are looking at.  Whatever you say is true, is true for you.  What you pay attention to is what you get to experience.  So, it makes sense that if you are not enjoying what your attention has brought about that you would shift your attention to something more pleasant.

What is it that you want to experience?  How does that look, how does it feel?  Can you picture it in your imagination?  That’s really all it takes to bring it into form.  Think it, feel it, be it, move in the direction of it always.  One step at a time brings you to the physical manifestation.  You can’t give up.  Giving up is the only failure.  Everything else is forward movement, bringing you and your dreams into the same space.

Staying focused on what you want, how it feels, is conscious creating.  It’s a natural process that always works.  This conscious creating is working with the law of attraction to bring into form what you want.  That’s simple and easy.  The key is to stay aware of what your want.  You decide over and over again to look at the glass half full, being filled to running over. 

The only trick is staying focused on what you want.  Things around you will be different than what you want due to other people’s creations.  You choose whether or not to get involved with those creations.  You decide to stay the course with your dreams, bringing them into form through thought, feeling and action.

You will know when you’ve been sidetracked due to your feelings.  You will notice when those old thought habits are kicking in again because you will be paying more attention to what you don’t want than what you do.

This is when you take a moment to go within, shift that thinking, get the feelings involved and then take another step forward to your dreams.  The process is simple, easy even.  It just takes practice and constant forward motion.  Thoughts are energy, feelings are energy, they are bringing molecules into shape according to your instructions.

Staying focused can be turned into a fun exercise.  Paint a dot on your fingernail or the back of your hand.  Tie a string around your wrist.  Each time you see it you will be reminded to take stock of what you are creating.  It’s fun and it works.  Laugh your way to a new reality.

Want to get tips especially for you? Check out my Spirit Messages Readings.  Thirty minutes to help you change your thinking, get on track and create what you want.


Let’s talk about it Life issues for real people real lives

Listen to internet radio with Empowered Women on Blog Talk Radio

I’m so excited.. in just a month I will have hosted my radio show Empowered Women for two years.  Lots has happened in this two year period, lots of conversation has taken place as well.  We’ve covered so many topics about real people living real lives with real problems and real solutions.

I am honored to have been listened to and joined on the air and in the chat room by so many wonderful people.  We’ve covered topics on law of attraction, spiritual energy healing, healing the planet, the spirituality of politics and so much more.

The radio show is actually proof of law of attraction working.  I set an intention, I talked about what thrills me and people came who were interested in those topics.  Many of my listeners have also become my friends. 

My life has touched and been touched by so many people while doing the show.  You guys have supported me through my broken arm, move to a new place and the passing of my oldest child.  I am so filled with appreciation for each of you.

The radio show is the kitchen table where family and friends get together to talk about life and about answers to the questions of life.  What a delightful process this has been and continues to be.  I’m gearing up for more shows, with more interaction.  I’ve talked about healing through grief, working with law of attraction for all areas of life, healing the self and our world, politics and why it matters to us in the spiritual community.  Now with the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico I’ve been really gearing up the connection between the ONE, how everything affects everything and everyone.

With 2012 right around the corner I feel an urgency to get a message of hope, change and healing out to as many as possible.  Things are changing, we are changing.  It’s a very exciting time to be here in a physical body.  What will the next few years bring about?  We are the ones who decide that.

I invite  you to join me on Empowered Women radio, ask your questions, make your comments, share your wisdom.  Join the family and let’s ride the wave of change together in joy and excitement.  Use the radio player at the top to listen to a show or two, then click here to go to the site, join Blog Talk Radio, make me a friend and mark my show a favorite, that way you will receive an email each time I schedule a new show.

If you’d like to join me on the air post a comment here on the blog.  I’d love to have you join me.

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