Stop Living An Automated Life Thank You Tweet Deck


Life is always serving up reminders for me.  I love it when I “get it”.  After a week of dealing with a respiratory infection, which by the way brought it’s own load of reminders which I’ll get to later, I’ve spent a lot of time paying attention.  Noticing is one of my favorite activities.  With the virus there was little else to do than notice so I’ve spent the week looking around and within.  This is the first time I’ve experienced “sick” in many years and I can’t say I much enjoyed it although a lot of healing work and resulting wisdom has come from it.  Anyway, back to the story as I tend to wander around a lot in these blogs posts, and my books now and again too.  Actually I do it on purpose to help you pay attention and not go into automatic mode because your brain starts filling in the blanks before you finish reading, with all those experiences that have come before.  See,  I did it there.. Got your attention didn’t it? 

Here’s the story and the insight.  I logged into my Tweet deck to see what was going on and then had an idea for a tweet of my own.  I typed it in the appropriate space and hit the tweet button.  At once I got a notice that it had not been tweeted as it appeared it was an “automatic tweet”.  What?  How could Twitter be so confused?  I had just sat there and typed the little message.  So I hit Tweet again and it went through.  Good deal..

Now what in the word does this have to do with anything you might be interested in?  Well… how often are you just going through the steps you call life?  Most humans aren’t really living, they are just going through the motions of survival, day in and day out.  We scramble about like mice scurrying to find another crumb of food so we can make it through another day.  Is this all there is to life?  Is this all you want from life?

Be honest with yourself.  Are you really living life the way you want to?  Are you filling each and every day with the experiences you really want to have?  Why not?  What’s keeping you in automatic / reaction mode?  What are those beliefs that you are limiting yourself with?  Since I’ve written quite a few books, thousands of articles, done hundreds of videos and recorded thousands of audio on the topic I want to remind you to go over all that wisdom I’ve already shared with you.  Right now take a few minutes to be still and honest with yourself about your life.  How is it measuring up against the life you want to be living?

Dedicate today to noticing and being honest with yourself.  Pay attention to what is going on in your mind, body and spirit.  Ask Why?  over and over again.  Where did this come from?  Who created this?  What is my role?  Where is my power? What have you done recently that you actually, really, truly wanted to do and enjoyed?  Be true to yourself.  You can create a new experience starting this instant.  You ARE that Powerful!

I love you, love yourself well.

Donna DeVane,

The Barefoot Guru

PS.  If you’d like a journey companion check out my Services page.  I’d be tickled to walk a while with you.

How Can I Feel Angry & Still Be a Nice Person?


I’ve been doing a lot of healing work for myself and others this last week and one thing that comes up often is ANGER! Can we feel this angry and still be nice people?  I get asked questions like that a lot.  The answer is YES!  That anger is there for a very good reason.  Anger is a big attention getter.. it’s letting you know that life is really out of whack with how you want to be living and experiencing. 

The really big and important question is what are you going to do with the anger?  What are you doing about the anger?  First admit that it’s there.  Take a few moments to see the anger for what it is, a reminder that things are not the way you want them to be.  What’s out of whack?  Have you put yourself in situations where you don’t feel good about you?  Are you not fulfilling your dreams?  Are you holding back due to fear of what others will think about you?

Be still long enough to hear that little voice within that will guide you to what is asking to be released.  What happens quite often is that we ask for change, we beg for it, beseech the Universe for life to be different and when things start falling apart we panic.  Pause for a few minutes to get a good intuitive read on what is asking for you to release it.  Through acceptance, forgiveness and release you are allowing a space for the life experiences you do want to show up.

Notice what shows up in your thoughts and emotions.  Listen to your inner guidance, follow through for healing.  Now you are ready to create the reality you want to experience.  Keep that space clear and watch in joy as new experiences manifest.

I love you.. love yourself well

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

If Not For Fear What Would Your Life Be Like?


I did this short recording a bit ago to discuss some insights into how we stay in an unwanted place due to fear of what others may think or say.  How is fear holding you back in life?  If you were not worried that others would think you selfish what would you do for yourself?

Dreams are not lived due to the fear of not being good enough or smart enough.  In order to live your dream you must be more than ready for a change, you must be willing to step into that change.  If not for fear how would your life be different?  What job would you have?  Where would you live, dress, eat?

If there were no limits how big would your life be?  Sit in the silence with that and see where the fear is.  Releasing it can be done once  you identify it.  Is the belief even true?  No?  Then what is the truth? 

What you invest your thinking, feeling and doing energy into is what you will experience.  After finding the truth speak only that, live only that. 

I’ll do another recording on that soon.  I’ve recently written a very short guide book How Can I Be Happy cover

That’s a picture of it.  Use these three steps to discover how you are creating your life experiences and to create a whole new experience for yourself.  Visit my Amazon Author Page for How Can I Be Happy Three Easy Steps To Personal Well Being as well as my other print, kindle and audio books. 

Leave me a comment.. I love hearing from you!

I love you.. love yourself well..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Are You Bold Enough To Detox Those Limiting Beliefs?



Are you bold? Do you feel courageous?  You need that to make those big changes you keep saying you want.  You want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, have great relationships.. OK, but are you bold enough to do it?  It will require you ask yourself some questions about beliefs you have held onto as though your life depended on them.  Are you willing to ask, “what if, just what if, everything I think I know about Everything is WRONG?”

Until you detox those limiting beliefs, no matter how dear they are to you.. NOTHING will change.  I’m being honest here.  Over my life time and working with others has confirmed this as truth.  No fountain can bring forth both bitter and sweet water.  You have to decide.  You are the fountain.  What energy flows from you?

I’m talking about more here than just your daily feel good affirmations too.  Spending a few minutes a day getting your emotional fix and investing the other 24 hours with worry, stress, low self esteem and worry.. will not bring about the life you want to live.

I’m talking about going within your prayer closet, or doing your shadow work.  Pick your favorite phrase for it.. but do the work.  I love you.  I want you to be happy, healthy and successful.  That’s why I write books, blogs, do video and radio.  I why I have private students.. I want YOU to live the life you know deep down inside that you can live. I’m willing to be blunt with you to get your attention too.

You’ve spent years wishing and hoping.. you’ve prayed, done your feel good activities and nothing is different.  It can’t be until YOU are different.  That’s why I’m here.. to help YOU be different!

Are you ready?  I’m taking new students right now.  See the Services tab.  Make it happen.  There are three options for you to work with me.  Be Bold.  Pick one.  Follow through!  Read my books, live the wisdom within them.   Read all my blogs, watch all 500 of my videos.  Listen to the thousands of hours of radio broadcasts I’ve done over the years. 

Most importantly… DO YOUR WORK! 

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru!

Check out the Books pages for links to books or visit Amazon, ITunes, Audio and search for my name.  However you do it.. DO IT NOW!

How Can I Be Happy 3 Easy Steps to Happiness and Well Being

How Can I Be Happy cover

Yesterday I was inspired.  I had been reading a book about meeting your goals and at the end of the book it was suggested to write information books to help other people.  The idea was a good one.  I sat at the end of the book and thought, “I’m already doing that”.  Which is true, I have several books out there on Amazon, ITunes and Audible. 

I continued sitting here on my bed thinking about information and what topic was most interesting to most people.  Happiness came up.  We all want to be happy.  It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.  We struggle with life and yearn for peace and something to smile about. 

I started thinking about easy ways to be happy right now, this minute.  Would people be willing to follow a few steps if they could be happy?  Would you be willing to invest an hour to read a short little book that outlines the steps to happiness?  You can read this mini coaching with the Barefoot Guru book in about an hour, but you must do the exercises in order to stay in your happy.

Would you do that?  Is happiness worth an hour and 99 cents to you?  Seriously, that’s the price of the book.  I want you to be happy.  I want you to understand just how easy it is to transform your whole life and create with the energy of happiness.  That’s why I write books, blogs, articles, do video and radio.  I really, really want you to be happy and successful.

While I can not make you happy, I can show you the way to your own happiness.  It’s within you, within your power to be happy, it always has been.  Are you ready to be happy?  If you have been asking, “How Can I Be Happy”?  I’ve got your answers.  I’ve written them down with daily exercises that when done daily will change the way you feel inside and the way things show up  for you outside.  Your choice now.  Go to Amazon and get How Can I Be Happy Three Easy Steps To Personal Well Being today.  

After working through the book the first time, leave a review on Amazon and come back here to talk with me about your experience.  I love hearing from you.

I love you, love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Message From Blue Jay on Abundance And Manifestation


This morning I had to go to the road and turn off my water supply.  Seems our big dog broke the pipe at the back of the house.  On the way back I saw a Blue Jay feather, which of course I realized as the gift it is.  I picked it up and came inside.  I sat with the feather listening for the message and nothing came.  That was strange as I know about messages from the Winged Ones, but nothing I knew about this bird was the “right message”.  I listened to the urging saying to go look it up.  So I went looking for something new and exciting, which is what I found.

It seems that the Blue Jay doesn’t always migrate, it depends on the available food.  Both sexes also build the nest and care for the young.  They eat a variety of food from seed to insects.  They set nuts back for later meals too, which I find very interesting.  Their name is derived from it’s “noisy, garrulous nature”.  Now I love words and wasn’t familiar with that one so I looked it up. 

According to Merriam-Webster garrulous is “given to prosy, rambling, or tedious loquacity; pointlessly or annoyingly talkative!”  I was off to the races with this new information and message. 

I want to give a big Thank You to this awesome bird for sharing with me this morning.  I hear a reminder to work together with all aspects of my self…mind, body and spirit.. masculine and feminine.  Notice the abundance all around me, interact with it in a way to meets all my needs.  I also hear the message to let my words be precise, to be exactly what I want to think, feel, and experience. 

Just last night I was asking questions along the lines of the very message brought to me this morning by my friend Blue Jay. Ask and pay attention for the answer is also a message here.  I could have not been aware as I was walking in the yard and not seen or felt the feather calling me.  I could have been all wrapped up in the situation of the water pipe being broken. 

I am grateful this morning that Source always answers me. 

I love you.. love yourself well

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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Letting Change Have Room To Manifest or How To Live Happy With Change



Have you ever asked for your life to change and everything seem to go to pot at once?  Well, that’s what you asked for.  Smile

How often in life do we ask for something new and then cling to, fight for and struggle to hold onto the old? We really do want something different, but we are frightened by the uncertainty of not knowing what it will all be like.  When we stay in the fear we also stay in the same circumstance.

What we can do is claim our sense of adventure about life.  Look fear square in the face and step forward anyway with laughter and glee. It’s not really about not experiencing fear and uncertainty as much as it is about trusting Source to always support us in whatever we do.  Let the dice fall where they may, just keep rolling the dice and living the adventure that life is.

I know it feels hard, but those hard places are where the most growth will occur, the most remembering who you are is found in those darkest hours of fear and trembling.  Go within and face your fear.  Once faced fear is a funny thing, it fades into excitement and adventure.

Go to YouTube and watch some videos of extreme sports.  You’ll be amazed at what people are doing.  Grab that adventure spirit and step into your next trek for something awesome to experience.  As I say in my new book, life is your space, you get to fill it with any thing and every thing you want.  So go for it.  What’s holding you back?

I love you… love yourself well..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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