Discover What Hides in The Shadows of Your Life

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We all have things we keep in the shadows, things we don’t want others to know about us and sometimes things we don’t want to know about ourselves.

We hide all our mistakes, failures, worries and think that they don’t affect us anymore.

The problem with keeping them hidden in the shadows in that they are never really gone. They are always there, waiting to affect our choices, our feelings and our state of mind.

They crop up as fear, anger, sadness, grief, dis-ease in the body and mind.

When you take a look at the shadow you realize it’s only a reflection, it’s not even real.

The fastest way to deal with the shadow parts of yourself is to look at them, face them.
Love them.. yes .. love them.

Often we are afraid that if others knew our dark secrets they wouldn’t like us.
This fear of what others think damages our feeling of worth.

None of us has come through life without doing a few things that we could have done without. Smiles.. I’ve done things that looking back now I wonder what in the world I was thinking.

I do realize that each choice I made in the past has brought me to this very place right now.

I can embrace my choices in the past, knowing that they led me here.

Learning to love your self is all about accepting your choices, learning from them and making a different one if you want a different outcome.

There is no need to keep things hidden in the shadow of your life.  Let them out, look at them, embrace them for what they taught you.  Celebrate that you have grown, you are not the same person you were when you made those choices, took those actions.

Look into the shadow and forgive yourself, forgive others.. BE FREE.


Learn to forgive and live freely

Appeasing The Fear

You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s what I said when I heard about the way Clinton and McCain plan to solve high gas prices.

For the summer, three whole months they want to roll back taxes on gas so you and I can save at most $30.00.

Now this doesn’t guarantee that the gas companies just don’t raise the prices even higher through the summer, it just plays with our fear of lack.

I’ve been following the presidential campaigns as I feel this is a very important election. Our country has need for a lot of changes, high gas prices being one of them.

Clinton and McCain are telling us that this $30.00 is a great big deal. I sat there in front of my TV stunned and shocked at this news. You gotta be kidding me, $30.00 over a period of three months solves this problem. Wow. I’m impressed that you think so.

Now Obama thinks more like me. It’s a temporary game to win votes and pray on the fear of lack that a lot of Americans have. It’s a gimmick offered up to appease us for a bit while solving nothing in the long run.

A speaker for the Republican party said that for lots of Americans this thirty bucks meant the difference between putting gas in the car or food on the table. Again I was shocked. He has been to the grocery store lately if he thinks thirty bucks will cover a table in good food.

I live in Alabama and $30.00 worth of groceries will not even do for getting by a week where food is concerned.

The thing that stands out the most to me about his plan is how so many of us will buy into it as a quick fix. We are caught up I in fear of lack and believe in “just making it through” till the next trickle of money comes into our life at the last moment.

Fear of lack has many faces. Poverty, illness, depression, anger, wars, starvation are a few of the symptoms of fear.

For a lot of people this just squeaking by with money, health and relationships is normal, it’s how they’ve always lived.

It’s a bandage on a broken leg, it really solves nothing.

As a nation we can do much better than this. We can solve the problems that seem to plague us, knowing that if we have the power to create such a huge mud puddle for so many to get stuck in, we have the power and creativity to create solutions that work as well.

This is also true in our personal lives. Just think about it for a moment. If you have the power to create whatever mess you are now experiencing that proves you have the power to create. Now look at it from the other side, you have the power to create something different from the place you are now in.

A lot of people tell me they don’t think that we are responsible for what happens to us privately or as a nation, a world. They just can’t get with the idea that our choices, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions can and do bring about these experiences. They point out, but what about people who are born into poor countries, or babies born sick, or good people that bad things happen too.

All this must be because of “them” or GOD and HIS WILL.

Why would it be the will of GOD for these things to happen? How could a heavenly parent get so angry with his children as to judge them evil and plague them with poverty, sickness and war?

I just don’t buy that theory. Fear did these things. People who forgot who and what they really are did these things because they don’t remember that Abundance is all around us, there is more than enough for all. Human greed and apathy exist because of fear, not knowing who we are. When we get caught up in the not enough, not enough syndrome it’s just a tiny step into greed and war.

We can get ourselves individually out of the giant mud whole as a nation, world people and individual by taking responsibly for what we have all created together and choosing to create with love, honor, respect and knowing. When we rediscover that we are ALL ONE, we are brothers and sisters, then we move away from fear of lack and step into heaven here on earth where there is always plenty in abundance.

Let’s take our power back, never again being content to leave it up to our leaders to promote fear and lack in our nation.

Let’s take responsibility for everything we’ve created individually and co created with our siblings on this planet.

As we move out of fear and into knowing who we are, we really will change the world with love, honor and respect. We can do it. Let us unite as ONE and create heaven here on earth for all.