Appreciate your life to success


Look at the picture of the flower.  It’s pretty isn’t it?  Now look again, allow the beauty of the flower to be experienced by you.  Notice the details, the depth of color, the lines in the petals, all the little pollen dust sitting so daintily on the pistons.  Feel the color of the flower.  Let the orange energy move through you bringing you in touch with your courage, determination and feeling of being alive.

The exercise we just did is appreciation.  It brought the value of the flower into your awareness.  Appreciation is value, the value you see, feel and interact with.  By getting in the flow of appreciation regarding anything in your life you add to the value of it, making it work in a more positive way for you.

The more you take time to look for the value to what is already in your life the more your vibrations shift lining up with more appreciation.  It’s more than gratitude, more than being thankful, it’s seeing the value and adding to it.


Change your life vibration today

Validate Yourself for Happiness

As a spiritual life coach I hear from a lot of people who don’t feel validated They are suffering with low self esteem, feeling low and unsuccessful. This is not a good way to feel. Waking up in the morning with nothing to look forward to, nothing that excites you and gets your juices flowing just isn’t living, it’s surviving.

You are not here to just survive, to manage, to get through one more set of challenges.

You are here to Thrive… to be happy, to enjoy each moment of your physical existence.

I know the feeling, I’ve been there. One of the reasons I don’t go there now is I don’t like the way it feels. I bet you don’t like feeling low and down either. We are Beings of joy, love, happiness and pleasure. We thrive on feeling good. We are at our eternal best when we are excited, inspired and motivated.

You know you want to feel good. You strive and struggle to get into that place of joy and excitement about life. Sometimes you make it and sometimes you just can’t seem to reach that far.

Here’s what I want you to do starting right now. Validate yourself. That’s right I want you to validate yourself.

Out loud I want you to say three things that you really like about yourself. Go ahead, say I have beautiful eyes, delightful hair, my body is perfect for me.

Say them again. You can use something different from the examples I give.

Now think of three more things you really appreciate about yourself.

I love my sense of humor, my smile is awesome, I am very loving.

Say it again, a bit louder. You are validating yourself and it’s really important.

You are a wonderful, powerful, creative, magical being. Sometimes you just to to be reminded of it.
You are talented, giving, generous, caring, motivating, inspiring, wise, funny, loving and strong.

Go ahead and say those things about yourself. Validate yourself some more. It’s good for you.

We talk a lot about the attitude of gratitude. It’s wonderful and powerful, yet it’s only a step in the direction of appreciation. Appreciation is the vibration of the Creative Source of which you are a part. You can’t severe your tie from Source Energy, that’s who you are. You can however stop being aware of the connection. This is where the validation comes in. It’s a means of feeling the connection. Getting you back in line with who you are rides the wave of appreciation. Using the tools of self validation several times each day will help you to see yourself as you really are.

You have many dreams that you haven’t brought into physical for yet because you don’t believe in the dreams and you don’t believe in yourself. Through self validation you will be able to tear down that wall of limiting beliefs and move through with inspired action.

Now I want you to make a list of all the things you’ve achieved in the past week.
Write down every goal you’ve accomplished for the week. Include everything you can think of from the little to the large.
Allow yourself to feel good about these accomplishments.

Say out loud, I accomplish my goals and bring my dreams into reality. I am a powerful creator, following inspiration with motivated action.

Now take the list to a month.

Go for six months, then a year. This is a powerful exercise to do at the end and the beginning of each New Year. It’s also a great boost when you are feeling stuck.

Everyone feels a bit low now and then. We tend to let our emotions be in charge of what we are thinking and thus how we feel. Through the process of these exercises you can bust loose anything and move into a better feeling energy.

I encourage you to do the validation exercise first thing each morning. You will find that it empowers you with joy, hope, and belief in yourself.

If you really want to boost the energy quickly set aside 15 minutes to do an appreciate exercise.
Start off by letting your eyes move around the room until something catches your attention that really pleases you. Say out loud I am so appreciative of _____________.
Move on to the next thing in the room, look outside and see what pleases you. In just a few minutes this will take on a life of it’s own as things to appreciate flow quicker and quicker to your awareness.

Through self validation and Appreciation exercises you will quickly transform your feelings, your thoughts and in a short time your physical experiences.

I want you to know just how beautiful, gifted, talented, important, loved, and inspiring you really ARE.

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