Be Willing to be Awesome

Lots of people, young and old, don’t step into their awesomeness due to fear of being disliked, made fun of, being called names etc.  I understand how it feels as I’ve spent my life stepping outside the box of norm and having folks feel an obligation to point out to me exactly what was wrong with me.. in their opinion of course. I don’t know that anyone has ever done anything awesome without a few of those nay sayers showing up to tell them why they can’t or shouldn’t do it and why it just will not work.  It’s just how most humans react to someone who is stepping outside the tribal comfort zone.   Now you want more than you’ve got and you are starting to see that everything you have is in the box of normal.  It makes sense that in order to get more than what you already have you have to move outside the space you are already in and do, think, say, embrace something else.  You take those first few steps and BAM! someone shows up to tell you Stop! Don’t do that! It can’t be done!  What do you do?

It’s easy to stay stuck where you are, it’s known and in a way it’s comfortable to you.  You yearn for more, but it’s spooky when you think about what could happen if you quit that job, move out of the relationship, sale that home to start over.  Your awesome isn’t in the known place.. it’s in the next actions, experiences and interactions you make real.  What if you step into your awesome and 1 person ridicules you but 100 applaud and are grateful for your inspiration?

To get you started practicing being outside the box in your awesomeness begin letting go of stuff crammed in the corners and closets of your home.  That’s right, just move through your space and start clearing out what isn’t working for you anymore.  As you clear space notice how you feel with the now empty space.  Do you feel an urge to hurry and fill it up again?  What do you want in that space?  Can you wait for exactly what you want to be there rather than rushing to just fill it with something, anything?

Make an empty space on a book shelf or table in your home.  Place nothing there.  Let it be your “sacred space” for exactly what you want to experience next.  Honor it by giving thanks for what fills it, the potentially of Source.  Hold in your mind’s eye exactly what you want to experience next, let it know there is space for it in your life. 

Always keep that space available for your newest experiences.  Continue clearing out your physical home and your mind / body from litter.  Old thoughts, patterns, feelings that you’ve been stuck in for years can be released and a new experience had.  Notice the discomfort and the fear.  Call it what it is and sit with it for a while.  Where did it come from, what is it connected to? 

Dedicate yourself to your awesomeness!  That’s right, be steadfast in your faithfulness to expressing how awesome you are.  Don’t wait around for others to tell you it’s ok to be awesome, go ahead and Be Awesome.  Take those steps, make those commitments to enjoying yourself fully.

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Make a Commitment to Yourself


How many dreams do you have that you’ve given up on over time?  Most of us just don’t follow through so we don’t see the dreams as reality.  We get busy doing the day in and day out stuff of life and just let those dreams wither on the vine.  On my radio broadcasts I’ve discussed many times how to keep showing up for yourself.  When you show up for you others begin to show up to support you.  When I started the Awakened Radio Network a few years back NO ONE knew it even existed.  I would go on air and there was no one listening.  I kept showing up and kept talking.  Now there are people listening to the radio station 24/7.  There are also other hosts who support the message of the station and listeners who help promote and who show up to take part in the live broadcasts.

There were many times when I could have just quit and done something else.  It didn’t look in the beginning like it was working, no one was listening.  I held in there though and kept posting on the social networks and I kept showing up for my dream.  You are always supported by Source in whatever you are desiring to do and experience, you’ve just got to know that and keep being in that experience.  With the radio station I kept showing up and being a radio host on a radio station even though no one else was there and before long others showed up to support me in my dream and help make it real.

I’m also an indie publisher and with the first few books I wrote and self published no one knew anything about them.  I had always wanted to be a published writer so I wrote.  I’ve written since I learned how and eventually I found a way to show up for myself and get published.  Thirty years ago I wrote and submitted to publishers and could have wallpapered my office with the rejection slips, but I didn’t stop writing and submitting.  Eventually I got a check for one of my short stories and I was delighted.  I continued to write and now have a dozen books on Amazon and people purchase them and tell their friends about them. 

I kept showing up for myself and moving in my dreams.  Each day I show up and live the experience of my dreams and day by day the experience expands to include even more details of what I want to experience.  It works that way.  You keep showing up even on those days and moments when it feels hard, when to your outer eyes it just doesn’t seem to be working and like a seed planted in the soil eventually it rises up and you see the growth and expansion.

Take a few moments and go over how you can show up for yourself and your dreams.  What can you do, be, experience right now that is your dream?  Do that.  Keep a journal, make notes of how you show up and how others show up to support you.

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The creating power of your words


What do words mean?  How are you using them?  Are you aware of the energy you are creating with when you drop the “F Bomb”? 

As a teen ager I cussed cause I thought it was cool and made me sound tough.  As I grew up and began having children I didn’t want them talking that way so I cleaned up my mouth.  It was hard work, I’d had the habit of using strong language so long that I had to catch myself many times a day to self discipline.  Over time I cleaned up my speech and have been glad of it for many years now.  It’s not that I don’t use one now and again for emphasis, but it’s not part of my daily method of communication.  See, I realized in my 20’s that words have power, an energy.  Not only do they go out and create with that energy, they represent what’s going on inside you. 

When I was much younger in birthday years, I was much angrier.  My manner of conversation was a result of the anger and frustration I felt inside.  Now when I use a colorful word, I do it on purpose to inject that energy into the conversation to make a point.  People notice that I’ve injected some strong language and listen more carefully.  I’m not advocating for the “F Bomb” as I don’t use it, the point is that our words have energy to them.  Them not only mean what the dictionary say they mean, they have an energy that people feel and that begins creating something that matches the energy.

I’m surprised at how many law of attraction teachers drop the bomb every sentence or two, never seeming to realize the energy they are setting loose on all of us.  We get the power of words when it comes to affirmations like, “money comes easily to me”,  “I am loved and respected”.  We get that. 

Let’s get what the “F bomb” affirms.  Every statement you make is an affirmation.  You are saying this is what the world is to and for me.  You are saying this is how I feel, believe, inside.  You create with those words, just like my typing here, stringing words together, communicates a message to you.

Pay attention to your language, the words you use.  Let your words represent what you want.  If they don’t it’s time for a belief inventory.  What are you feeling inside that the “F Bomb” is your affirmation?  What are you wanting to create with that energy?  If it’s not what you want… then change the program inside you.. and create with the energy that you actually want to experience.

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