Getting from here to there with the law of attraction




As a coach and teacher I am asked several times a week, “How do I get from here to where I want to be”?

My answer is always the same.  First answer this, how did you get where you are now?  Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions got you exactly where you are and those will get you anywhere else you want to be.  You have only to change the beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions to line up with a new place.  It’s like going on a journey in your car.  You choose a destination and then move in that direction.  You don’t stop and go hither and yon, you stay on course until you arrive where you planned.  Your thoughts, actions and feelings are lined up with the new destination.  You believe that it’s possible for you to travel there and you steadily move in that direction until at last you arrive.

This is the easy way to move from one place or one circumstance to another.  You get a clear picture in your head and follow that until you arrive.  Simple, plain, clear and easy, yet so many get side tracked by all the stuff to look at and feel about on the journey.  You stop thinking and feeling about the new place and get caught up in the stuff along the way that you don’t like.  It’s like stopping at ever restaurant on the road, it would take a long time to get to your destination.  You might get there, but it would be a long journey. 

In order to get into a new set of circumstances you must change what you are believing and paying attention to.  It’s a matter of choice and practice.  You’ve practiced your current creative beliefs for many years, so you must now practice something new.  Get clear about what you wish to experience.  Line up only with that.  Stop paying so much attention to stuff you don’t want to experience.  Notice it for a moment, let it remind you of your destination and motivate you to move forward again.

Stay focused by noticing all the signs along the road that are telling you that the journey is lining up.  Notice all the good stuff, pay loads of attention to it.  Take appreciation breaks throughout the day to really feel gratitude for all the wonders and joy presently in your life.  This is one of the most powerful things you can do to change you and thus your creations.  Appreciate everything.  Leave nothing out, love it all, appreciate it all.  Everything has a gift, a message for you, always reminding you of who you are and how powerful you are.

When you take responsibility for all that is in your life now realizing that you are the one who did that, it’s easy to shift your thinking to “I can create whatever I desire”.  This is real power folks.  Knowing yourself to be the one doing it all in cooperation with Source Energy.  Open up to all the possibilities, play, enjoy.  You are after all, the ONE with the power .

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What do you know about being happy?


Being happy is right up there at the top of most people’s priority list.  It’s close to being rich and finding the perfect person to have a relationship with.. so why is it so elusive and hard to realize?

The reason it seems so hard to find happy, love and wealth is the quest is always taking place outside the self.  Neither of these states of being or experience can be found there until you have located them within you.  You are the key.  Your chosen state of being, state of mind is the key to realizing happiness, love and wealth. 

The next question then is how to choose these states? The simple answer is, “over and over again until it becomes habit”.

What you are experiencing right now is due to what you say you are.  It’s about energy, vibration.  You don’t have to create anything, you just have to accept that everything already IS, and line up your vibration with the vibration of what is desired to be experienced.

Experiment with me for a moment.  Take a deep breath, when you slowly exhale say softly, “ I AM Abundance”. 

That feels good because it’s who you are.. the energy that is abundance.  There is no need to fight or search for what you already are.  Just Be It.

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You are NOT Ready to Really Be Happy

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You want to know how I know you are not ready to be happy?

I know because if you really wanted to be happy, you would be.

You are not happy because you are not ready to let go of thinking about and feeling about, talking with others about.. all the things you feel unhappy about.

As a coach I hear from people all the time who say to me that they want to be happy, they want to be rich, they want to be well.

They don’t really want this.

They are not willing to change one drop of thinking or feeling so that things can change for them.

Any state of Being is the product of your thinking and feeling that way.. acting that way.

How can you Be happy when all your conversation is about things that make you feel unhappy?

You can’t.

Thoughts always become things when given your attention with great passion.

The other day I asked a coaching client what she really wanted.  She responded that it was more about what she didn’t want.

Ok, I said, then tell me what you don’t want.

She didn’t want to be broke, she didn’t want to experience bounced checks, etc.

I had her write down the top five things she didn’t want and then flip them to what it was that she really wanted.

Ah, she exclaimed.. finally understanding that by putting all her energy into what she didn’t want.. she just kept getting more of that.

Being happy does not require everything in your life to be just as you want to experience it.  That’s putting the cart before the horse.

The law of attraction, the secret to experiencing is imagination combined with passion.. followed by inspired action.

Can you feel happy right where you are?

Of course you can.  Think about things that feel good to you.  Continue to work with this energy even if you have to think about things that have already happened.

You might even enjoy playing the “wouldn’t it be nice game”.  Just say, wouldn’t it be nice if all my bills were paid with money left over to go out and eat?

Continue in that vein of thought and watch your mood change.

Being Happy is a state of mind.. which creates circumstances to match the mood.

Be Happy…

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