To Thine Own Self Be True

Why do you do, think, believe, as you do? Chances are almost 100% it’s due to outside influence. You are a parrot or what those around you think, believe and do!  I know that’s not the most comfortable statement to accept, but it is, however, true.

We’ve all been trained, for the most part, to react… not to think, experience, engage with new ideas or sights.  Since childhood you’ve known what things are and your whole life experience has been based on that previous knowledge. Rarely do you think about or engage with, anything in a new way.  Only when trying something totally new do you think and experience the situation while paying attention and gaining information in a new way.

Your brain is a recording and retrieving device that constantly brings information to you.  It’s bringing old information too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down our wonderful brains, I am delighted that I don’t have to relearn basic things each and every day.  BUT when you whole life is a rinse and repeat of previous experience things start getting tricky.

You most likely are one of those people who cry out for change, for different.. yet no matter how hard you try, things remain the same for you, right? Well here is the key to that.  In order to get something new you’ve got to think, feel, do, experience different and that’s hard to do when you are caught up in repetitious living.

Being conscious means you are letting go of the ideas that you’ve had thus far and are knowingly looking at things in a whole new light.  You are willing to release patterns, beliefs and programs that keep you repeating life experiences. Imagine for a moment sitting with a square peg trying to get it to move easily into a round hole.  How long would it take to wear down the sides of the peg?  Would you stay at it long enough to reshape the peg?  Probably not.

The secret here is to look at the task in a new light. Stop repeating the action, move onto a new action or find a way to easily round the sides of the peg.  Take today to rethink your life.  What do you want?  Don’t get stuck in what you feel you need, that just keeps you needy. Define what you want. Now take thoughts and actions in that direction, one step after another.  Release what others have told you and think for yourself. Be free, be happy!

I love you… love yourself well.

The Barefoot Guru

Stimulus Plan For The Economy

Everybody is talking about the economy and the stimulus plan these days.  It’s on the mind of the whole world it seems.  People talking all day on the news about how many people are out of work, how much in debt we are, on and on.

Let’s take a different look at it.   With 10% out of work that leaves 90 % who have jobs.  Wow, that’s a lot of working going on.

We’re being fed a poverty mentality story and lots of folks are biting, hook, line and sinker as we say here in the south.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if you are out of work that it matters to you.  I do get that.  I also get that what we focus on with passion we get more of.  So, what do we need to do to get things moving again?

Have you noticed how much money there still is floating around?  Pay attention to that, not the idea of lack.

Lack creates more of itself, rapidly too.  Abundance reproduces itself when focused on and appreciated.  Which do you want more of?

During the depression in the 30’s there’s a story of a blind man standing on a corner selling apples.  He sold them as quickly as he could offer them.  A man stopped by his stand and commented how bad the depression was, to which the blind man responded, “not as I can see”.

It’s all about what you are looking for and how you are looking at things.

Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”.

Personally I think we as a nation will come through this sitution with some wonderful new “green energy” businesses up and running.  I think lots of those people who are unemployed will be inspired to notice needs and start businesses that meet them.

Times are changing.  Things are changing.  This is natural.

The question is, are you allowing or resisiting the change?

Go with the flow of change and enjoy the adventure of new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking and most important, new ways of Being.

Let go of the fear and grab hold of the spirit of adventure.  Stimulate the economy by creating something new.  Rather than being afraid of spending your money, do so joyfully, trusting Source to flow with even more abundance in your life.

Fear never stimulates finances.  It squeezes the very life out of it.  Money flows when you are in a joyful state of mind, trusting, believing in abundance and prosperity.

With each dollar you spend send a blessing to everyone who touches it.  Appreciate the energy of money.  Appreciate what you excvhange it for.

Respecting the energy of money is the quickest way to prosperity and financial abundance.

Notice the incredible amount of money and abundance all around you all the time.

Remember, where your focus is, your energy flows.. and that’s what you create more of for yourself.

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Healing the body by healing the soul

I was recently asked why I do what I do and had to answer that it blesses me through and through.

In my early twenties I realized that my allergies and ulcers were the body telling me to pay attention. They were notices that something was not balanced.
I was out of balance. My thinking and emotions were doing damage to my physical body.
I had forgotten who I was in the large scheme of things.

For over thirty years I have been living the principles of self healing, learning to balance emotions, mind and body with spirit.

Dis-ease is your body yelling to get your attention.

The process starts when we think and feel bad. We feel sad, discourage, angry, worthless etc. The feeling bad is your inner voice telling you to wake up to who you are.

When you go for long periods of time without listening the body begins to store the dense energy, the anger, fear and sadness. Dis-ease is the result of stinking thinking.

As an energy healer I work with people every week teaching them to get in touch with their feelings and even deeper than that to learn to heal the past.

So many are holding onto the pain of the past as though it were a great treasure to be guarded from thieves. Let me ask you, would you carry around stinky garbage with you? Of course not.
Then why do you carry around pain, hurt, fear, feelings and beliefs of worthlessness and shame?

The good news is that you can heal your body. The body is magical and knows exactly what to do to restore itself when you allow it to. Every seven years every single cell in your body is renewed.

So why do you get sick and feel bad?

You are the director of what your body does. Your thoughts and feelings tell your body what chemicals to produce and the more you focus on feeling angry, hurt and in pain, the more of these chemicals your body produces for you.

It’s more than the law of attraction, it’s the way your body is made to work.

As you discover the connection between mind, body and spirit.. you will soon find relief in the body. You will begin to be aware of how powerful your thoughts are and the affect they have.

The law of attraction teaches us that thoughts become things, we create with the energy of our thoughts. This is indeed true. Our physical reality is the result of thoughts combined with passionate energy; hope, fear, love, excitement; these bring about reality after their kind.

What we need to understand where physical healing is concerned is the connection of our thoughts being rooted in a painful and or fearful past and their affects on the body.

What I will help you with is “energy healing”. Using positive energy to heal your energy. The energy of light, love, perfection to heal the energy of pain, wounds, fear, which cause the dis-ease.

I am so excited to be able to help that I am running a special offer for all new clients. You give a donation and in return I work with you for one hour on the phone, USA.
I’ll go even further and agree to keep you as a client on a donation basis for three months. You are not obligated to stay three months, but this length of time is enough to see dramatic results in your physical and emotional well being.

My hope is that you will let me help. If you are ready to change your life, I promise you that together we can do it.

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Write your success story every single day

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed just by the sheer volume of changes we want to make in our lives. Ranging from personal, relationship and business shifts often times just feels like too much.
We don’t know where to begin, what to do first.

If you find yourself in a situation where there is just too much to do and you can’t see how to manage it all, then perhaps it’s time for you to write your success story every single day.

By breaking down your goals and dreams into “do-able” sections you relieve the stress and pressure an immediately being seeing results.

Start by writing your early morning success story.

Create a 15 minute window of time where you get a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly with a word processor or paper and pencil. Write what you really want the first 15 minutes of your day to look and feel like.

It can go something like this.

The first 15 minutes of my day is filled with a peaceful energy of expectation of all that the day will bring.
I take time to clear my mind and energy of yesterday and tomorrow. Only this moment matters to me.
As I reflect on staying calm and focused inspired ideas find their way gently into my awareness.
I write them down and choose which actions to follow based on the importance of each idea.

Next write success for the next time frame of your morning. You don’t have to write it all down, going over it in your imagination is sufficient.

By breaking down the day and the things on your “to do” list, you make them all more manageable.
If your tasks are larger than today can handle then feel free to move them into tomorrow or next week, next month, even next year.

Don’t try to get everything done in one small space of time, this always brings about stress and chaos.

If you are a mom, write success for getting your children out of bed, dressed and fed. Take a few minutes to imagine feeling loving and happy as you wake them. See them joyfully embracing the day and returning your love and happy energy.
Share time with them filling the morning with hugs, laughter and good conversation.

That 30 minutes is a success.

If you are a business person imagine going through your morning email and easily deleting things that don’t add to your day. Create folders in your email account for things to follow up later on in the week. Deal with what is important for today, today.

This is a success story.

Move through your day breaking down the “to-do” list into manageable time frames of success.
By planning and creating success in small slices throughout the day you see evidence of being successful, accomplishing and finishing projects. You are managing not only your time and responsibilities, but your emotional well being. This puts you into a successful thinking state of mind and Being.

The more you practice “being” successful the more successful you will find yourself being.

When you hit a period of time where you are once again feeling overwhelmed, stop and break it down into 15-30 minutes frames to write success.

You can do this with any aspect of your life, relationships, children, job, phone calls and social interactions. Just take a few moments before starting the action to write success for yourself.

Practicing this daily will then become habit and you will soon discover that you are living successfully each day.

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When Failure is a Blessing

You have a dream.

Everyone has dreams.

You look around and see so many who have made their dreams come true and yet yours doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

. Perhaps you are feeling discouraged and frustrated. You’ve had this dream for years and thought about it over and over. You’ve tried and failed so many times that you are ready to give up.

Good. Now you are ready to take some positive steps forward.

You know how to not create your dream, you’ve done things that didn’t work. You are now ahead of the game. You already have a long list of actions that you know don’t work.

Because you’ve already processed through many failures you are closer to your dream now than you’ve ever been.

When Edison was working on the light bulb he failed thousands of times. His comment was that he knew thousands of ways not to make a light bulb. He didn’t give up, he didn’t quit. He used each failure as the jumping off place for the next idea.

Perhaps you have listened to others tell you that failure is a “bad” thing so many times that you’ve adopted it as your own belief.

Failure is a matter of perspective. It’s all in how you look at it. You can stop trying and certainly fail, or use your failures to motivate you to try the next thing.

No one has ever failed or succeeded without giving it a go first. As long as you do nothing, little happens. It’s only when you are willing to learn from your failed actions and move forward with the next step that you find yourself living your dream.

Failure is actually a blessing. It says to you, “keep going, try something else”. You’ve got an idea, you know the next steps. You know what doesn’t work. Take another action and see where it leads. As long as you are moving forward you are getting closer to your dream.

Giving up and setting limiting beliefs are the only things standing in your way.

I recently watched a video by a guy with no arms and no legs. He talked about limits all being in your head. He didn’t see himself as limited, rather he saw opportunity to do things a different way. This young man is very successful because he just doesn’t believe in limits. He believes in opportunity.

Every thing is your life is another opportunity to do something a bit differently than it’s been done before.

Shift your thinking and keep taking action. Your dreams are much closer than you think.

Affirmations for courage and belief in yourself.

Write these down. Read them out loud several times a day. They will help you reprogram your thinking and in turn attract the experience of success into your life.

I can master anything with enough practice

I am totally capable of accomplishing my dreams.

I am grateful for each failure, failure paves the road to success.

I always look for and get excited by a new way of doing something.

I know that if I can dream it, I can do it.

I trust my inner guidance to lead me always forward.

Each step takes me closer to my goals.

I let go of fear and move forward to victory.

Through intuition and belief, I steadily move forward.

I trust my inner guidance to lead me.

My gifts and talents bless the world and lift others up.

Gratitude is the energy that always leads to success.

America Cries Out for Change The World Demands it

WE are alive for change, our souls are crying out for change.

For too long we have continued doing things in the same manner and hoping for different results.

We are now seeing that this is folly.

Our nation is crying out for change in energy, demanding cleaner, more earth and pocket book friendly choices for car and house fuel.

We are crying out for the ceasing of nuclear weapons being built, biological weapons to no longer be considered options.

We are declaring our intention for a more peaceful, loving, helpful and interactive community, planet wide.

The internet has helped us to see one another as the same, humans all living with the same Life Force Energy flowing in and through us. We are becoming more aware of our connection with each other and the more awareness we understand the less dis-connected we feel from one another.

We see our planet as more than just a means of gathering fuel, food and housing for our needs; we are beginning to understand we are also connected to her and her well being insures our well being.

As I watch the news I am awed by the changes spoken of and represented by the stories of politics, human interest and world news.

All over the planet people are crying out for us to do things differently.

As I watched the Unity Speeches of Hillary Clinton and Obama I was moved almost to tears with the message of change. It is more than two politicians using the message of change to campaign, it’s a reflection of what We the People are saying, feeling, intending and praying for.

It makes you wonder why it took us to over $4.00 a gallon for gas, global warming, melting glaciers, pollution over the top and nations at war to bring us to this out cry for change.

This is the way we create it..

It’s not necessary for us to create it hard and painful, but nonetheless we still do it over and over again.

We don’t listen to the small inner voice guiding us to make small changes all along the way where there is little or no pain, maybe no more than slight discomfort.

We wait it out, tough it out fighting to make the thing work, resisting and refusing change until change or destruction are our only choices.

We do this as nations and as individuals.

How many situations have you gone through that ballooned to large proportions because you ignored the little nudges all along the way?

If you are like most people you could write a book on the subject of not listening to yourself and making it so hard that you had to change how you were doing things.

This is a common habit of humans. We forget that we are the co creators of our life experience and that our thoughts, emotions, actions and non actions result in experiences.

Just as we are finding many options for fuel and helping our economy as a nation we are realizing that we can adjust our thinking and realize great changes in our personal lives too.

Our thoughts become our beliefs. We instill great passion into these beliefs and act upon them, thus creating experiences that reflect those very beliefs.

Whether it’s a nation’s beliefs or an individual, the process, the principles work the same way.

We are the constant in all we experience. As an individual you are co creating through your beliefs with passion, your day to day situations.

As a nation we are co creating high prices, shortages and reflections of not having enough.

In order for us to change the on the global, national or personal level, we must change what is inside us. This is where it is all coming from . Each of us is a powerhouse of creative energy churning and calling molecules into form, congealing in physical manifestation our fears, beliefs, worries, stress, hopes and dreams. WE are the chefs of this huge pot of experiential soup.

Abraham tells us to be for something, not against anything. The more energy we give to a thought, outcome, person, experience, the more fuel we are applying to create that very thing.

Make a list of your pet peeves, those cliches you use over and over again. These reveal your core beliefs and standards for creating.

If these beliefs are not what you wish to experience…. now is the time to replace them with thoughts that take you, our nation and our planet where you really desire it to be.

Working in your own life you have great power to create your experiences, working together for a common goal, a common dream… we are awesome in our ability to create.

Now is the time for Unity, unity of thought, belief in a kind, loving and abundance of prosperity for all.

Now is the time for each of us to be for something.. against nothing. Together we are the ones we have been waiting for to change the world.

Patience and the Law of Attraction

We are a work, work society, filling our days with busy work. We’ve been taught that only through hard work and the sweat of our brow do we succeed.

So we toil and slave over jobs and chores from early morning to almost bedtime. Even our children have been caught in this loop of always having to do something. We rush them from one activity to another until they fall exhausted into bed at night.

What if we’ve got it all wrong?? Perhaps this attitude of having to work all the time actually does the opposite. Rather than attracting success it pushes it away? I know this flies in the face of what a lot of folks out there are saying.

I also know that stress related dis ease is up sky high in this nation. Not only are adults taking pills to chill and cope, we have the highest rate of drugged children in the world. The market is flush with energy drinks to get you through your day and then another to cover the crash. At night we need a sleeping aid to help us let go of the worry and rush mentality so we can grab a few hours before heading out to start the race to win all over again.

Perhaps what we are lacking is patience, faith in the goodness of Universal Energy. If we truly understood that we do indeed “reap what we sow”, we just might relax a bit more and enjoy life.

All the rushing to and fro and chaotic energy only serves to bring about more of the same. It’s like being in a race that never ends with no prize to claim.

When we choose patience we are saying that we understand the way things work. We do our part and the Universe does it’s part. We understand that the law of attraction always works, all the time, every time, to bring about more like energy to what we are giving out.

Patience gives us time to reflect, to actually enjoy our life without rushing around chasing our tails and accomplishing nothing but stress related illnesses.

With patience also comes a space for inspiration, that ah ha moment when we know what the next step is for us to more closer to our dreams. This can only be heard when we are still and quite long enough to listen. Action is a wonderful and positive thing when in tune with the flow of life. When we are moving in an energy of inspiration and awe things flow easily and without stress. Much more is accomplished due to our actions being in line with the current of creativity.

When you are trusting in the goodness of life, having faith in all good things come to those who wait, you enjoy the gift of your life and all the experiences that come your way. You see each as a sign telling you to continue onwards toward your goal.

There is no need to feel hurried, stressed out and out of control.

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever heard is Be still and know that I Am GOD. By being still you experience the power and reality of this life energy in and through you. You find peace, joy and inspiration.

Patience gives space for joy and stillness from which inspiration comes. Inspiration moves you in the flow of energy which takes you into each new experience on the path of your dreams.

Make space for patience and stillness in your life. Allow yourself to get in the flow of goodness and joy. You will find that you are far more productive when you take time out to renew your inner connection to Creative Energy and allow inspired thoughts to flow rather than busy got to get it done now thoughts.

Be easy and be in joy.