Begin your day the feeling good way



How does your day begin?  Do you jump up in a hurry and rush to get the children to school and yourself to work?  What is the main energy vibration of your first hour each morning?  This is the energy you will be creating with until you reach inside and shift to another vibration.

Remember the movie “Happy Feet”?  If you haven’t seen it you are in for a delight.  This movie shows perfectly the law of attraction happy vibe teachings.  Begin your day by lining yourself up with happy vibes.  Before you even get out of bed spend some time thinking about things that feel good.  Get into the energy of joy and appreciation.  Feel it from your toes to the top of your head.  Now begin adding some details to what you would like to experience today.  It’s easy if you will build the foundation with joy first thing upon awakening.

Get up ten minutes earlier if you have to in order to spend time feeling your way to the vibration you wish to use as the building material of your day.  By focusing on all the blessings in your life right now you raise your vibration, making it a sure thing to call forth into form more of this good stuff to play with.  Get over into delight, joy, celebration of what already is in your life.  Make a mental list or write down on paper all the hundreds of great things in your life.  Give the law of attraction the tools to bring forth more of what you want by aligning your vibration with what is wanted.  Don’t start with stuff, start with how you wish to feel.  Get that energy flowing and the stuff will follow easily always in line through creative principles that reflect the feeling. 

As you move through your day feeling your way to more and more that you enjoy, the door to heaven opens and blessing after blessing flows into your life experience.  This is the key to getting what you want.  Being that person feeling that way brings stuff that feels that way into your life.  It multiplies throughout the day bringing more and more interactions in line with your energy vibration.  You don’t have to focus on the stuff, just pay attention to your energy.  When you see something you would like to have as a new plaything get over into the delight of having it and let it go, moving on in the energy of joy and delight.

This is the easy way to create.  No struggle, no worry, no hard work.  You are joy, you are love, you are abundance.  Experience yourself that way from the first moment you open your eyes and dance in celebration as one wonderful experience after another shows up.


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Spring Fever Time to Clear Our & Let It Flow


After the radio show the other day I was bitten by the Spring Fever Bug.  I realized that it was time to redo my bedroom so I began moving around the furniture lining up the feel of the room with the new feeling within me.

It’s all about vibration, energy that pulls into form after it’s own image.  As I moved things about and released things that no longer excited me I began feeling lighter, more in line with what I was desiring to experience myself as Being.  There is a reflection of the inner us always shown in the reflection of our surroundings.  Often we attempt to change the inner by shifting the outer, resulting in feeling frustrated. 

Today give this a try.  Feel more a moment and decide how you want to experience yourself.  Really get into the feeling place of it.  Now go through your home and release 50 things in 24 hours.  Change the furniture about, clean out the closet.  As you clear out feel the shift taking place in and outside yourself.  The more you line up the inner feeling with what you wish to experience and take steps to reflect that in your surroundings the more the vibration lifts and sings in harmony and celebration.


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