Do the Next Right Thing Change the World


I’m often asked how to change things, how to make a difference in all the sadness,  poverty and anger seen in our lives and our world.  My answer is simple; do the next right thing.  What is the right thing, ask most people upon hearing my answer.  The next right thing is the next word, step, or action that takes you in the direction of peace, joy, love; true wealth.  True wealth is what we are all looking for, not just more money and stuff.  This is why so many are stressed out and miserable.  They don’t understand these two principles.  The next best thing and true wealth are the secrets that will change your life.  There is nothing hidden from you,  you’ve just been mislead into thinking that the outer is where things come from rather than understanding that it is within that creation happens. 

It’s easy to change things when you understand how you create things to start with.  It’s not the stress, work and day long activity that brings for your experiences.  Rather it’s what’s inside you.  Those “this is how the world is for me” beliefs bring forth in their own image time and again.  Staying here in this state of Knowing Things to Be only creates more of the same stuff you aren’t enjoying.   You get the experiences that you believe into being.  It’s that simple.  Change the view you have of yourself, what you deserve & how the world treats you and you change what you experience.  Imagine you are at a movie house.  On one side there is a horror movie with grisly scenes of violence and fear.  On the other side is a feel good inspiration movie filled with scenes of joy and positive emotion.  You are the one who decides what movie to experience. 

Watching a movie kicks in your emotions and you begin to feel what you are watching right?  Right.  Well there is a movie going on inside you and it’s playing all day long, day after day.  It’s creating with the energy you are experiencing while watching the movie.   You determine which movie you watch and take part in whether it’s at the movie house or the one playing in your “knowing place”.  You can change reels or walk to the other movie at any time you choose.   The truth is that as long as you stay in the movie of  your choice you will be creating with the energy of that movie.  It will appear in experiences for your to interact with over and over again until you decide on another genre.

Making a new choice isn’t hard either once you understand and accept that the beliefs you are creating with didn’t come from you to start with.  They are hand me downs from all those “authority” figures in your life who told you what was true for them based on the hand me down beliefs they received the same way.  When you get that your life is based on not what YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE but on what others have told you, it gives you the chance to be free to decide for yourself.

Over the years I’ve worked with many adults who tell me they have felt worthless, less than, fearful etc based on what they were told and what happened while they were children.  They are creating their NOW based on a THEN.  With this new understanding you can begin writing a new movie for yourself.  You don’t have to change it all at once, change in the smallest steps you are comfortable with, but make those script changes.  Daily you will begin noticing how the experiences begin lining up according to the new movie you are making in your head. 

If you feel stumped.. just do the next right thing that takes you in the direction of what you want to experience.  Be easy on yourself and have fun with the process.  Within a week or two you will be amazed by how much your life and the world have changed.

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How are you creating your world?



You are a powerful creator.  You are constantly bringing things into form to play with.  You are filling your world with all types of toys to interact with.  You send out messages attracting people who respond to that very energy. 

Your world, your creation.  Are you enjoying what you’ve created?  Is it what you really want to experience?  Do you have all the love you want to experience?  Is there plenty of money showing up at all times for all your pleasures and needs?  Are you surrounded by caring friends?

If you are consciously creating with awareness you are experiencing yourself and your world in a way that is joyful and satisfying.  However, if you are creating with fear, worry and concern as your building material, things may not be to your liking.  Coaching clients tell me all the time that what they want is not what they get!  The building materials are the foundation to your creations every time.  Fear, worry, dread only bring about situations in line with that energy.  Like attracting like is a principle that you just can’t get away from.  Energy vibration matches energy vibration every time. 

When you get ready to create the next experience take a building material inventory.

How do you feel about what you are already experiencing?  Follow the dots from thoughts to feelings and back again.  This is your starting point for creating.  If what you want to experience is different from what you have now, shifting the thoughts and emotions is the starting place.  Your experiences will reflect your thinking and feeling.  This is the process of shifting your life by shifting your beliefs, those thoughts, feelings and actions which bring about the physical situations.

Craft a series of what if scenes in your imagination.  If I do this then what would happen, what if I chose this, did that, changed this is a good starting place.  You will notice common threads of thinking and experiences.  Change according to what you want different by making a new thinking, feeling choice.

You are the one bringing about “reality” to play with.  The building materials are those beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are with you in your conscious and subconscious.  Shift these and bring about a new creation by using new energy, new building materials to create with.

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A new awareness



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The law of attraction is easy to work with once you understand how it works.  Being aware of the energy you are using to create with is a key step to living a life filled with joy, love, well being and prosperity.

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