Signs of Desperation & What it Says About You


We’ve all been there at one time or another.  Stressed out, worried, feeling like there isn’t a way out of the current mess and it creates an avalanche in it’s wake of more of the same. There are reasons that your life is filled with the experiences it’s filled with and you are that reason.  I know, I know.  We don’t like to think that we are behind the big messes we find ourselves in but if you think about it for a minute you’ll realize that this is actually a wonderful thing.  If it were not you, if it were some outside force that had power over you and your life then you would be pretty powerless to change much.  When we take responsibility for what we are experiencing we are actually coming to the realization that if I did that, and I did.. then I can do something else.  That’s Empowerment!

Most of us were raised believing that some force outside us had all the power and we had to line up with  or please it.. at least not tick it off, in order to live decent lives.  This is a fallacy.  There is NOTHING outside you that you and others have not co-created with the Force of Life or GOD Principle, into form.  That takes the pressure off doesn’t it.  You don’t have to become anything either.  You are already all the power that is needed to create life the way you want to live it.  BUT… you gotta take that first step of honesty and responsibility.

How can you tell what energy you’ve been creating with?  It’s very easy, look around you.  What is the overall energy theme of your experiences?  What are the feelings of the conversations you have with others and those muttered comments you make all day long to yourself?  What’s the energy of it?  Look at your home, how does it look and feel energetically? Does it flow and invite joy to be experienced or is it a tangle of frustration and lack of direction?

I’ll use a few examples that I run into often with the radio station network, magazine and Facebook pages.  People want success.  They have something to sale.  They are desperate to make those sales so they can get what they want.  Each day I delete a few posts to the Awakened Radio group on Facebook and the fan page as well that are nothing but pure “ buy this from me right now”!  Not only do I not buy or check it out, I delete and often ban the person from the group.  Desperation is all over that and it doesn’t feel pleasant.  If you have a great product take the time to create relationships with people.  Let them get to know you.  This works for making friends too.  When you push really hard most people back away from you, it’s self defense and we don’t even think about it, we just move away.

Look at the desperation words too.  Hurry, quick, do it right now before it’s too late.  Not only is that sure to get you pushed away from those you wish to sale to.. when you use that with children and friends they tend to slow down without even thinking about it.  With that energy you are not encouraging people to take action, rather you are creating the ongoing experience of the need to hurry.

Consciously creating experiences is an easier and more flowing interaction between you, GOD Particle and others.  Take time to clear out the clutter from your thinking, feeling and yes, your home.  Start where you are right now.  What is the feeling of the experience that you want? I know, I know.. you want a big home, new car, more money… I get that.  But let’s start by creating the movement of energy that brings about the full expression of the experience.  What is the feeling you want to have?  What does the home, car, job, money feel like?  How do YOU feel?  How are you moving through your day?  What does your environment look and feel like?

Now you can start right where you are to begin creating by taking steps that feel like you want to feel.  Get your home in order.  That will help you to get your thoughts in order which will help get your feelings in order, which will lead you into inspired actions.  That’s the process.  We spend most of our time trying to force things into form rather than creating from within us the very feeling experience we want to start with.  Start at the beginning.  Follow the bouncing ball all the way through the creation.  Remember to enjoy it.  Joy is the most wonderful ingredient for creating joy filled situations. 

Play with this for a week and let me know how it works for you.  Listeners to my radio shows are having great results.  You can join me at Awakened Radio Network in the live chat room and you can even call in and join me on the air.  Check the schedule for live shows.

I’d love your comments here as well.  What are your biggest challenges? 

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Conscious Creating or just going with the energy flow



How aware are you of what you are creating with your thoughts and feelings?  If you don’t know how you got in the situations you find yourself in then you are not consciously creating, rather you are just riding with the energy flow.  You can tell by things showing up that you don’t want.  When you don’t think about what it is you really want to experience, rather you just get emotional and let your feelings follow worry, anxiety or fear thoughts, your creations roll with the energy wave of the emotions.

Start your day with these questions to get into the conscious creating groove.  Who Am I?  Line up with that.  I AM success, love, prosperity, Source Energy, all potentiality.  Next ask, What do I want to do today?  What do I want to experience?

Realizing that you already are the energy of whatever you desire places you in the driver seat of your life.  From there you decide what you want to experience.  Lining up with who you are is easy with a little practice.  Let it be a fun morning exercise.  Begin with a few deep and complete breaths.  On the exhale use I AM statements. 

I AM Success

I AM Love

I Am Joy

I AM Prosperity

Let yourself really connect with those statements, that energy.  You will feel it when you are in line with the truth of Who You Are.

After your realization of Who You Are ask yourself, “what do I want to do now”?  “What do I want to play with”?  Let it be light and playful.  You are free to experience whatever you can imagine, whatever you think would be fun.

There is no reason to struggle, wrestle or resist.  Life is easy, it’s one illusion of play after another.  Get into the energy of joy.  What would be pleasant for you to do?  I Am Source Energy.. so what do I want to do next is the energy of conscious creating.  It’s fun and easy. 

All that you could ever want to interact with on a physical level is the same energy that you are.  You are not disconnected from that source of supply, the Source of Supply flows always through you.  From this realization you have only to step into what do I want to enjoy right now.

Line up with Who You Are, create from there.  Be in joy.  Have fun.

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Consciously Creating or Conditioned Chaos




We all want to be a conscious creator, but most of the time we are not.  The vast majority of our creations are conditioned chaos. This style of creating is done without any awareness of the energy we are using to bring ideas into form.  sure you know you want things to be different than what they are, you have many dreams swimming through your head and emotions that you would love to interact with.  The thing is you don’t hold the course long enough to bring these things into form because you go back to conditioned chaos, that conditioned thinking.

Conditioned thinking is reverting back to beliefs, reacting rather than consciously creating with new awareness and new thought.  Most people get all excited about creating something new, it feels great thinking about having more money, a new car or a new relationship.  As long as you are working with your vision board or doing your meditation you feel excited about what you are bringing into form.  The problem is once the meditation is over you go right back to the thinking, reacting habits that got you where you are right now.

We are creatures of habit.  Habits become beliefs which then become the unconscious way we live day in and day out.  In order to change your life those beliefs and habits must change, shift into a new way of thinking, feeling and most importantly; being.  In order to become aware of how much habits keep you doing the same things the same way try this fun little experiment.  Move your coffee pot to a new counter top in your kitchen.  Now notice and laugh at yourself when time after time you go to where the coffee pot was rather than where it is to refresh your cup.

Try out rearranging the furniture in a room, notice how you now have to be aware, conscious of where the furniture is in order to move around it without banging your knee.  Most of your day, your life even, is spent on automatic.  You are not thinking you are just going through the motions connected to the habit.  Your creating is done this way as well.  Things that feel like, remind you of, something you’ve already experienced get the same emotional response that you’ve connected to them time and again.  This is why your life doesn’t change much.  You can not create a new physical form with the same energy building material. Your thoughts and most importantly your emotions that you connect to the thoughts are what bring things into physical form. 

Changing the thought/emotion connection is key to creating new experiences.  In order to do this you must wake up, stop sleepwalking through each day.  By practicing being more aware of where the coffee pot and coach are you will also begin noticing how easily you slip back into an old way of thinking.  Take a few moments to connect a new emotion, a new thought to what you are doing.  How can you do it differently?  How can you think differently about this present moment?  The more you practice new thinking and feeling combinations the quicker you will reprogram yourself for new creations.

Make each day an adventure by being open to a new way of doing things.  Try on different thoughts and feelings for the situations you are now experiencing.  Listen more attentively to the messages all around you.  Pay attention to the signs reminding you to move from conditioned chaos to conscious creating.

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How are you creating your world?



You are a powerful creator.  You are constantly bringing things into form to play with.  You are filling your world with all types of toys to interact with.  You send out messages attracting people who respond to that very energy. 

Your world, your creation.  Are you enjoying what you’ve created?  Is it what you really want to experience?  Do you have all the love you want to experience?  Is there plenty of money showing up at all times for all your pleasures and needs?  Are you surrounded by caring friends?

If you are consciously creating with awareness you are experiencing yourself and your world in a way that is joyful and satisfying.  However, if you are creating with fear, worry and concern as your building material, things may not be to your liking.  Coaching clients tell me all the time that what they want is not what they get!  The building materials are the foundation to your creations every time.  Fear, worry, dread only bring about situations in line with that energy.  Like attracting like is a principle that you just can’t get away from.  Energy vibration matches energy vibration every time. 

When you get ready to create the next experience take a building material inventory.

How do you feel about what you are already experiencing?  Follow the dots from thoughts to feelings and back again.  This is your starting point for creating.  If what you want to experience is different from what you have now, shifting the thoughts and emotions is the starting place.  Your experiences will reflect your thinking and feeling.  This is the process of shifting your life by shifting your beliefs, those thoughts, feelings and actions which bring about the physical situations.

Craft a series of what if scenes in your imagination.  If I do this then what would happen, what if I chose this, did that, changed this is a good starting place.  You will notice common threads of thinking and experiences.  Change according to what you want different by making a new thinking, feeling choice.

You are the one bringing about “reality” to play with.  The building materials are those beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are with you in your conscious and subconscious.  Shift these and bring about a new creation by using new energy, new building materials to create with.

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What will you create in the New Year?

It’s that time again. People are thinking about what the new year will bring.

Some even resolve to do things differently to have a different life experience in the coming year.
They have the best of intentions, promising to give up over eating, being angry, smoking, complaining, etc.
Lots of people even resolve to be more successful and happy with the new year. They dream of being rich, happy, slim, healthy and popular.

Most give up and let go the resolves and return to the way things have always been for them, thinking that this is their fate.
Intentions are just not enough. Dreams are not enough either. There has to be a shift inside you in order to shift external things. You have to work with the principles of creation, not struggle against it.

Learning to work with life is easy, really it is. It’s a matter of self discovery and putting into practice thinking, believing and expecting that results in what you want. You are the creator.. you just have to grab hold of this truth and live in the flow of it.

I hope you are one of the rare and excited people on this planet that realize that you are the creator of your experience. I hope you know that within you is the power to create and experience whatever pleases you.

I hope you are filled with anticipation and joy at the coming changes in your life, that you embrace them like a child waiting to go to the fair.

I’m excited about what the new year brings. January 10th I turn 53.. what a delightful age. I am delighted with each sunrise and moon. Life is so much more to me than a few years ago. One thing I think age brings is appreciation of life itself. The process of life is so magical, especially when we work with life to bring about what we desire to experience.

My New Year hope for you is that you are filled with hope and excitement. If you resolve to anything this coming year, I hope it’s to experience joy, great love and happiness.

Love is contagious,

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