The End of the World Yet Again

A bit of tongue in cheek today.. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and nothing odd happened.  I have not noticed any creepy crawlers around the desk.. LOL

I personally love technology and understand that it can’t do it’s job without “spying” on me a bit.  Oh, well.. I have a choice.. move to a cave or celebrate the wonderful technology all around us. Since I am a creature of comfort, I’ll leave the cave for another.

I really do get a lot of giggles when watching YouTube videos about how they have “proof” of the end of the world.  Don’t we get tired of these self proclaimed profits being WRONG?  Why are they still listened to?  Why do we insist on staying in fear and anger.

That’s the really important question.. why stay stuck in fear & anger?

Look within, acknowledge your own self imposed limits.  Heal.. heal.. heal..







Predetermine your life experiences. Creating as Creator.

You already predetermine your experiences, mostly, though, you are unaware of what you are creating and how.  Pause for a moment and consider all the time spent worrying, dreading, dreaming up and imagining how life is soon going to be for you.  See the power of that?

That’s how it’s done.  I could stop right here as that is the key.

Take that same principle and use it with the ideas of what you really do desire to experience.  Stop worrying your experiences into place, rather, dream your life into place.  It’s that simple.  It might not feel so easy to start with as you haven’t practiced this way of creating often enough for it to feel natural.  Continue practicing.  Imagine what you desire to experience.  Always go there.  When the mind wanders STOP and go into your imagination and create your desires.

Just keep doing that.  Do it over and over again day in and day out.  No matter what is there for you now, interact lightly with it knowing it’s just a shadow.  Keep your mind fixed on your desires and soon you will begin noticing how your experiences start to change.  Stay the course.

Love yourself well!

Reading by Candle Light

Just the other day the weather siren went off three times. That means a tornado has been spotted. Each time I went to the windows and say no sign of one so I continued about my business.  The winds blew walls of rain from one direction to another.  The trees danced bowing down low to kiss the Earth Mother with their lowest limbs.  It was a beautiful sight.

Then it happened!  The power went off.  Here in Alabama that’s not uncommon during thunderstorms. We tend to get some duzzies in this area and we don’t panick. Generally within a few minutes or a few hours the power is usually restored.

Not this time though.  After a few hours of reading I decided to see what the power company said about it all.  Calling their phone tree I finally got a message that the power would be on by 12:30. Not bad I thought, only a few more minutes of waiting time. A few hours later I called again and got the recorded message that the power would be on by 3:30.  Again, not bad, just a few more hours to go and more reading could take place.

Finally when my tablet reported that it only had 5% battery left I thought I’d call again.  It’s now around 5 in the afternoon.  Just as I was about to call a truck pulled up in my yard. Out jumped my daughter, terrified!  When I got to the door she gave me a huge bear hug and said she loved me.  Seems she had called and texted me many, many times with no response and thought I’d been swept away to OZ!

Once again a phone call was placed and I received the message that power would be restored by 11 PM. Eesh.. this is getting a bit silly, I thought. I really wanted some coffee.  I love coffee. Since all the wood was drenched I couldn’t even make coffee on my fire pit.  After my daughter left I drove to a friend’s house to check on her.  She had candles for the night so after a bit of chatting I went back home.  I lit my candles and pulled out a “real book”. 🙂

My little tea light candles were not bright enough to read by so I grabbed my battery powered candle and read right till the end of that print book.  It was a good read too.  I did some meditation and soon went off to sleep.  Sometime during the night, (found out later it was 3:45) the power came on and I woke for an instant hearing my fan start up.

Why am I sharing this little story? We are all creating and co creating. Sometimes the creations of others plays about on the edges of our world.  We can fuss, stomp and snort about it or grab a good book, a few candles and enjoy the down time.  That’s what I did.

Count it all joy.. In everything Be Thankful!

I love you.. love yourself well!

To Thine Own Self Be True

Why do you do, think, believe, as you do? Chances are almost 100% it’s due to outside influence. You are a parrot or what those around you think, believe and do!  I know that’s not the most comfortable statement to accept, but it is, however, true.

We’ve all been trained, for the most part, to react… not to think, experience, engage with new ideas or sights.  Since childhood you’ve known what things are and your whole life experience has been based on that previous knowledge. Rarely do you think about or engage with, anything in a new way.  Only when trying something totally new do you think and experience the situation while paying attention and gaining information in a new way.

Your brain is a recording and retrieving device that constantly brings information to you.  It’s bringing old information too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down our wonderful brains, I am delighted that I don’t have to relearn basic things each and every day.  BUT when you whole life is a rinse and repeat of previous experience things start getting tricky.

You most likely are one of those people who cry out for change, for different.. yet no matter how hard you try, things remain the same for you, right? Well here is the key to that.  In order to get something new you’ve got to think, feel, do, experience different and that’s hard to do when you are caught up in repetitious living.

Being conscious means you are letting go of the ideas that you’ve had thus far and are knowingly looking at things in a whole new light.  You are willing to release patterns, beliefs and programs that keep you repeating life experiences. Imagine for a moment sitting with a square peg trying to get it to move easily into a round hole.  How long would it take to wear down the sides of the peg?  Would you stay at it long enough to reshape the peg?  Probably not.

The secret here is to look at the task in a new light. Stop repeating the action, move onto a new action or find a way to easily round the sides of the peg.  Take today to rethink your life.  What do you want?  Don’t get stuck in what you feel you need, that just keeps you needy. Define what you want. Now take thoughts and actions in that direction, one step after another.  Release what others have told you and think for yourself. Be free, be happy!

I love you… love yourself well.

The Barefoot Guru

Creating Life On Purpose in 2015


WOW another year has come and gone. That was fast!  Most of us are thinking about how we want 2015 to line up for us.  I know I am thinking in those terms.  I’ve started making my list of stuff to do, to experience.  A few more books are on the drawing board for the coming year along with a few courses I’m putting together.  I’ve added a garden and a move to my list too, along with new furniture and new friends.  I love expansion of celebration energy.

I’ve got a few new things going on now for you too.  See the picture above?  It’s a special special for  you.  I don’t do autographed books that often but felt the nudge to put all five of these together in one autographed package to aid you in creating your year your way.  That’s important.  Your way.  Not the way someone tells you it should be, but the way you want to experience your very own life.  It is your life after all and you have the say so about how it lines up for you.  Go to Shift My Beliefs for that great deal. It will open in a new page so you can stay here and take part in something else that awesome!  I’m going all out to inspire you to create on purpose.

OK, here is the next Awesome thing I have for you.  I have 15 audio copies of I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want Consciously Creating Life.  Audible gave them to me for me to give to you.  Audible asks that you leave a review after listening and I ask that you practice the principles in the book in the coming year. Now, how do you get a copy?  Leave me a comment here.  Look where it says, leave a comment, at the end of this post.  Once you do that I will be able to email you with the code for the audio book.  It’s that easy.

Now honestly, the book is not going to jump up and transform your life.  You get to do that.  The book is simply a guideline on how to do it with gusto and fun.  What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and leave a comment.  Say, Hey Donna.. I want a copy!

I love you.. love yourself well..

Why I do what I do and the meaning of it all!



See that picture?  I did that with my pastel crayons.  Did I do it to win a prize or show people my artistic talents?  Nope.  I did it cause it’s fun and I enjoy it.  It’s not about others liking it or not.  It’s about me enjoying what I do and doing what I enjoy.  That goes not only for painting crayons but everything I do.  I follow the fun. Whether it’s making Spirit Dolls, jewelry, dream catchers, writing a book, hosting a radio show or cleaning house.. it’s about the fun. 

Pleasure is a good thing, it let’s me know I’m conscious and aware of myself.  There is no guilt in true pleasure, there is no harm in true pleasure.  Right now I’m piled up on my bed with my three Siamese kittens and the laptop writing this.  Of course I could be doing something else, but this is what is fun for me at this moment.  It may be fun later to cook a meal, clean the house or mow the lawn.  I might even get the art supplies out and make another picture.  I may read a book, or write another chapter in the book I’m working on now. 

My point is, I follow the fun.  Yeah, I make a mental note of the things I’d like to do, to accomplish, to finish. Some days I even do those things, some days I do some of them, other days I do none of them.  It all depends on the fun, the pleasure.  Pleasure is pure and expansive, as I explore my creative energy and express another aspect of myself.  It’s not about doing what has to be done but what thrills and delights me in the doing of it.

Recently I’ve begun really cleaning my home.  I’ve thrown away stuff from every corner of the house.  I’ve hauled unwanted furniture to the road.  A few people asked didn’t I feel guilty in not recycling it all?  NO I did not.  I stopped doing guilt a few years ago when I realized it was counter productive to enjoying my life. 

Thirty years ago I was a type A+ personality and was pretty miserable inside.  I was caught up in all the gotta, shoulda’s of life and it just wasn’t fun.  So, I stopped the guilt trip on myself.  Now that’s not saying do as you please and to Hades with the consequences, rather it’s an open door to self realization of your / my power to create and interact with that which is created.  I create, I get to interact with what I create.. so why would I create anything I didn’t want to have as an experience?  See the pure beauty in that?

Today follow the fun.  Let pure pleasure guide you to each experience.  If it ain’t fun.. just don’t bother with it, move on to something else.

I’d love to hear from you.  Did you follow the fun?  What was your experience?

Love yourself well,

The Barefoot Guru

Sync the OM Zone in your life Manifest New Experiences

OM Zone with Donna DeVane The Barefoot Guru



I’ve been having quite a bit of fun lately playing around with creating my life the way I really enjoy experiencing it.  We’ve all spent years trying to figure out how to get life to line up the way we want it.  We’ve spent loads of money, time & energy trying to force things “out there” to change.

Now we are finally realizing that all change takes place within.  We can let up on ourselves a bit and accept that we’ve thought the thoughts, felt the feelings, taken the steps and now It’s Time To Play!

That’s right.  It’s time to play.  Continuing to try to force something isn’t about acceptance at all.. it’s about not knowing that you are Consciousness and forcing from the experience of human only.  Consciousness Knows that once something has been created in the “spiritual” create zone that it’s a done deal. 

Now you can move on to celebration and dancing.  Think of it this way.  You go to a restaurant and order a meal.  The server takes your order to the kitchen.  You KNOW / accept that you’ve been heard and that your food is already yours.  So.. you sip your tea, talk and laugh.  You accept.  Play. 

This isn’t about not doing anything, rather it’s about knowing that as Consciousness you’ve created and moving into another experience.  Now rather than sitting and obsessing while something gets delivered you go fishing or read a book or follow your bliss to start another creation. 

When I started Awakened Radio Network over two years ago I spent a lot of time getting things set up.  Once that was done I have to allow for hosts & listeners.  I didn’t only push the station, I wrote several books, took several fishing trips, read many books, played in my garden, etc.

I know that Awakened Radio with listeners all around the world is a done deal.  I don’t have to keep trying to force it.  Rather I play on the air and on these blogs and videos.  People find the station and blog and videos as I continue to play.

What have you already created that you haven’t allowed to show up in your life?  It’s time to go play.  You can celebrate the reality of it even before it shows up by playing around with another creation or just some enjoyment.

I love hearing from you so leave me a comment.  Let me know how you play while accepting the arrival of your creation.  Do you have questions you’d like me to talk about here on the blog, videos, or radio broadcasts? 

Help me out by liking, commenting and sharing. 

Love yourself well,

The Barefoot Guru