American Political Pretzel Crumbles

For over seven years we have been twisted in this nation like a pretzel. We’ve seen our rights eroded through the fear machine of government which lied in order to invade Iraq.

Our citizens have been illegally spied on, arrested, imprisoned and tortured on suspicion with little or no facts to back up the action.

Where is the just cause for arrest? It’s not to be found any longer due to FISA which gives government the right to tap your phones without showing any just reason; a suspicion will do now.

With the new FISA bill now before Congress we are being told once again how necessary it is to keep us safe.

The fear machine is at work again.

This new bill will not serve you or me, it covers the butt of telecom companies by giving them immunity from past conduct. This is called “reverse engineering”; change the law to conform to past conduct.

What it means is that all illegal activities performed in the past are now immune from any legal actions, plus it pays it forward to cover their butts for any illegal activities they most likely will do in the future.

In tens of thousands of cases wire taps have been given the stamp of approval on little more than a guess and a maybe. Out of these tens of thousands of applications only two, and these recent; probably due to public outcry, have been turned down.

This goes even further. It allows for more butt covering of our government’s illegal activity to include imprisonment without any legal right to counsel, not being told what you are arrested for, not being able to contact anyone to let them know where you are and for what you are being held.. right up to downright torture.

We don’t need FISA, there is already a provision for extreme measures in extreme times. This bill only furthers the eroding of our constitution and our rights as citizens.

For those who don’t think this applies to them, think about this. If our Constitution is nothing more than an inconvenience that we must side step in order to “protect ourselves”, what will protect us from our own government?

You don’t think we need this protection?

We’ve already experienced the government invading the privacy of families using Child Protective Services. I know, I know, you’re thinking this agency is good, after all they protect innocent children from abuse. They also don’t need a warrant to come into your home, strip your children naked and search their bodies for evidence of abuse. All they need to do this and to remove your children from your home without a warrant is an anonymous phone call accusing you of abuse.

Once they take your children they don’t allow you to have contact with them or know where they are for 3 days.

You have to prove you didn’t abuse your children in order to regain custody, while they have to only show a reason to believe that abuse has taken place in order to keep them.

I know you want to believe in the integrity of our government’s programs, yet all too often our trust is not earned.

While we continue to be led like sheep to the slaughter with deception and outright lies our children are dying in a War on Terror in a nation that didn’t even attack us, while the group supposedly responsible still wanders free.

Americans are being judged as Bad Americans and unpatriotic for speaking out and often times placed on watch lists where they are denied airplane flight because they “Are On The List”, their phones are tapped, their homes entered while they are absent and the contents of their computers’ hard drives downloaded for investigation later to see if perhaps they might be linked to terrorists.

Now a few brave souls are stepping forward and being condemned as “Whistle Blowers” with money as the only reason for their betrayal.

Sadly, writing a book is one of the few ways to tell the truth to Americans any longer. The newspapers and TV news casts don’t seem too see the importance of really digging into the deep holes of illegal activity by our government, they are more interested in Cindy McCain’s perjured cookie recipes.

While the problems in our nation are big and many, we do have the ability to make the needed changes.

When enough of us care more about why gas prices and food prices are high rather than trying to get the government to give us a band aid fix.. we will be motivated to action.

The reasons for these problems are important ,we need to question of our government and demand answers. No more should we allow “executive privilege” to keep guilty parties from testifying before congress.

No more fear machine and bait and switch, we should demand answers.

Are you listening to the news? Did you hear that Israel did a dry run of 100 planes just to show that they are able to “defend themselves against Iran” if need be?

How would we in America feel is another nation did a dry run just to show us they could blow us off the face of the earth?

If Israel finds themselves needing to defend against the WMD of Iran how long do you think before we go to Israel’s aid?

Now it’s Iran’s fault that our gas and food prices are so high too.

Does that sound familiar?

Does this ring a familiar bell to anyone?

What do Iraq and Iran have in common? WMD??? No proof of that in either case.

They both have oil and we are being told by the fear machine daily that we are running out of the black gold and must have more.

Let us educate ourselves and our children to what our forefathers established at the beginning of our great nation. We are are nation of Freedom provided by our constitution, defended by our own individual selves. Without our sense of duty to speak out against the overwhelming abuse of power by government, we are part of the problem, not part of solution.

Read the Constitution and Bill of Rights to your children and think deeply about what it means to you, and if it will still have value when your grandchildren reach maturity.

For those who will accuse me of being a bad American I want you to know it is because I love my country that I type these words.

I don’t have a book on the market about this topic. I care about my children and grandchildren experiencing America as the home of the brave and the Land of Free, where we are beholden to the duty of speaking out and standing up for what is right even when our numbers are few.

When we do nothing, say nothing; we are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

Together we can heal this nation and our world, we just have to open our ears, eyes and heart and start changing things.

In this nation the brave and free stand, and then having done all; they stand.

Is America Coming Back to Sanity???

Hip Hip Hurray!!

Finally, after almost 8 years of insanity our Supreme court is coming to grips with what this nation stands for.

It decided… again.. that all prisoners held in the States or out.. do have rights.

Wow.. it’s hard for me to even consider that anyone in this nation, especially our president would think otherwise.

What makes our nation the envy of others? Why do people from all over the world want to move here?

Our freedom, our Constitution. Without the Constitution we are no different than any other nation in world.

The truth about this current President, George W. Bush is coming to light. Motions are being made to impeach him, too late though for all the damage he has done in our country.

I love this country and have been ashamed of many things that have happened over the last several years. Whenever we use terror to fight terrorist.. how are we then any different?

When we deny people a right to legal counsel and jail them for years without any rights whatsoever and use torture against them, please tell me how these acts differ from the ones we say we are fighting.

I am glad our Supreme Court made this decision. I am saddened that once again the Republicans including our president are upset about this decision. Are we going to turn from insanity back to the core of what our nation has always stood for?

I hear a lot of conservatives talking about how the morals and ethics in this nation are being eroded by abortion, gay rights, TV, books and movies.. yet none of the talk about denying other human beings protection from torture while in American custody.

How can this be?

Perhaps when a nation decides to believe the lies told by government to invade another country for oil they will fall for anything. I hope not. I hope we are waking up to what has been going on. We were told too many lies and lost too many freedoms to let it go on.

Hip hip Hurray Supreme Court of the United States of American for understanding that when it is legal to deny the constitutional rights to even one person, they have no value for anyone, American citizen or not.

Let’s bring this nation back to sanity and shine truth and light on lies, fear and those who promote it.