Keep That Energy Ball Rolling Along

You are what keeps it going. Whatever it is! You keep it rolling right along. Have you ever noticed how when one or two people in a group start expressing anger more and more people join the party?  Same thing for giving thanks and kindness.  Once we get energy moving it expands and more of it is expressed. That’s why it’s so danged hard to stop the anger and fighting.  Too many people are rolling that energy ball down the road.

Not only do we do this as groups, but individually as well.  As long as you hold onto a train of thought it’s added to with feeling, actions, circumstances, which brings about even more thoughts along the same line.  It builds into forms which leads to even more energy being expanded and created.  We all do it.  We worry, complain, gossip, express our fears and our anger.  The more we do the more we create the very same things we are worrying and complaining about.

Recently I have been watching a group of people who are weary of the ugly words of others.  Some people in this group are expressing their lack of pleasure by stating that they just simply will not be part of it any long.  Others are fussing and cussing about how horrible it all is and poking fingers at the ones causing the problem.  Do you see what’s being created here?  The more people fuss the more the fussing people fuss, so it continues.

A big topic of conversation is how we can change the world.  Leave the world alone and change YOUR world.  You are not in control of the thoughts and actions of others.  You don’t have to play with them, you can move into a new experience at any time.  Change your world.  Choose your thoughts, words, feelings, actions to be in line with how you want to experience your world.

You have ALL the power in your own life and your own creations.  Stay true to your course, flow all the energy into your dreams and desires.  Let others do the same.  Start by loving & respecting yourself.  It all starts there.  Without love for you there will be little love for others.  Loving yourself, honoring yourself overflows into kindness towards others.

This is how we change the world.

I love you!!!

Donna DeVane The Barefoot Guru

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Why do you do, think, believe, as you do? Chances are almost 100% it’s due to outside influence. You are a parrot or what those around you think, believe and do!  I know that’s not the most comfortable statement to accept, but it is, however, true.

We’ve all been trained, for the most part, to react… not to think, experience, engage with new ideas or sights.  Since childhood you’ve known what things are and your whole life experience has been based on that previous knowledge. Rarely do you think about or engage with, anything in a new way.  Only when trying something totally new do you think and experience the situation while paying attention and gaining information in a new way.

Your brain is a recording and retrieving device that constantly brings information to you.  It’s bringing old information too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down our wonderful brains, I am delighted that I don’t have to relearn basic things each and every day.  BUT when you whole life is a rinse and repeat of previous experience things start getting tricky.

You most likely are one of those people who cry out for change, for different.. yet no matter how hard you try, things remain the same for you, right? Well here is the key to that.  In order to get something new you’ve got to think, feel, do, experience different and that’s hard to do when you are caught up in repetitious living.

Being conscious means you are letting go of the ideas that you’ve had thus far and are knowingly looking at things in a whole new light.  You are willing to release patterns, beliefs and programs that keep you repeating life experiences. Imagine for a moment sitting with a square peg trying to get it to move easily into a round hole.  How long would it take to wear down the sides of the peg?  Would you stay at it long enough to reshape the peg?  Probably not.

The secret here is to look at the task in a new light. Stop repeating the action, move onto a new action or find a way to easily round the sides of the peg.  Take today to rethink your life.  What do you want?  Don’t get stuck in what you feel you need, that just keeps you needy. Define what you want. Now take thoughts and actions in that direction, one step after another.  Release what others have told you and think for yourself. Be free, be happy!

I love you… love yourself well.

The Barefoot Guru

Secret to Success is Celebration

I find it funny how much more quickly people share struggles, gossip and problems than seem to celebrate the success of others.  Do you see the energy of that?  What your mind is full of, (mindfulness), the more of that you get to play in.  Why not change things about and invest tons and tons of energy into celebration all the success you see all around you every day?  This is the BIG SECRET!

Because I’ve been in the public eye for ten plus years I’ve had a few folks who felt that they just had to find something about me that they didn’t like. Perhaps I charged for my books or charged for private classes or coaching. That’s actually how I pay my monthly expenses by the way. Big Smile

Thankfully this hasn’t happened often but it was surprising to me when it did happen.  I realized pretty quickly that I could get all bent out of shape over ONE person not liking me or I could Celebrate the Firecrackers out of the many who appreciated what I am and what I do.

Guess which I chose?  You got it.  No matter whether you do big things or little things someone will not be able to celebrate you… so celebrate yourself.  Notice the success all around you.. celebrate it.. knowing that it is just as available for you as it is for anyone.  Fill your mind up with this knowing.. Celebrate..

I love you.. love yourself well..

Creating Life On Purpose in 2015


WOW another year has come and gone. That was fast!  Most of us are thinking about how we want 2015 to line up for us.  I know I am thinking in those terms.  I’ve started making my list of stuff to do, to experience.  A few more books are on the drawing board for the coming year along with a few courses I’m putting together.  I’ve added a garden and a move to my list too, along with new furniture and new friends.  I love expansion of celebration energy.

I’ve got a few new things going on now for you too.  See the picture above?  It’s a special special for  you.  I don’t do autographed books that often but felt the nudge to put all five of these together in one autographed package to aid you in creating your year your way.  That’s important.  Your way.  Not the way someone tells you it should be, but the way you want to experience your very own life.  It is your life after all and you have the say so about how it lines up for you.  Go to Shift My Beliefs for that great deal. It will open in a new page so you can stay here and take part in something else that awesome!  I’m going all out to inspire you to create on purpose.

OK, here is the next Awesome thing I have for you.  I have 15 audio copies of I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want Consciously Creating Life.  Audible gave them to me for me to give to you.  Audible asks that you leave a review after listening and I ask that you practice the principles in the book in the coming year. Now, how do you get a copy?  Leave me a comment here.  Look where it says, leave a comment, at the end of this post.  Once you do that I will be able to email you with the code for the audio book.  It’s that easy.

Now honestly, the book is not going to jump up and transform your life.  You get to do that.  The book is simply a guideline on how to do it with gusto and fun.  What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and leave a comment.  Say, Hey Donna.. I want a copy!

I love you.. love yourself well..

A New World Order is Much Needed

Donna DeVane on a New World Order


We are so much more than we’ve been led to believe we are and there is good reason for our brain training.  Throughout the history of mankind there have always been the few Church/Politic who have ruled the many.  In order to maintain control the many have had to believe themselves to be less than, powerless and dependent upon the few.

Humanity at large has always been seen and treated by the leaders of Church & State as servants, slaves, existing only to provide the manual labor and money as taxes to support those in power.  There is nothing new about the World Order, it’s as old as the hills and as humanity.

Just think for a moment about spending most of your life working so that you can pay taxes and buy stuff which is taxed again and even if you get that house or car paid for you still are taxed each year, until finally you can no longer work and are supposed to live on less than a thousand dollars a month.  This is how the majority of Americans go through life. In other countries it’s many times worse, but I will stay in my country for the example here.

What if your neighbor were to say to you, “go to work, work 60 hours a week and then give me half of what you make so that I can stay home and do as I please”.  Would you go for that?  Would that seem fair to you?  Of course not.  You would laugh at the neighbor and walk away.  But that is pretty much what most of us are doing.  We work so that half of what we earn goes into the pockets of those with the most power and money already.

What is needed is  a New World Order where humanity self realizes and creates in power rather than from fear.  In order to do this each of us must be willing to look at our beliefs and ask where they came from.  Each of them came from the already in place power structure.  These beliefs do not serve you, they serve those with the most already and assure they keep it.

It is time for humanity to move away from these long held beliefs and release ourselves from the enslavement of reaction created by those who would have us continue to play small.  Once you get honest with those beliefs you can begin thinking freely and making new choices which life you up in life and lift life as a whole up.  We do need a New World Order and it starts with you.

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Do the Next Right Thing Change the World


I’m often asked how to change things, how to make a difference in all the sadness,  poverty and anger seen in our lives and our world.  My answer is simple; do the next right thing.  What is the right thing, ask most people upon hearing my answer.  The next right thing is the next word, step, or action that takes you in the direction of peace, joy, love; true wealth.  True wealth is what we are all looking for, not just more money and stuff.  This is why so many are stressed out and miserable.  They don’t understand these two principles.  The next best thing and true wealth are the secrets that will change your life.  There is nothing hidden from you,  you’ve just been mislead into thinking that the outer is where things come from rather than understanding that it is within that creation happens. 

It’s easy to change things when you understand how you create things to start with.  It’s not the stress, work and day long activity that brings for your experiences.  Rather it’s what’s inside you.  Those “this is how the world is for me” beliefs bring forth in their own image time and again.  Staying here in this state of Knowing Things to Be only creates more of the same stuff you aren’t enjoying.   You get the experiences that you believe into being.  It’s that simple.  Change the view you have of yourself, what you deserve & how the world treats you and you change what you experience.  Imagine you are at a movie house.  On one side there is a horror movie with grisly scenes of violence and fear.  On the other side is a feel good inspiration movie filled with scenes of joy and positive emotion.  You are the one who decides what movie to experience. 

Watching a movie kicks in your emotions and you begin to feel what you are watching right?  Right.  Well there is a movie going on inside you and it’s playing all day long, day after day.  It’s creating with the energy you are experiencing while watching the movie.   You determine which movie you watch and take part in whether it’s at the movie house or the one playing in your “knowing place”.  You can change reels or walk to the other movie at any time you choose.   The truth is that as long as you stay in the movie of  your choice you will be creating with the energy of that movie.  It will appear in experiences for your to interact with over and over again until you decide on another genre.

Making a new choice isn’t hard either once you understand and accept that the beliefs you are creating with didn’t come from you to start with.  They are hand me downs from all those “authority” figures in your life who told you what was true for them based on the hand me down beliefs they received the same way.  When you get that your life is based on not what YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE but on what others have told you, it gives you the chance to be free to decide for yourself.

Over the years I’ve worked with many adults who tell me they have felt worthless, less than, fearful etc based on what they were told and what happened while they were children.  They are creating their NOW based on a THEN.  With this new understanding you can begin writing a new movie for yourself.  You don’t have to change it all at once, change in the smallest steps you are comfortable with, but make those script changes.  Daily you will begin noticing how the experiences begin lining up according to the new movie you are making in your head. 

If you feel stumped.. just do the next right thing that takes you in the direction of what you want to experience.  Be easy on yourself and have fun with the process.  Within a week or two you will be amazed by how much your life and the world have changed.

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Success is About More than the Money


What is success?  Is it money, houses, cars, travel?  Or is it more than this?  If you had all the stuff you could handle what would you have?  Would all this stuff bring you what you really want?  Would it bring peace, joy, love?  Probably not.  There would most likely be an empty spot inside you even with all the money and stuff.  There is a Bible verse that explains it well.  Seek ye first the kingdom of righteousness and all these things shall be added unto  you”.  What does that mean?  I put it simply this way, “The joy ain’t in the stuff, the stuff is in the joy” .   If you gather to yourself warehouses of stuff and don’t have peace, joy, love and the knowing of “oneness” you will still be seeking for what you want.  See the real truth is that in all our seeking  for wealth we are truly looking for a connection to life, to each other, to the Great OM. 

As you understand that the kingdom of righteousness is the right use of energy; thoughts, beliefs and actions, you are on the track to success.  The kingdom of heaven is within you, success, love, peace and joy are there too.  As a matter of fact everything that you want you already have; within you.  Most of us spend out entire lives looking outside self to find something that will never be found because we are looking in the wrong place.  We have it backwards.  What we seek is within self.  It’s the Who You Are.  As you remember this, connect with it and work with this knowing life begins to line up with this new right use of energy or righteousness.  You begin creating from within knowing that the without is merely a reflection or the evidence of the within. 

Get it “right” in your mind’s eye, in your spirit and it’s an easy thing to bring forth in the outer physical a perfect reflection of what you really want to experience.  Be honest.  What you really want you know money can not buy for you.  You know that on a deep level.  You feel the nudging of Spirit reminding you to look within.  It’s a bit frightening at first to give up the habit of trying to do all the work of creating your dreams outside yourself, after all, you’ve always done it that way and everyone you know does it that way.

Today is the perfect day to start walking the path of righteousness; right use of energy.  Go within.  Discover your power, your connection to the Great IS.  Create with that energy.  As you pull it into form within you, it is only a matter of time until the molecules line up as a reflection of  your inner reality so that you can experience what you’ve created.  That’s how it works.  Put the horse in front of the cart and the cart will be pulled.  Get yourself lined up with the Principles of Creation and get busy enjoying the creating of your dreams.


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