Conscious Creating or just going with the energy flow



How aware are you of what you are creating with your thoughts and feelings?  If you don’t know how you got in the situations you find yourself in then you are not consciously creating, rather you are just riding with the energy flow.  You can tell by things showing up that you don’t want.  When you don’t think about what it is you really want to experience, rather you just get emotional and let your feelings follow worry, anxiety or fear thoughts, your creations roll with the energy wave of the emotions.

Start your day with these questions to get into the conscious creating groove.  Who Am I?  Line up with that.  I AM success, love, prosperity, Source Energy, all potentiality.  Next ask, What do I want to do today?  What do I want to experience?

Realizing that you already are the energy of whatever you desire places you in the driver seat of your life.  From there you decide what you want to experience.  Lining up with who you are is easy with a little practice.  Let it be a fun morning exercise.  Begin with a few deep and complete breaths.  On the exhale use I AM statements. 

I AM Success

I AM Love

I Am Joy

I AM Prosperity

Let yourself really connect with those statements, that energy.  You will feel it when you are in line with the truth of Who You Are.

After your realization of Who You Are ask yourself, “what do I want to do now”?  “What do I want to play with”?  Let it be light and playful.  You are free to experience whatever you can imagine, whatever you think would be fun.

There is no reason to struggle, wrestle or resist.  Life is easy, it’s one illusion of play after another.  Get into the energy of joy.  What would be pleasant for you to do?  I Am Source Energy.. so what do I want to do next is the energy of conscious creating.  It’s fun and easy. 

All that you could ever want to interact with on a physical level is the same energy that you are.  You are not disconnected from that source of supply, the Source of Supply flows always through you.  From this realization you have only to step into what do I want to enjoy right now.

Line up with Who You Are, create from there.  Be in joy.  Have fun.

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