To Thine Own Self Be True

Why do you do, think, believe, as you do? Chances are almost 100% it’s due to outside influence. You are a parrot or what those around you think, believe and do!  I know that’s not the most comfortable statement to accept, but it is, however, true.

We’ve all been trained, for the most part, to react… not to think, experience, engage with new ideas or sights.  Since childhood you’ve known what things are and your whole life experience has been based on that previous knowledge. Rarely do you think about or engage with, anything in a new way.  Only when trying something totally new do you think and experience the situation while paying attention and gaining information in a new way.

Your brain is a recording and retrieving device that constantly brings information to you.  It’s bringing old information too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down our wonderful brains, I am delighted that I don’t have to relearn basic things each and every day.  BUT when you whole life is a rinse and repeat of previous experience things start getting tricky.

You most likely are one of those people who cry out for change, for different.. yet no matter how hard you try, things remain the same for you, right? Well here is the key to that.  In order to get something new you’ve got to think, feel, do, experience different and that’s hard to do when you are caught up in repetitious living.

Being conscious means you are letting go of the ideas that you’ve had thus far and are knowingly looking at things in a whole new light.  You are willing to release patterns, beliefs and programs that keep you repeating life experiences. Imagine for a moment sitting with a square peg trying to get it to move easily into a round hole.  How long would it take to wear down the sides of the peg?  Would you stay at it long enough to reshape the peg?  Probably not.

The secret here is to look at the task in a new light. Stop repeating the action, move onto a new action or find a way to easily round the sides of the peg.  Take today to rethink your life.  What do you want?  Don’t get stuck in what you feel you need, that just keeps you needy. Define what you want. Now take thoughts and actions in that direction, one step after another.  Release what others have told you and think for yourself. Be free, be happy!

I love you… love yourself well.

The Barefoot Guru

The Problem With Consent Silence Is Not Always Golden

What is consent?  It’s agreement with an action taken.  If we as a nation give our silent consent to war, tyranny, injustice, then are we not part of the problem?  The answer is a resounding YES!

There is a saying I’m sure you’ve heard that goes, “ In order for evil to prevail good men need only do nothing”.  This is energetically true.  Silence is not golden when it is in agreement with horrors being done to anyone on this planet.  We as a people need to awaken to the truth of what our government is doing to human beings around the world and say no to it.  Only as we take a stand and speak out against war, poverty, and injustice will we begin to look for solutions that bring about peace and prosperity for all mankind.

Our silent consent allows these things to continue and this must stop.  When an American or anyone else can be murdered in the name of fighting terrorism we have indeed crossed the last line of honor.  There is no honor is murder, or genecide.  There is no honor in people starving due to corporate monopolies that are based on greed.

Our answer is to stop giving our consent to that which we are not in agreement with and which we do not want to experience.  Whether it’s on a global or personal scale, giving our consent affects us all.  Rather than consenting that there is not enough good to go around why don’t we try consenting that there is more than enough?  Why don’t we agree that prosperity is for all of us?  Why don’t we allow that humanity is deserving of health, food, shelter and a chance to live freely?

Is there a reason for the horrors we see around the world today?  Yes, indeed there is.  Each of us is the reason it’s happening.  We are not standing together for good, rather we are giving our silent consent to these things being done in our name.

It’s backfiring too.  In America we are seeing more joblessness, homelessness, poverty and despair than ten years ago.  The chickens are coming home to roost as my granny used to say.  We as a people have forgotten that you reap what you sow.  Evil done to another always returns to the one who set that energy into motion.  With the wave of police brutality and arrests of citizens for lawful activities we are asked to wake up to what we’ve consented to.  We want change, true change.  Yet we don’t seem to understand that in order to get something different that what we’ve got right now, something in us must change.  Our attitudes and beliefs about what is right must awaken to include justice for ALL, not just some.

Our mindset that we have no power to make it different must also change.  Each of us is the generator of great power to create whatever we want our own lives and our world to be like.  Do you not think that if the people of the world were polled that the vast majority want what you do?  They want safety, shelter, food, health and happiness.  Let us begin giving our consent to that.  Let us move in the direction with each breath, each thought and each action towards the direction of humanity consenting to prosperity for each person on this planet.  People matter.  Each individual matters to the max.  There is no one who has less value than another.  We are ONE… it’s time to give our consent to that!

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Awakening to Your Power


Don’t you think it’s time?  Time to be aware of just how powerful you are to change your life is now.  You have a decision to make, do you continue to walk in reaction or do you take the reins of your life and create it as you want it to be?  There is a lot of talk today about Surviving the Bad Times Ahead.  Is this what you want, just to survive?  Surviving is better than not surviving, but not nearly as nice and thriving.  You decide.  Which would you rather experience?  Many are without jobs, without homes, without money and feel powerless to do anything about it.  That is not true, you are powerful.  You DO have the right and the power to create a new experience for yourself. 

You decide.  Do you want to just survive the hard times or actually create and experience something pleasing and fun?  It’s really not a hard concept.  You are the deciding factor.  It’s up to you.  There is no one with power over your life, unless you say so.  No one is out to get you unless you believe that they are.  You have no enemies only brothers and sisters unless you want enemies.

You don’t have to wait for the government to change, to create jobs, to help you get a home.  The government isn’t your creator.  You are the power of creation.  You have agreed to what you are now experiencing, possibility so that you could come to the understanding of just how powerful you are and begin right now, to create something else to experience.

You may be feeling fearful or angry, perhaps a combination.  That’s ok.  Now you can do something positive with those emotions.  Let them motivate you to move forward, to create something more to your liking.  You do have the power to do that.

Today make the choice to walk through the open door of personal power and potential.  Be Awake, Aware, Alert.. create on purpose.

Wake Up to your Greatness

You Are Awesome

It’s really a big thing that you realize just how awesome you are.  Until you do you will continue to create the same problems over and over again based on a false belief that you are powerless to change things, when in reality you are the awesome power creating experiences for yourself based on your beliefs.

That’s a mouthful of information isn’t it?  It’s true.  You are the energy, the creative mind, that brings your life into physical form so that you can experience yourself as the energy behind the experiences.  When you get this, really get this, you change everything.  You begin to create on purpose according to what you prefer rather than what you fear.  Most people stay poor even though they want money because they fear being poor and what it means.  They create late notices for bills, running out of money because this is the very thing they are afraid of.  Creating from fear only creates what you fear and more of it, big time.

As you awaken to your power to bring things into physical reality based on what you are experiencing yourself as, the joy, love, peace, abundance or fear, anger, dread, stress, you are free to decide what to create rather than creating on automatic.  Most of us have always created without much choice.  We’ve accepted beliefs, thoughts, ideas, that this is just the way it is and we keep creating with that energy.

Now it’s time for humanity to awaken to our greatness, to our awesome power.  Rather than just trying to survive another day it’s time to learn how to create a life that we actually want.  It’s time to awaken to the magic all around us, to understand that there is indeed more than enough of the good stuff for all of us.  We have only to reach out and experience it.  While that sounds simple and actually is simple, we don’t do it because we don’t believe it.  Now intellectually we know it, but we don’t really “know it” in our spirit.

This is the awakening.  Realizing in your spirit Who You Really Are.  Head knowledge will not change much.  As you move into knowing then things change because you change the energy you are creating with.  You are the key, you are the magic, you are the director in the play which is your life.

Isn’t it time you awaken?  Are you ready to create on purpose?

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Prepare to Thrive and Live Successfully

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Many make preparations to survive hard times and while it is to wise set back a little nest egg, it is wiser still to make preparations to thrive.  How do you prepare to be successful?  First you must believe that you can be successful and then you must have the operating system or beliefs in place that work energetically to create success.  Once you know that you have the operating system or beliefs in place that allow you to be successful it is a matter of moving steadily in the direction of your dreams and goals.  Without the belief that you can be successful you will find it very challenging to experience success for very long.  Just just about everyone wants more money, most do not have a belief system that allows them to create a successful experience for themselves.

Take a look at your own personal beliefs.  What do you think about money, the energy of having money, what do you think about people we have lots of money?  How hard do you think money is to get and hold on to you?  How would it change you and change your life?  Many people have a hidden fear  of being successful.  Many feel that if they are in the limelight people will take a look in their closet and find all the skeletons that they have hidden there.  Guilt and shame hinder many people from living a successful live style.  Because you have not made peace with your past, perhaps you have made some unwise choices, you have a fear that someone will find out.  A very important step in the process of preparing for success is going back through your life and applying the energy of forgiveness  for yourself and for others.  This allows you to energetically clean the space between you and experiences so that you will not worried about other seeing inside.

Start by writing down your beliefs about money and people with money.  If you want money on the one hand yet believe that money is easy if easy to see why money runs away from you.  Money is energy and all energy affects all other energy and is affected by all energy. You may have heard the saying in order to have a friend be a friend, the energy dynamics of that works equally for money.  In order to have money and success one must know themselves to be worthy of money and successful.  A process of doing your own inner  clearing work will allow you to release all the limits and fear that keep you from being successful.  When you get to the plate that you have nothing to slide you lose the concern that someone will find your skeletons.  Making peace with the path, applying the energy of forgiveness, and  honesty will released you so that you can move into success.

Once you have an honestly dealt with your fears and insecurity you then have only to make sure that your beliefs have the creative power to bring you into successful experiences.  Clearing out the path and installing a new  belief system guarantees success.  All you need now is a clear mental picture of what you really want. Once you decide what it is you want to experience you have only to follow the inspiration and the joy to create just that.  Fear no longer holds you back and limiting beliefs have released their hold on you.  You are ready now to create the lives of your dreams one incredible day after another. You have taken the steps to Be Successful and success will show up time and again in your experience.  You’ve done all the work necessary to begin creating with the energy of what you desire and can be assured that it will manifest in your experience.


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Truth is a Bitter Horse Pill


Thrive kindle book


Life is what we make it, what we believe it to be.  It always manifests exactly as we believe we are, life is, the world is.  There is no one to blame for your lot in life, it’s the result of what you believe.  That’s a big bitter pill isn’t it?  We’ve given our power away to those in “authority” over us and begun experiencing ourselves as small.  We are not little creatures incapable of creating a wonderful life, we only experience that because we’ve bought into the programming passed down for thousands of years that we must rely on others to know what’s best for us.

Our playing to role of small people who need to be fed, washed and diapered our whole lives doesn’t make it true, it only creates an experience.  The experience is then compounded by emotions and eventually you have yourself a belief that just isn’t true, but that you keep creating with over and over again.  We are surrounded by programing for believing just how little we are too.  It’s in the media, in the schools, the churches, the political leaders and bankers are always telling us how little we know and how we must trust them to have our best interests at heart.  It’s time to awaken form our slumber and claim our rights, our human rights, our dignity and our power to turn things around to how we want them to be.

Over 95 % of the entire world’s wealth; that’s money, gold, silver, homes, lands, planes, trains,  and power, is in the hands of about 4% of the people.  Don’t you think it’s time for you to have more than crumbs, don’t you want more than the crumbs you’ve been settling for all your life?  Do you think it’s fair that so few have so much while so many have so little?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can wake up, humanity can wake up to a new way of living, a new way of creating.  Rather than just taking what’s been offered by those few in control, you can take your power back and create with a new set of beliefs that will then produce experiences you want to have.

Most people on this planet live in total poverty, they don’t even have enough food to eat.  Many work and live from hand to mouth.  A few prosper after figuring out that they are capable of creating the life they want.  I want you to be in that number of folks who figure out how to prosper.  There is always more than enough of everything.  Lack isn’t the problem with not having, lack thinking is the problem.  You believe in lack, you believe in struggle so that’s what you create over and again. 

Your beliefs are the root of your problem.  It’s doubtful that a single belief you hold onto and create your life with is even your own.  All your beliefs you got from someone else who got them from someone else.  Why would you want to keep beliefs that didn’t even come from you?  Why would you continue to create life with beliefs that only get you what you don’t want?  Are you ready to take a long, hard look at what you believe and release just about every single one of them?  What if there are beliefs that will work better for you, don’t you want to create with those?

You can change.  You can change your life, the world even, by changing your beliefs.  Before you can change them, you need to figure out what they are.  Take a look at your life.  What are your experiences with money, success, health, and relationships?  Those experiences are the result of beliefs.  Now you get the picture, you get the idea.  Look at what you’ve created and you’ll see the belief that created it.  Spend some time in silence, in meditation and find the belief that will create what you want.  Now Practice That! 

You deserve more than you have had to this point.  You deserve to enjoy prosperity, success and financial abundance.  Swallow the pill of truth and get busy creating with a new energy, the energy of I AM Powerful!

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Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

If you knew that you could do, be, have, experience ANYTHING you wanted and not fail, how would that change your life?  What would you want?  What would you do?  The real truth is that you CAN do, be, have, experience anything.  The problem is you DON”T believe that.  If you believed it there would be no holding you back.  You would take one step after another joyfully in the direction of your dreams and you’d enjoy each moment of the journey knowing that you will succeed.

Success is a guarantee.  The Source of All Life is always on your side working in and through you to bring into form whatever you say you want.  You say what you want not with your words but with your attention.  Giving your attention is done by thinking, feeling, worrying, feeling excited.  The attention energy of love and fear work equally well to bring into form what you are focused on.  Fear is the result of not believing that you are the power of creation.  Fear is the result of believing that you must earn, work hard, deserve something that you don’t have rather than “knowing” that you are always deserving of everything.

You are in the driver’s seat.  You are the writer of the script, the actor, director and you are sending out the casting call to others to join you in your experience.  Most creating is done in fear.  Fear of lack, sickness, dis-ease, not having enough and worrying about how badly it will affect your life.  Switching over to love takes a shift in mindset.  You need a new mind.. a mind that knows you are more than body, more than thought, more than emotions and experiences.  A new mind set that knows you to BE the Source of Energy that brings things into form is what is needed to change your life.

Where did limiting beliefs come from?  Most likely your parents started you off on the journey of limit.  They didn’t do it to be mean or hurtful, they were only sharing what their parents had shared with them.  After being told how things work you add a bit of experience with some emotional reaction and you are well on your way to a set of beliefs that play out your whole life creating over and over again what you DON”T want.

You have an emotional attachment to lack, working to deserve things, over coming bad luck.  Now let’s change it.  Be honest with what you are believing.  It’s easy to figure out.  Just look at the things that keep showing up unwanted in your life.  Beliefs are doing that creating.  Admit what the beliefs are.  Start off by just being willing to release them.  Emotions are connected, after all people you love taught you these things.  Just begin with willingness to release these beliefs.

Now move on to actually letting them go.  Make a list of what’s not the way you want it.  Identify the beliefs of lack creating these experiences.  Ask yourself if these beliefs are really true.  For example; money is really hard to get.  Is that really true?  Think about all the people with lots and lots of money earned only by investing in stocks, bonds, etc.  They don’t work hard, they work smart.  It’s obvious that money isn’t hard for everyone to get.

Take another example; I don’t deserve love, money, good things in my life, I haven’t “earned” them.  Is this really true?  You are a Child of GOD/ GODDESS.  You not only deserve every good thing, every good thing is already yours, waiting only for you to claim it.

You see the process.  As you go through the limiting beliefs and make sense of them it’s easy to just laugh and let them go.  Now take up a new mind set, new beliefs that are true.  Think them, feel them.  Move step by step into the experience of them.  You can’t fail.  You always create exactly what it is you believe, success is built in.  You have only to Believe, Think, Feel, Do, BE what you want and it shows up.

Happy Creating!

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