Enjoying the law of attraction creative process

When my daughter was eight she was really into the process of creating one experience after another.  You would no sooner finish one excursion before she was asking, “what’s next”? One day I pointed out that perhaps she should enjoy the experience before running off to the next one.  She replied, “Oh I do enjoy the experience, but the exciting part is getting there”.

She understood something most adults have forgotten.   As creators we are all about the creation process.  It’s not really the “stuff” we are after but the process of experiencing ourselves as the energy of creation.  That’s why so many never feel that they’ve done or gotten enough stuff.  When you place all the importance on getting stuff you just are not fulfilled for very long.  Soon after arriving at one place your soul is urging you to create the next experience.

It’s the process of experiencing ourselves creating that really does it for us.  Simply by shifting your thoughts about things a bit you can enjoy your life right where you are while creating/attracting the next set of experiences.

Start by accepting that creating is what you do, it’s Who You Are.  There is no way around it, you are always calling things forth into form.  Now for the really fun part.  Begin seeing the fun in creating.  Each thing that shows up does so due to your asking it to appear for you to interact with.  Wow, that’s some powerful creating you’re doing.  Be amazed at that for just a moment.  Feel the energy of power moving through you.  Now you are ready to take the next step.

What are you desiring to interact with?  Get clear about that part.  Feel the creative life force stir within.  Think about all the possibilities of creative style.  You can go the long way around to your creation or straight to it.  The long way allows you to bring forth lots of little experiences that might not be so pleasant… but you learn from them what you don’t care for much.  The straight way may include some of the same experiences, but your attitude says that it’s all part of the process, showing you more and more who you are, what you are and allowing you the opportunity to experience yourself as creative power.

This second way is the way of joy.  You realize that the process of creating is the fun.  This is why you chose a body and this planet.  You want the experience of understanding yourself to be Creative Life Force in a physical body remembering just what a powerful creator you are.

You can now easily let go of situations, things, people, places not in line with what you are desiring to experience right now.  You can move easily through the process of creating enjoying each  moment, knowing yourself to Be the power calling forth into physical form each and every event.

Start where you are right now.  What do you want?  Who do you desire to experience yourself as Being?  Make a few decisions and get to the creating process.  Laugh a lot, smile often, hug people on a regular basis.. oh, yeah.. pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Live Happy Be Happy

Stuck in the Rut of Why

Life happens.

That’s the fact of things. Life happens bringing about circumstances in a constant flow.

Each situation is the result of your giving permission for those things to be in your life.

Many times people get stuck in the rut of, Why did this happen? Why is this happening to me?

Round and round you go with these thoughts, second guessing yourself or looking for someone else to place the blame on.

There is not blame. These things are in your life because you made choices that said you agreed with experiencing these situations.

That’s the why in a nutshell. You chose.

Now the important question is what will you do with it?

As long as you stay stuck in why you don’t move forward. It’s like being stuck in mud, spinning your wheels franticly making no progress at all.

When you move over to the what aspect, things begin taking shape in a new way.

What do I want from this situation?

What energy do I want to give this circumstance?

What insights do I wish to understand about my choices and beliefs?

Everything comes bearing a gift if you will look for it.

Every situation offers wisdom and clarity of purpose.

Whatever you find yourself experiencing right now has a flip side. Perhaps this flip side is exactly why you signed up for this “problem”.

While it isn’t set in stone that we experience hardship in order to understand our desire for ease and joy of living, most of us do it that way.

We create a circumstance that isn’t pleasant and become aware of what it is that we really are wanting to experience.

Problem is that most get hung up in the asking why over and over, giving all their energy to the present situation rather than turning their attention to what it is that they really do want.

Only asking why makes you feel powerless, asking what empowers you for change and creation.

Begin today asking what of yourself. What do you really want to experience?

What can you do to open yourself to change?

What can you do to move yourself closer in the direction of your goals?

Asking What rather than Why, puts the power in your hands.

Stimulus Plan For The Economy

Everybody is talking about the economy and the stimulus plan these days.  It’s on the mind of the whole world it seems.  People talking all day on the news about how many people are out of work, how much in debt we are, on and on.

Let’s take a different look at it.   With 10% out of work that leaves 90 % who have jobs.  Wow, that’s a lot of working going on.

We’re being fed a poverty mentality story and lots of folks are biting, hook, line and sinker as we say here in the south.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if you are out of work that it matters to you.  I do get that.  I also get that what we focus on with passion we get more of.  So, what do we need to do to get things moving again?

Have you noticed how much money there still is floating around?  Pay attention to that, not the idea of lack.

Lack creates more of itself, rapidly too.  Abundance reproduces itself when focused on and appreciated.  Which do you want more of?

During the depression in the 30’s there’s a story of a blind man standing on a corner selling apples.  He sold them as quickly as he could offer them.  A man stopped by his stand and commented how bad the depression was, to which the blind man responded, “not as I can see”.

It’s all about what you are looking for and how you are looking at things.

Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”.

Personally I think we as a nation will come through this sitution with some wonderful new “green energy” businesses up and running.  I think lots of those people who are unemployed will be inspired to notice needs and start businesses that meet them.

Times are changing.  Things are changing.  This is natural.

The question is, are you allowing or resisiting the change?

Go with the flow of change and enjoy the adventure of new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking and most important, new ways of Being.

Let go of the fear and grab hold of the spirit of adventure.  Stimulate the economy by creating something new.  Rather than being afraid of spending your money, do so joyfully, trusting Source to flow with even more abundance in your life.

Fear never stimulates finances.  It squeezes the very life out of it.  Money flows when you are in a joyful state of mind, trusting, believing in abundance and prosperity.

With each dollar you spend send a blessing to everyone who touches it.  Appreciate the energy of money.  Appreciate what you excvhange it for.

Respecting the energy of money is the quickest way to prosperity and financial abundance.

Notice the incredible amount of money and abundance all around you all the time.

Remember, where your focus is, your energy flows.. and that’s what you create more of for yourself.

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Do You Choose Hope or Fear?

flower For too long the people of this nation have chosen fear.

Fear of terrorists, fear of attach, fear of too little, fear of loss.

Where has this fear taken us?

Recession, violation of the rights of human beings’; things to fear.

Now we have a new energy flowing across our nation and the world.


Hope is akin to love, it is like faith.

Hope is what brings the plants from their seeds and gives them energy to grow and produce flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Hope is the energy that helps us turn from the feeling of desperation to look for the beauty within each person.

As a nation our choice of fear has led us down a path of loosing face with the rest of the world, they no longer see us as a guiding light of democracy.  Rather we have of late been seen as a nation who invades and offers violence and torture to gain power and control.

Today our nation is suffering due to our choices of the past.

Fear has been a tough teacher of the consequences of our choices becoming the very thing which we feared.

Fear has shown us just how powerful we are to create the very things we give so much of our passionate energy to.  We have created job loss, bankruptcy, businesses going down the tubes, wars, death; all manner of horrors created with the energy of fear.

Let us now learn the lessons that fear has taught us.  Let us understand that we are powerful beyond our understanding to create with great passion that which we choose to experience.

Now that a bright ray of hope brought to us by President Obama has arrived, let us join hands and hearts with those choosing hope as the new energy of not only America, but of each American.

Not only will hope help us to change our nation, to restore balance, respect and prosperity to our citizens, hope will help us to engage in a new energy of personal creation as well.

Put aside fear, take hold of hope, let it guide you like a great light piercing the darkness into a much better place.

Together we can change.  We have seen this in the last few months here in our wonderful country.  We can change, we can create a better America, we can create a better life for each American.

You can change.  Your life can change.

Embrace this powerful energy of hope and together we will make miracles.

Healing the body by healing the soul

I was recently asked why I do what I do and had to answer that it blesses me through and through.

In my early twenties I realized that my allergies and ulcers were the body telling me to pay attention. They were notices that something was not balanced.
I was out of balance. My thinking and emotions were doing damage to my physical body.
I had forgotten who I was in the large scheme of things.

For over thirty years I have been living the principles of self healing, learning to balance emotions, mind and body with spirit.

Dis-ease is your body yelling to get your attention.

The process starts when we think and feel bad. We feel sad, discourage, angry, worthless etc. The feeling bad is your inner voice telling you to wake up to who you are.

When you go for long periods of time without listening the body begins to store the dense energy, the anger, fear and sadness. Dis-ease is the result of stinking thinking.

As an energy healer I work with people every week teaching them to get in touch with their feelings and even deeper than that to learn to heal the past.

So many are holding onto the pain of the past as though it were a great treasure to be guarded from thieves. Let me ask you, would you carry around stinky garbage with you? Of course not.
Then why do you carry around pain, hurt, fear, feelings and beliefs of worthlessness and shame?

The good news is that you can heal your body. The body is magical and knows exactly what to do to restore itself when you allow it to. Every seven years every single cell in your body is renewed.

So why do you get sick and feel bad?

You are the director of what your body does. Your thoughts and feelings tell your body what chemicals to produce and the more you focus on feeling angry, hurt and in pain, the more of these chemicals your body produces for you.

It’s more than the law of attraction, it’s the way your body is made to work.

As you discover the connection between mind, body and spirit.. you will soon find relief in the body. You will begin to be aware of how powerful your thoughts are and the affect they have.

The law of attraction teaches us that thoughts become things, we create with the energy of our thoughts. This is indeed true. Our physical reality is the result of thoughts combined with passionate energy; hope, fear, love, excitement; these bring about reality after their kind.

What we need to understand where physical healing is concerned is the connection of our thoughts being rooted in a painful and or fearful past and their affects on the body.

What I will help you with is “energy healing”. Using positive energy to heal your energy. The energy of light, love, perfection to heal the energy of pain, wounds, fear, which cause the dis-ease.

I am so excited to be able to help that I am running a special offer for all new clients. You give a donation and in return I work with you for one hour on the phone, USA.
I’ll go even further and agree to keep you as a client on a donation basis for three months. You are not obligated to stay three months, but this length of time is enough to see dramatic results in your physical and emotional well being.

My hope is that you will let me help. If you are ready to change your life, I promise you that together we can do it.

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Write your success story every single day

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed just by the sheer volume of changes we want to make in our lives. Ranging from personal, relationship and business shifts often times just feels like too much.
We don’t know where to begin, what to do first.

If you find yourself in a situation where there is just too much to do and you can’t see how to manage it all, then perhaps it’s time for you to write your success story every single day.

By breaking down your goals and dreams into “do-able” sections you relieve the stress and pressure an immediately being seeing results.

Start by writing your early morning success story.

Create a 15 minute window of time where you get a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly with a word processor or paper and pencil. Write what you really want the first 15 minutes of your day to look and feel like.

It can go something like this.

The first 15 minutes of my day is filled with a peaceful energy of expectation of all that the day will bring.
I take time to clear my mind and energy of yesterday and tomorrow. Only this moment matters to me.
As I reflect on staying calm and focused inspired ideas find their way gently into my awareness.
I write them down and choose which actions to follow based on the importance of each idea.

Next write success for the next time frame of your morning. You don’t have to write it all down, going over it in your imagination is sufficient.

By breaking down the day and the things on your “to do” list, you make them all more manageable.
If your tasks are larger than today can handle then feel free to move them into tomorrow or next week, next month, even next year.

Don’t try to get everything done in one small space of time, this always brings about stress and chaos.

If you are a mom, write success for getting your children out of bed, dressed and fed. Take a few minutes to imagine feeling loving and happy as you wake them. See them joyfully embracing the day and returning your love and happy energy.
Share time with them filling the morning with hugs, laughter and good conversation.

That 30 minutes is a success.

If you are a business person imagine going through your morning email and easily deleting things that don’t add to your day. Create folders in your email account for things to follow up later on in the week. Deal with what is important for today, today.

This is a success story.

Move through your day breaking down the “to-do” list into manageable time frames of success.
By planning and creating success in small slices throughout the day you see evidence of being successful, accomplishing and finishing projects. You are managing not only your time and responsibilities, but your emotional well being. This puts you into a successful thinking state of mind and Being.

The more you practice “being” successful the more successful you will find yourself being.

When you hit a period of time where you are once again feeling overwhelmed, stop and break it down into 15-30 minutes frames to write success.

You can do this with any aspect of your life, relationships, children, job, phone calls and social interactions. Just take a few moments before starting the action to write success for yourself.

Practicing this daily will then become habit and you will soon discover that you are living successfully each day.

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What’s your law of attraction story ?

Have you gotten to the point in life yet where you understand the connection between “your story” and your life experiences?

What I mean by your story is the constant telling of your life experiences. When you sit down for coffee with friends what do you talk about? What do you tell people over and over again?

This is very important now that the new year has come. We all get excited about a new year and new possibilities, expecting things to be radically different. For some the year follows that way, for others it’s a repeat of the last show.

The story you tell is packed with passionate energy, creating more of what you are feeling. It’s not just the telling, it’s the energy you put into the energy.

Have you ever noticed how when you are angry or frightened things seem to fall into place quickly?
The reason for this is the high level of energy you are infusing with the thoughts and feelings.

Get to the place in the telling of your life experiences that you are infusing thoughts with excitement, expectation and joy. This is the stuff dreams are created with.

Your story builds on itself with each telling. Whether the story is one of accomplishment or failure, it’s all about you and the energy you pack into each punch of telling it.

Have you ever met a rich person who talks about being poor, a well person who talks about being sick?

Of course not.

In my coaching others I often here statements such as; I have ———- name the dis-ease here. I am
depressed, ill, poor, drowning in this relationship, etc.

With each of these I Am statements you proclaim this to be true in your life and you will continue to attract situations to prove this truth in your life.

State out loud and notice the difference in feeling, I am worried that I will not have enough money. How does that feel?

Now state I am excited to experience abundance and joy in every area of my life.

By playing around with I Am statements you will pick up on the difference in the feeling of the words and the energy behind them.

If you are experiencing sickness, rather that stating I am sick, bring it up a notch in vibration to I am currently experiencing _______________. This will pass.

It’s hard for most people to go from a mindset of being sick, poor, miserable, depressed, etc to being happy in a single swoop of words and emotions.
I suggest that you play around with I Am statements raising the vibrations of your description of your current situation until you feel in a better place.

As you move up the scale of better feeling by better telling of your story, life around you will begin to shift.
Pay attention to the shifts of energy and move with them. It’s all about you and the story you are telling yourself, so tell a story you want to live with.. because you will live with it.

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Feng Shui Your Life for a Happy 2009

Whether you’re ready or not a new year has arrived. With all it’s promise and hope, we have begun a new calendar year.

This is the perfect time to clear the clutter from your home and your life to make sure that 2009 flows the way you want it to.

Living in one place for a long time we tend to gather lots of things that eventually get stuck in drawers and the back of closets, taking up space and filling our homes with “clutter energy”.

Clutter Energy is that feeling of unease that seems to be saying, “do something, anything, just DO Something”!

Starting off the new year by clearing out this energy opens the door for a more positive flow of feelings, thoughts and new things to move in.

Start of by committing to release at least 50 things in a 24 hour period.

I know that sounds like a lot, but once you get going you’ll discover that it’s quick and easy.

Get two boxes or garbage bags, fill one with items that you can donate if you like and the other is just trash.

Start in the “junk drawer” in the kitchen. How much stuff have you crammed there thinking you would eventually use it and never have? Release it and enjoy the feeling that comes with letting go.

Move on to other drawers in the kitchen. Release old butter tubs that you just have too many of.

Got more coffee cups than the cabinets can hold? Let these go as well.

Go through the rest of the house letting go of magazines, stashes of papers and the like.

Next get into your room. Do you have clothes that don’t fit, you don’t like and haven’t worn in over a year? Let em go.

Dig through the closet and the drawers. All socks with holes go into the bag. Undies that ride or scratch, into the bag.

Let go of shoes too. We tend to hold onto things because, “I paid good money for those”, or “someone gave these to me”.

Let yourself breathe.

As you do the clearing out of physical things from your space be aware of thoughts and habits that you have that don’t serve you as well. Are you still holding onto grudges and old hurts and insults?
Let these go as you move through the house releasing stuff.

When you have your fifty items in 24 hours and are still on a roll, commit to another fifty. Take on the garage, holiday decorations, etc. Move through the yard and release anything that’s just taking up space and not giving you that feel good feeling it did when you first placed it there.

By doing this exercise you are not only creating a better look and feel to your home, you are opening your life to release old emotions, pain and stinking thinking.

When you combine the physical exercise of clearing out stuff with the spiritual aspect of clearing out thinking and feelings, you will restore balance and harmony in your life.

By instilling this process into your thinking for the new year, you will be less likely to hold onto excess stuff and hurtful feelings, letting go much easier and cluttering up your energy much less.

Happy New Year.. create each day with joy!

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What you give your attention to is what you are asking for

What are you asking Source for more of? I know you are writing down and saying words, petitions for all those things you desire. You have a vision board, you sit still for a bit every day and think of what you want in your life.

But what are you really asking for?

The answer is whatever you are giving your attention to. The more attention you are offering, the more energy you are focusing on the asking.

This is the key to creating your life with your thoughts. Thoughts become things.

Not every single thought, hope, worry, becomes it’s physical counterpart right before your eyes, but each thought has life that leads to more thoughts similar to itself.

This is why when you first start with a little worry it quickly grows into a mountain.

It also works this way with thoughts of what you do desire. The more attention you give to the thoughts or the thing, the situation, the more of it you receive.

The power of your thoughts is such that whatever you can believe, you can receive. This principle works with all types of thoughts, all dreams, all nightmares, all hopes, all fears.

Step back from your constant thinking and be the witness to your thoughts.

Some have reported that the average person has around 90.000 thoughts running around their head each day. Most of these are recycled thoughts, not fresh, inspired thinking, but old stuff.

The power of thinking is such that if you were to imagine your thoughts as a law mower or a car and you as the power, the control behind them you can better see the need for your being a thought witness.

If you were to start your law mower or your car, put it in drive and pay no further attention to where it went or what it interacted with what would be the result?


This is exactly what happens inside your head when you are not aware of your thoughts. They run around the same cycle of worry, stress, anxiety, fear and dread that you say you don’t want any more of. Yet, without your being the power, the director of them you create on auto pilot exactly what you are thinking and in quantity of the energy applied to the thoughts.

The more passion the quicker and stronger the creation.

Turn it around and consciously choose a thought. Stay with it a few seconds. Watch what happens. Another thought similar to the first shows up. If you stay with this thought it gives way to another, stronger thought similar in energy to itself.

By being aware of what you are thinking and staying focused on thoughts in line with what you desire you are actually praying, asking for these types of things in general. As you get specific about your thoughts and guide them as you would the car or mower, you build steam, build up creation energy to move more steadily in that new direction.

What ever you are most focused on is exactly what you are creating the most of. It only makes sense that you choose thoughts in line with what you wish to feel and experience.

It makes no sense to spend time on thoughts of worry, fear and dread. These thoughts do not feel good and attract only more to feel that way about.

Write down what it is that you really wish to experience for today. How do you desire to feel, to be treated?

Write down a few words on this goal for today.

For example.

Today I wish to experience loving and respectful relationship.

Now go ahead and begin using your thoughts to see and feel this energy. Imagine yourself being greeted every where you go by smiling, helpful and caring people.

Get into the feeling of this.

Stay focused throughout the day on these types of thoughts. Treat yourself and others with this same energy and watch as miracles take place right before your eyes.

After practicing with these types of experiences for a few day, move onto something bigger. Keep it in line with what you can belief for.

The more you practice asking for what you are thinking about with consciousness, the easier it becomes to be the master of your own thoughts and your own creations.

Law of Attraction Crap Magnet

By now you’ve probably heard and may even intellectually understand that thoughts become things.

Happy thoughts become happy things.. and if you are not surrounded by happy things..



A Crap Magnet!

You got a crappy life??? Your crappy thoughts are the reason.

Thing is the law of attraction works all the time, every time. It doesn’t pick and choose only the happy thoughts to create with. It is thought neutral. Whatever thoughts you are giving the most energy to are the ones that show up as stuff, situations, people, circumstances in your life the quickest.

Your life, everything in it, is a perfect reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and passions.

By taking inventory of what you are presently experiencing you will get a clear idea of the kinds of thoughts you’ve been playing with.

Many after watching The Secret started vision boards and saying positive things. You are probably one of them. You began to see parking spaces open up for you, friends you thought of started calling.

You realized small little magical minutes of working with the law of attraction to create and attract a few things in your life.

If you moved on to bigger things, great.

However.. if you are still not getting the big stuff like the car, job, life partner, financial abundance.. then face it.. you are a crap magnet.

The main key to the law of attraction in action every day in every way in your life is really changing on the core level.. your beliefs.

Take a moment and think through the last few days. What excuses have you been using to explain why your life is so hard?

I hear a lot of people say without even thinking; that’s my luck, food makes me fat, the fates are against me, it’s God’s will, things will work out.

Do any of those sound familiar?

Your core beliefs are stored in your subconscious. They are the program that runs automatically inside you. Every situation is filtered through these beliefs. They are the thought foundation of your life.

Without making a change in your life time of stored beliefs you will continue to attract crap in line with your thinking.

Write down all the life beliefs that you have. Start with money. What are your favorite sayings about money and people who have lots of it. Be honest with yourself or it will not help you.

Continue with relationships, jobs, family, work, rest, health, body size and weight.

After you have finished your lists take a good long look at them. Get in touch with how you feel about these “truths”. Do they really ring true for you? If not take steps to change them.

You can only attract into your life things you are in vibrational sync with. Just as you can’t watch channel 52 by tuning your cable to channel 89, you can’t attract what you don’t believe in.

Take your list and turn your negative crap magnet attracting beliefs into the flip side of themselves.

If you wrote that “money is the root of evil”.. and now you realize that’s hogwash.. change it to money is the energy that allows me to enjoy a life of giving, sharing and bliss.

If you are having a problem with relationships, change your thinking around. Rather than “men/women are users” state I am surrounded by people who treat me with love and respect.

Now as you begin loving and respecting yourself and other more, you will begin attracting according to your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

The thing about thoughts and beliefs is they are the basis of your “faith”. You expect life to be the way you think and believe and it’s always proving you right.

Shift your thoughts, think them often enough for them to become beliefs and your expectations and experiences will follow in line with them.

I suggest a lucky charm or something similar to keep with you. This of course isn’t the magic, the magic is each time you are aware of it you’ll be reminded to choose thoughts in line with what you really desire.

You are the magic, you are the power. You are the creator of your own life. Choose thoughts in vibrational alignment with that which you wish to experience. Do it constantly and watch your life change.

You’ll no longer be a crap magnet.. you’ll be a bliss magnet.. working consciously with the Law of Attraction … in action in your life.

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