Enjoying the law of attraction creation process

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The law of attraction is about process. Sometimes this is forgotten as people tend to think it’s a matter of imagining it then just getting it. They leave out the fun part.. the process of creation. As you move from not having something and realizing you want it you begin a process of creating. You use thoughts combined with emotions that help you sort through the details of what it is that you really do want to experience.

You begin noticing little things that fall into place and feel so excited. You exclaim, “it’s working” and this excitement brings more energy to calling into form that which is wanted. The process is fun, it’s also necessary so that you have the chance to work it all out in your head before the physical experience.

Many give up because they just don’t see the results they want. They are not understanding the fun of the creation process itself. If you were wanting to go on a long drive you wouldn’t get half way and turn to go home, yet many do just this with creating the life of their dreams. Things don’t fall into place fast enough so back to the old way of thinking, feeling, believing and creating they head. These folks are the ones who proclaim loudly that the law of attraction doesn’t work.

Once you’ve stayed the course long enough to get a taste of successfully creating you don’t turn back. You discover that the process of creating is a lot of the fun. It’s not just about “getting that stuff”. The stuff is wonderful but it gives way to the wanting of more stuff. Here is the truth.. it’s the process that the law of attraction is all about. If it were just about stuff you’d attract stuff and be done with it. Rather your accomplishment sets you off to attract, call into form, more stuff, another experience.

You’re like an artist who after the first sculpture or painting get fired up with a dozen new ideas to create. You move from one creation to another enjoying the process of creating. The finished product is never the finish of the process. It’s the seed that gives birth to another creation adventure.

Shift your thinking and get your head around this and the law of attraction will open up to you in a wonderful and exciting new way this year. It’s the process, you are experiencing yourself as you really are.. a powerful and wonderful Creator…

Now enjoy that..

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Power of prayer within each thought

100_7647 You may not realize it but you are always praying without ceasing. You are in a constant mode of prayer. Each thought combined with strong feeling is your statement of Being.. your prayer.. asking for more of the same.

This is the foundation of the law of attraction creation principles and it’s very important that you understand this in order to change your life.

You do want things to change, you have a very long list of things that you don’t like and that you are constantly saying you want to be different.

You tell anyone who will listen about all the things you don’t want that you already have. This is your prayer. You don’t pray this intentionally to get more of it, but more of it is exactly what you always get.

Prayer is effective.  Studies have been done in major hospitals showing that people holding a vision for quick and easy recovery actually brings about that very thing in people the prayer group doesn’t even know.  Prayer, intentions.. is very powerful stuff.

You don’t realize that each time you say I AM_________ you are making a declaration, this is your prayer.  Prayer is not asking for something, it’s declaring it to be so.

When Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the multitude he did not beg for an increase… he gave thanks for it.

This is prayer in it’s basic form.  This is how it always works. You make statements that you declare are true, you combine passion with them, and whether it’s wanted or unwanted you send out energy to bring that very thing to you.  You have declared it to BE SO.

You don’t understand how powerful your thoughts and feelings are. You don’t really understand about prayer either.  You don’t understand that you can not ask for, desire anything, that has not already been prepared for you.  It’s a done deal before you even finish asking.

Now that’s power! You are linked to the most powerful, awesome force of creation there is.. Source, GOD, Spirit.. no matter the term.. you are linked at the heart..

Stop begging for a loaf of bread and attracting to yourself a stone.. declare the bread.. give thanks for it.. and watch it show up.

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What are your I AM Statements Creating?


Do you know the power of your words?  Are you aware that what you are saying tells exactly what you belief, expect and thus create?

Listen to people around you, listen to yourself.

Have you ever noticed that you don’t hear well people declaring I AM SICK?

You never hear wealthy people declare I AM  Broke or poor?

You never hear happy people declare I AM sad, depressed, mentally ill?

While all your thoughts and words represent what you think and create, none have the power of I AM.

With those two words you are proclaiming, demanding this state of Being for yourself.

It’s the dynamite of creation.  Your creation, your life, your experiences are dominated with these statements.  They are more than wishes, intentions, You are stating as FACT that this is so and the Universe complies and works quickly to bring it into experienced reality.

Millions I Am themselves into the poor house, hospital and mental clinics.

You can use the power of declaration to change your life starting right now.  Sit down with paper and pencil.  Write all the I AM statements that you use most. 

Now think about your family and friends.  What are their main I Am statements?  As my mother used to say, “birds of a feather flock together”.  Your family and friends will clearly reflect your life vision, the way you see the world working.  Take note of your conversations, they too will give you insight into your creative energy statements.

Now that you have your list take a new sheet of paper and flip those old I Am statements to ones that are in line with what you want to experience. 

I AM tired would become… I Am full of life force energy, power and joy.

I AM sick …. I AM enjoying this magical body which constantly renews itself.

I AM Poor becomes  .. I Am enjoying abundance in all areas of life.  There is more than enough of everything.

Begin I AMing your new life into Being by your statements.  If they don’t feel true for you in the beginning, that’s ok, keep at it.  Awareness of when you I AM yourself with old habits will lead you into quickly shifting to another statement that better serves you.

Words are your tools for change, for creation.  Use them to get you where you want to be.  Use your imagination to take you there as  well.  Spend time daily thinking yourself in the experience you are desiring.  Feel it, get more detailed with it each time you go there in your mind.  Your body doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined experiences.  The same chemical reaction happens either way.. so think yourself into a new life.  Feel your way into Being the You that you want to Be.

It’s all a matter of I AM.

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Stimulus Plan For The Economy

Everybody is talking about the economy and the stimulus plan these days.  It’s on the mind of the whole world it seems.  People talking all day on the news about how many people are out of work, how much in debt we are, on and on.

Let’s take a different look at it.   With 10% out of work that leaves 90 % who have jobs.  Wow, that’s a lot of working going on.

We’re being fed a poverty mentality story and lots of folks are biting, hook, line and sinker as we say here in the south.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if you are out of work that it matters to you.  I do get that.  I also get that what we focus on with passion we get more of.  So, what do we need to do to get things moving again?

Have you noticed how much money there still is floating around?  Pay attention to that, not the idea of lack.

Lack creates more of itself, rapidly too.  Abundance reproduces itself when focused on and appreciated.  Which do you want more of?

During the depression in the 30’s there’s a story of a blind man standing on a corner selling apples.  He sold them as quickly as he could offer them.  A man stopped by his stand and commented how bad the depression was, to which the blind man responded, “not as I can see”.

It’s all about what you are looking for and how you are looking at things.

Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”.

Personally I think we as a nation will come through this sitution with some wonderful new “green energy” businesses up and running.  I think lots of those people who are unemployed will be inspired to notice needs and start businesses that meet them.

Times are changing.  Things are changing.  This is natural.

The question is, are you allowing or resisiting the change?

Go with the flow of change and enjoy the adventure of new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking and most important, new ways of Being.

Let go of the fear and grab hold of the spirit of adventure.  Stimulate the economy by creating something new.  Rather than being afraid of spending your money, do so joyfully, trusting Source to flow with even more abundance in your life.

Fear never stimulates finances.  It squeezes the very life out of it.  Money flows when you are in a joyful state of mind, trusting, believing in abundance and prosperity.

With each dollar you spend send a blessing to everyone who touches it.  Appreciate the energy of money.  Appreciate what you excvhange it for.

Respecting the energy of money is the quickest way to prosperity and financial abundance.

Notice the incredible amount of money and abundance all around you all the time.

Remember, where your focus is, your energy flows.. and that’s what you create more of for yourself.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

                       Why would you continue to do without when all you have to do is ask for what you want? It doesn’t make sense  does it?  Yet more often than not this is exactly why people stay sick, poor, sad, unsuccessful and unhappy.


It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, for your life and to determine what it is that you want

and to

ask for it!

It’s not up to the people around you to ask for you.  It’s up to you to shift your limiting thoughts, to change your story, to get off your pity pot and make a different choice.


If you are really as sick and tired of all that crap in your life as you say you are, then do something about it.

If you want to change your life, then you have to change something.

Start with your story.  What is the first paragraph out of your mouth when you have a conversation with family or friend?

Are you complaining, telling people how hard your life is, getting attention by highlighting everything that’s wrong in your life?

If you are then you are sure to get more of the same.

How you talk reveals how you see and believe yourself and your life to BE.

How can your experiences be any different than what you expect, how you believe them into being?

They can’t.  It’s law.

The creation principle,  law of attraction works on the basis of like attracts like. 

Once you begin being honest with yourself, your story, your beliefs you can then start changing them.

Make a list of what’s wrong in your life.  Out to the side or on another page, write down the way you would like each situation to be.

For example

not enough money   =   finances available to easily and joyfully exchange for all the things that make life easy and fun

tired of being alone  =  relationships with friends that are loving and respectful

You get the idea.  The bottom line is that you have to change how you think.  Stinking thinking always results in stinking “reality”. If you want the reality, the experience to change, you are what has to change.

What is outside of you is a reflection of what is inside of you.  It’s a mirror allowing you to see what you are creating with.

Just as you can’t build a brick home with lots, you can’t build a joyful life with complaints. 

Change you.. and your life changes. When you change yourself, you can then ask in confidence for what you want and know that it must come to you.  You can ask with courage, with wisdom, with surety and then be that person who has those experiences.

Confidence comes when you do the inner work, when you change the energy you are creating with.

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Do You Choose Hope or Fear?

flower For too long the people of this nation have chosen fear.

Fear of terrorists, fear of attach, fear of too little, fear of loss.

Where has this fear taken us?

Recession, violation of the rights of human beings’; things to fear.

Now we have a new energy flowing across our nation and the world.


Hope is akin to love, it is like faith.

Hope is what brings the plants from their seeds and gives them energy to grow and produce flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Hope is the energy that helps us turn from the feeling of desperation to look for the beauty within each person.

As a nation our choice of fear has led us down a path of loosing face with the rest of the world, they no longer see us as a guiding light of democracy.  Rather we have of late been seen as a nation who invades and offers violence and torture to gain power and control.

Today our nation is suffering due to our choices of the past.

Fear has been a tough teacher of the consequences of our choices becoming the very thing which we feared.

Fear has shown us just how powerful we are to create the very things we give so much of our passionate energy to.  We have created job loss, bankruptcy, businesses going down the tubes, wars, death; all manner of horrors created with the energy of fear.

Let us now learn the lessons that fear has taught us.  Let us understand that we are powerful beyond our understanding to create with great passion that which we choose to experience.

Now that a bright ray of hope brought to us by President Obama has arrived, let us join hands and hearts with those choosing hope as the new energy of not only America, but of each American.

Not only will hope help us to change our nation, to restore balance, respect and prosperity to our citizens, hope will help us to engage in a new energy of personal creation as well.

Put aside fear, take hold of hope, let it guide you like a great light piercing the darkness into a much better place.

Together we can change.  We have seen this in the last few months here in our wonderful country.  We can change, we can create a better America, we can create a better life for each American.

You can change.  Your life can change.

Embrace this powerful energy of hope and together we will make miracles.

Write your success story every single day

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed just by the sheer volume of changes we want to make in our lives. Ranging from personal, relationship and business shifts often times just feels like too much.
We don’t know where to begin, what to do first.

If you find yourself in a situation where there is just too much to do and you can’t see how to manage it all, then perhaps it’s time for you to write your success story every single day.

By breaking down your goals and dreams into “do-able” sections you relieve the stress and pressure an immediately being seeing results.

Start by writing your early morning success story.

Create a 15 minute window of time where you get a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly with a word processor or paper and pencil. Write what you really want the first 15 minutes of your day to look and feel like.

It can go something like this.

The first 15 minutes of my day is filled with a peaceful energy of expectation of all that the day will bring.
I take time to clear my mind and energy of yesterday and tomorrow. Only this moment matters to me.
As I reflect on staying calm and focused inspired ideas find their way gently into my awareness.
I write them down and choose which actions to follow based on the importance of each idea.

Next write success for the next time frame of your morning. You don’t have to write it all down, going over it in your imagination is sufficient.

By breaking down the day and the things on your “to do” list, you make them all more manageable.
If your tasks are larger than today can handle then feel free to move them into tomorrow or next week, next month, even next year.

Don’t try to get everything done in one small space of time, this always brings about stress and chaos.

If you are a mom, write success for getting your children out of bed, dressed and fed. Take a few minutes to imagine feeling loving and happy as you wake them. See them joyfully embracing the day and returning your love and happy energy.
Share time with them filling the morning with hugs, laughter and good conversation.

That 30 minutes is a success.

If you are a business person imagine going through your morning email and easily deleting things that don’t add to your day. Create folders in your email account for things to follow up later on in the week. Deal with what is important for today, today.

This is a success story.

Move through your day breaking down the “to-do” list into manageable time frames of success.
By planning and creating success in small slices throughout the day you see evidence of being successful, accomplishing and finishing projects. You are managing not only your time and responsibilities, but your emotional well being. This puts you into a successful thinking state of mind and Being.

The more you practice “being” successful the more successful you will find yourself being.

When you hit a period of time where you are once again feeling overwhelmed, stop and break it down into 15-30 minutes frames to write success.

You can do this with any aspect of your life, relationships, children, job, phone calls and social interactions. Just take a few moments before starting the action to write success for yourself.

Practicing this daily will then become habit and you will soon discover that you are living successfully each day.

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