Declare today Be Happy Day & Change Your Life


Happy Independence Day.. to our Nation and to each of us.  You are not only an American you are a Free Creative Being.  Wow, that’s exciting isn’t it?  Just think about what being free means to you.  Not only can you work where you please, live where you desire, marry, have children, drive a car and many other “free” things.. but .. much bigger than that.. you can Create Whatever You Desire to experience.

Freedom is much more than just being able to vote, as wonderful as that is.  It’s more than buying property, owning a business.  It’s about personal freedom.  You get to decide what you will experience.  You get to create it as you go along.

Using the imagination and passionate feelings you can pull molecules together into forms to interact with.  That’s exciting isn’t it?

As a free Being you can decide to be happy or sad, angry or peaceful, prospereous or impoverished.  The choices are all yours and no one has any power over you and what you create for yourself. 

This is true freedom.  Total freedom.  Even when others create experiences you get to decide how to feel about them, what if anything to do.  Whether or not to even get emotionally involved with the creations of others.

You are so free that you can wake up every morning and decide ahead of time how you want your day to progress, how you want to feel and what you want to interact with.  That’s pure power.  Power to create and it’s all yours.

You decide whether to go along with the flow of the tribe or strike out on your own and dance to your inner drummer.  You think and feel things into physical form just by wanting them and paying attention to them.  You grow these creations in your imagination and emotions, always bringing into form a reflection of what you’ve already created within you.

You are so free that no matter what you’ve already created, you are not stuck with it.  You can change your life and your experiences at any given moment just by creating something new to experience.  You know how to do it.  Go within, see, feel, hold onto that seeing and feeling, celebrate the creation, walk in it, play with it.

You are a FREE creative Being.  You can bring whatever you like into form, relax it and create again if the first creation isn’t to your liking.  It’s fun.  It’s Who You Are.. a Creator.. bringing thought into form over and over again.

It starts with a thought, then a feeling joins, action soon takes place and before your eyes a new experience has formed.  This is what Freedom Is.  Grab hold of it, create with consciousness and with great joy.

Your right is to Be Happy is you so decide.  Discover how to take the creative reins and bring forth a Happy Life today.

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