The Law of Attraction and YOU

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You have read the books, seen the movies, taken the classes about law of attraction and still you have questions.

You know there is something you just are not getting.. it’s not working or so it seems.

It is working.. sometimes you just don’t see behind the veil at all the stuff happening on your behalf bringing your dreams closer and closer to your physical reality.

When you get in your car to take a trip, you don’t expect to be there the instant you start the car do you?  Of course not, you realize that there is a process involved..

Everything in your life works with this same process.  It’s Creative Principle.. always working behind the scenes to bring forth that which you are desiring to interact with.  Sometimes it’s fast.. like the perfect parking place, or a phone call from someone you’ve been thinking about.

As long as you stay on track, stay the course you will realize the physical experience you are desiring.. but most people give in and give up before the seed of desire has been able to germinate and break forth from the soil of dreams into physical form.

You wouldn’t plant a garden and dig up the seed every few days looking for proof that the seeds are sprouting.  You trust that they will do what they were intended to do, sprout, grow and produce harvest.  You believe that things are taking place even though you can’t see them.

This is the way of creative principle, law of attraction.  Things are always happening behind the scenes.  Believe in yourself.. believe in your dreams.  They are growing and taking form even when you can’t see the process.


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Never give up never give in

Have you ever had a dream, a hope, a wish, that you wanted so much you could taste it?

Perhaps it’s more money, a better job, new car, home, relationship.. whatever it is.. you know you want it.

You’ve seen it in your mind’s eye,  you’ve imagined it over and over again until it feels real to you even with your eyes open. 

You’ve taken steps to make it happen too.  You’ve done your research on the subject, and have lots of facts.  You’ve taken steps to bring your dreams into “reality time” so you can play with them… but they haven’t shown up yet and you feel a bit discouraged.

Don’t give up, don’t give in.  Rather, use this time to better define your dreams.  Get even more clear on what you want right down to the smallest details. 

Most people are good at dreaming and wanting.. it’s in the middle ground between the feel good dream and it showing up that they give up.  Just like a garden needs to be tilled, weeded, seed planted, watered and nurtured.. so do your dreams.

You would never clear an area for a garden, get right up to the point of planting the seed and just give up because it isn’t growing yet.  You wouldn’t plant the seed and then dig them up every day to see if they had sprouted yet either.

You know this would not be helpful to your garden, yet you do it to your dreams.  You want to see evidence that things are working, I realize that.  Just as you look for the first sprouted seed to break through the soil as evidence that you will one day have veggies or flowers, look for the evidence of your dreams in small ways.

The first place to look is within yourself.  Do you feel it? Do you just know this is what you want?  That is your biggest evidence that your dreams will come true.

If you’ve done the dreaming, done the work, followed your inspired actions.. knowing that it’s on the way is your evidence. 

Don’t give up, don’t give in.. it’s just about ready to bust into physical form.

Have you written and passed your recovery bill?

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America now has a brand new economic recovery plan. There’s even a website where you can track the progress of how well it’s working. Combined with the energy of change and hope, lots of work and planning have gone into this new method of growth for our nation.

Now, let me ask you, have you written your recovery plan?

We all have a list of things that we would like to accomplish, dreams, goals and visions of success.

Perhaps you even hope for a wonderful relationship, a new job, car, better family relationships.

You have the problem, you know the issues.

BUT have you written your recovery plan out?

Your recover plan is the action you plan to take to bring your dreams into reality.

Hope is a wonderful and power thing, but it needs legs, feet and hands to produce change.

As a coach I get tickled when people come to me asking how they can live the life of their dreams when they are not prepared to take responsibility for or change a single thing in the way they think or do.

Change comes about by making new choices and doing new things, or at least doing the old things in a different way.

You never learned to do anything by reading about it, talking it over, and dreaming of doing it. You learned by getting the information and DOING.

Doing is necessary for change. It’s not going to come about by just dreaming, wishing, hoping and thinking in positive affirmations. These things are all wonderful and part of the process, but they are not complete without some doing.

Get out your paper and pencil. Write out a new recovery plan for your life. Be detailed, exact in what you want to experience.

Make note of the thought processes, expectations and beliefs you need to shift in order to line up your vibration with the vibration of what you want.

Now go one step further and pass your bill into law. Take ACTION.. different action that what led you to where you are. New ACTION will lead you into a new place.

You will succeed when you write and act on your story of success.


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Write your success story every single day

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed just by the sheer volume of changes we want to make in our lives. Ranging from personal, relationship and business shifts often times just feels like too much.
We don’t know where to begin, what to do first.

If you find yourself in a situation where there is just too much to do and you can’t see how to manage it all, then perhaps it’s time for you to write your success story every single day.

By breaking down your goals and dreams into “do-able” sections you relieve the stress and pressure an immediately being seeing results.

Start by writing your early morning success story.

Create a 15 minute window of time where you get a cup of coffee or tea and sit quietly with a word processor or paper and pencil. Write what you really want the first 15 minutes of your day to look and feel like.

It can go something like this.

The first 15 minutes of my day is filled with a peaceful energy of expectation of all that the day will bring.
I take time to clear my mind and energy of yesterday and tomorrow. Only this moment matters to me.
As I reflect on staying calm and focused inspired ideas find their way gently into my awareness.
I write them down and choose which actions to follow based on the importance of each idea.

Next write success for the next time frame of your morning. You don’t have to write it all down, going over it in your imagination is sufficient.

By breaking down the day and the things on your “to do” list, you make them all more manageable.
If your tasks are larger than today can handle then feel free to move them into tomorrow or next week, next month, even next year.

Don’t try to get everything done in one small space of time, this always brings about stress and chaos.

If you are a mom, write success for getting your children out of bed, dressed and fed. Take a few minutes to imagine feeling loving and happy as you wake them. See them joyfully embracing the day and returning your love and happy energy.
Share time with them filling the morning with hugs, laughter and good conversation.

That 30 minutes is a success.

If you are a business person imagine going through your morning email and easily deleting things that don’t add to your day. Create folders in your email account for things to follow up later on in the week. Deal with what is important for today, today.

This is a success story.

Move through your day breaking down the “to-do” list into manageable time frames of success.
By planning and creating success in small slices throughout the day you see evidence of being successful, accomplishing and finishing projects. You are managing not only your time and responsibilities, but your emotional well being. This puts you into a successful thinking state of mind and Being.

The more you practice “being” successful the more successful you will find yourself being.

When you hit a period of time where you are once again feeling overwhelmed, stop and break it down into 15-30 minutes frames to write success.

You can do this with any aspect of your life, relationships, children, job, phone calls and social interactions. Just take a few moments before starting the action to write success for yourself.

Practicing this daily will then become habit and you will soon discover that you are living successfully each day.

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What’s your law of attraction story ?

Have you gotten to the point in life yet where you understand the connection between “your story” and your life experiences?

What I mean by your story is the constant telling of your life experiences. When you sit down for coffee with friends what do you talk about? What do you tell people over and over again?

This is very important now that the new year has come. We all get excited about a new year and new possibilities, expecting things to be radically different. For some the year follows that way, for others it’s a repeat of the last show.

The story you tell is packed with passionate energy, creating more of what you are feeling. It’s not just the telling, it’s the energy you put into the energy.

Have you ever noticed how when you are angry or frightened things seem to fall into place quickly?
The reason for this is the high level of energy you are infusing with the thoughts and feelings.

Get to the place in the telling of your life experiences that you are infusing thoughts with excitement, expectation and joy. This is the stuff dreams are created with.

Your story builds on itself with each telling. Whether the story is one of accomplishment or failure, it’s all about you and the energy you pack into each punch of telling it.

Have you ever met a rich person who talks about being poor, a well person who talks about being sick?

Of course not.

In my coaching others I often here statements such as; I have ———- name the dis-ease here. I am
depressed, ill, poor, drowning in this relationship, etc.

With each of these I Am statements you proclaim this to be true in your life and you will continue to attract situations to prove this truth in your life.

State out loud and notice the difference in feeling, I am worried that I will not have enough money. How does that feel?

Now state I am excited to experience abundance and joy in every area of my life.

By playing around with I Am statements you will pick up on the difference in the feeling of the words and the energy behind them.

If you are experiencing sickness, rather that stating I am sick, bring it up a notch in vibration to I am currently experiencing _______________. This will pass.

It’s hard for most people to go from a mindset of being sick, poor, miserable, depressed, etc to being happy in a single swoop of words and emotions.
I suggest that you play around with I Am statements raising the vibrations of your description of your current situation until you feel in a better place.

As you move up the scale of better feeling by better telling of your story, life around you will begin to shift.
Pay attention to the shifts of energy and move with them. It’s all about you and the story you are telling yourself, so tell a story you want to live with.. because you will live with it.

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Discovering Your Life Purpose; Why Are You Here?

Perhaps you are wondering why you are here. What’s the reason for your life, what are you Supposed to Do.

Most of us go through this process of trying to understand why we are here, the purpose for our life and what we are meant to do. Some seem to naturally know and follow some inner drummer which leads them into bliss and expressions of a joyful life.

You may be one of those who don’t, and that’s OK.

You are here for a reason. You didn’t just randomly pop into a body to live a life of boredom and experience a lack of fulfillment.

Discovering your life purpose is really quite easy with just a few steps.

Be honest about this next part, write your answers down and be complete in your thoughts.

When I was a child I really loved__________________

As a child I felt really connected to ________________________

When I grew up I knew I wanted to __________________________

I have always been interested in _______________________

I’m really good at __________________________

People tell me I should _____________________

My hobbies are ____________________________

You have natural gifts and talents, everyone does. There is something that you do naturally well. Perhaps it’s cooking, understanding others easily, creating new technology, working with children, seniors, creating artwork, writing.

By taking inventory of your activities and dreams you will gain insight into this area of your life.

Think back to when you were little and full of dreams and desires. Allow that energy to move through your subconscious and work itself to your conscious mind.

Get in touch with your desires, your joy, your dreams and move with that flow.

You do have a gift, you do have a dream, a desire to do something. Your desire, like you is a special gift to the world.

Take to heart your joys and your bliss, follow these. No matter what others may have told you or may tell you now Live Your Dreams.

By going with what you enjoy and what you are naturally drawn to you can enhance your talents and build up your gifts. Sharing from your heart allows others to be blessed as well as the wonderful feeling you get from being true to yourself and following the path of joy.

Affirmations for knowing your purpose;

The more I get to know myself, the clearer my purpose becomes.

My unique gifts and talents make a difference in the lives of others.

I follow my joy and share my bliss with others.

My only limit is what I say it is.

My purpose is to live fully and completely with joy and love.

My journey leads me to deeper understanding and love of myself.

I share the gift of myself with the world, all my joy, love, wisdom and passion.

Living my dreams encourages others to live their dreams too.

My life is a gift to all who come into contact with me.

Living joyfully inspires others to live joyfully.

I give myself permission to explore and express every aspect of my wonderful self.

When Failure is a Blessing

You have a dream.

Everyone has dreams.

You look around and see so many who have made their dreams come true and yet yours doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

. Perhaps you are feeling discouraged and frustrated. You’ve had this dream for years and thought about it over and over. You’ve tried and failed so many times that you are ready to give up.

Good. Now you are ready to take some positive steps forward.

You know how to not create your dream, you’ve done things that didn’t work. You are now ahead of the game. You already have a long list of actions that you know don’t work.

Because you’ve already processed through many failures you are closer to your dream now than you’ve ever been.

When Edison was working on the light bulb he failed thousands of times. His comment was that he knew thousands of ways not to make a light bulb. He didn’t give up, he didn’t quit. He used each failure as the jumping off place for the next idea.

Perhaps you have listened to others tell you that failure is a “bad” thing so many times that you’ve adopted it as your own belief.

Failure is a matter of perspective. It’s all in how you look at it. You can stop trying and certainly fail, or use your failures to motivate you to try the next thing.

No one has ever failed or succeeded without giving it a go first. As long as you do nothing, little happens. It’s only when you are willing to learn from your failed actions and move forward with the next step that you find yourself living your dream.

Failure is actually a blessing. It says to you, “keep going, try something else”. You’ve got an idea, you know the next steps. You know what doesn’t work. Take another action and see where it leads. As long as you are moving forward you are getting closer to your dream.

Giving up and setting limiting beliefs are the only things standing in your way.

I recently watched a video by a guy with no arms and no legs. He talked about limits all being in your head. He didn’t see himself as limited, rather he saw opportunity to do things a different way. This young man is very successful because he just doesn’t believe in limits. He believes in opportunity.

Every thing is your life is another opportunity to do something a bit differently than it’s been done before.

Shift your thinking and keep taking action. Your dreams are much closer than you think.

Affirmations for courage and belief in yourself.

Write these down. Read them out loud several times a day. They will help you reprogram your thinking and in turn attract the experience of success into your life.

I can master anything with enough practice

I am totally capable of accomplishing my dreams.

I am grateful for each failure, failure paves the road to success.

I always look for and get excited by a new way of doing something.

I know that if I can dream it, I can do it.

I trust my inner guidance to lead me always forward.

Each step takes me closer to my goals.

I let go of fear and move forward to victory.

Through intuition and belief, I steadily move forward.

I trust my inner guidance to lead me.

My gifts and talents bless the world and lift others up.

Gratitude is the energy that always leads to success.

The Legend of the Dream Catcher

Shaman Medicine Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Legend

Long ago Earth People saw, felt and heart Spirit all around. Becoming selfish and through neglect, most lost this ability. They began to follow every teacher, only a few continued to seek answers and truth.

A young man in searching truth and vision came upon a Spider who said, ” I will help, You must find the Seventh Direction, Within”. “I will make medicine to help you.”

The old Spider bent a twig and wove a web within. She hung a feather for the Winged Ones, the Bringers of Dreams; a shell for the Water People, so dreams might be clear. She sat in the middle and spoke. “BE patient with self and others, share, do not judge, be loving.” “While you sleep I’ll entangle the dreams that would harm you and show the good dreams the way through to help you find the Seventh Direction; the Teacher Within.” The Spider then began to glow, transforming herself into a clear crystal.

©Copyright Donna DeVane/EarthMotherSelfheal 1996

Many years ago when I first began making dream catchers My Guide would tell me which vines to gather, what to give back.

She would gently each prayer to speak into the weave, each crystal to hang, each medicine bag, shell or other item to place.

For many years I wove, decorated and listened to her step by step instructions.

One day as I sat weaving I didn’t hear her instructions and asked why she was not telling me what to pray into each knot. She told me that now I knew from deep within my own Seventh Direction what to weave. I also didn’t hear her as I added beads, feathers, crystals and medicine bags. Once again I asked why and her reply was the same as before.

My intention with each dream catcher I weave, pray into and decorate is that you too will find your Seventh Direction.

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Freedom Of Forgiveness Get Clear Stay Clear Healing Course

Once upon a time there was a child born who knew he was perfect Source Energy. He understood just what a powerful creator he was.

But, slowly over a period of time he began forgetting his connection to Spirit and started doubting his ability to experience whatever he chose.

Little by little the doubts grew into walls of fear and limits which kept him from living his dreams.

You might not realize it yet, but this story is about you.

Think back to when you were a little child and you knew the world was your oyster. You could climb any tree, be or do any one or anything you could think of.

You had no idea of limits.. you were free to explore and experience to your heart’s desire.

Have you noticed that you don’t think and feel that way any more? Now you are more focused on how to get more work done, how to improve your relationships.. the hard details of life rather than the dreams themselves.

Let me ask you, if you could find something that would take you back to that feeling of power, that feeling of being sure your dreams would come true would you be interested in finding out more?

Can you imagine a course that will give you the power to connect again with that feeling of self empowerment, the ability to create your dreams into reality?

That’s exactly what I am offering you.

If you are serious about changing your life, and I know you are, the information in this course will give you the tools to put the Principles of the Law of Attraction to work in your life.

You will learn how your beliefs and expectations CONTROL what comes into your life.

Uncover secrets to transforming your beliefs and attracting more of what you DO want and less of what you don’t want.

There is NO Secret to the Law of Attraction!

It’s a law just like gravity. Learn to work with it and create your life your way.

By the time you finish this course working through the text lessons, listening to the audios and following them up with the meditation you will be able to see yourself as the magical person you really are and deep down have always known yourself to BE.

Imagine experiencing that feeling of ONEness you knew as a child, right now.

Let yourself get in touch with the feelings of knowing you have the power to attract whatever you can dream and imagine.

Feel the power of change growing from a small ember ready to blaze up and change your way of living at this very moment.

Stop and imagine what you life will be like once you have shifted through beliefs that don’t work for you and exchanged them for knowing what thoughts take you over the finish line.

I know you are ready for success, right?

You can feel the truth of what I’m saying.. your inner guidance is standing up, clapping it’s hands and screaming.. yes.. yes.. yes.. to you.

You be the judge of the benefit of this course..

  1. Text lessons that show you step by step what your limits are

  2. Lead you into the needed changes for a more harmonic life

  3. Audio to enforce the written words

  4. Meditation to shift your thinking on the subconscious level where all real change takes place

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18 Million Cracks in the Glass Ceiling by Hillary Clinton

Thank you Hillary Clinton for taking the steps to show all women, young and old, in this nation that a woman will one day be president of the United States of America.

You blazed a mighty trial up the mountain of dreams not only for yourself but for women all over the world.

Each woman who dreamed of one day of seeing herself in the White House is now filled with renewed hope that if not you, if not her.. one day a woman will bring her ability to lead with compassion balanced with strength into the White House.

You have changed our nation, changed the very heart of her. You have brought hope, renewed faith and inspired little girls to aim higher, dream bigger and make a big difference.

As I listened to your concession speech I was moved by your passion and your grace in encouraging your supporters to now move their support to Senator Obama. I know you feel disappointed and it took a lot of inner strength to move towards Obama and support him when you wanted to be the one to make history.

I assure you, Hillary Clinton, you have made history. You have made it easier for every person the world over to believe in their dreams, to follow their passions and to achieve their goals.

Thanks to you the path is clearer than it was 17 months ago.

I applaud you. I thank you and congratulate you on living your dreams in order to encourage others to live theirs.

Thank you Hillary.. Thank you.