Keep That Energy Ball Rolling Along

You are what keeps it going. Whatever it is! You keep it rolling right along. Have you ever noticed how when one or two people in a group start expressing anger more and more people join the party?  Same thing for giving thanks and kindness.  Once we get energy moving it expands and more of it is expressed. That’s why it’s so danged hard to stop the anger and fighting.  Too many people are rolling that energy ball down the road.

Not only do we do this as groups, but individually as well.  As long as you hold onto a train of thought it’s added to with feeling, actions, circumstances, which brings about even more thoughts along the same line.  It builds into forms which leads to even more energy being expanded and created.  We all do it.  We worry, complain, gossip, express our fears and our anger.  The more we do the more we create the very same things we are worrying and complaining about.

Recently I have been watching a group of people who are weary of the ugly words of others.  Some people in this group are expressing their lack of pleasure by stating that they just simply will not be part of it any long.  Others are fussing and cussing about how horrible it all is and poking fingers at the ones causing the problem.  Do you see what’s being created here?  The more people fuss the more the fussing people fuss, so it continues.

A big topic of conversation is how we can change the world.  Leave the world alone and change YOUR world.  You are not in control of the thoughts and actions of others.  You don’t have to play with them, you can move into a new experience at any time.  Change your world.  Choose your thoughts, words, feelings, actions to be in line with how you want to experience your world.

You have ALL the power in your own life and your own creations.  Stay true to your course, flow all the energy into your dreams and desires.  Let others do the same.  Start by loving & respecting yourself.  It all starts there.  Without love for you there will be little love for others.  Loving yourself, honoring yourself overflows into kindness towards others.

This is how we change the world.

I love you!!!

Donna DeVane The Barefoot Guru

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Secret to Success is Celebration

I find it funny how much more quickly people share struggles, gossip and problems than seem to celebrate the success of others.  Do you see the energy of that?  What your mind is full of, (mindfulness), the more of that you get to play in.  Why not change things about and invest tons and tons of energy into celebration all the success you see all around you every day?  This is the BIG SECRET!

Because I’ve been in the public eye for ten plus years I’ve had a few folks who felt that they just had to find something about me that they didn’t like. Perhaps I charged for my books or charged for private classes or coaching. That’s actually how I pay my monthly expenses by the way. Big Smile

Thankfully this hasn’t happened often but it was surprising to me when it did happen.  I realized pretty quickly that I could get all bent out of shape over ONE person not liking me or I could Celebrate the Firecrackers out of the many who appreciated what I am and what I do.

Guess which I chose?  You got it.  No matter whether you do big things or little things someone will not be able to celebrate you… so celebrate yourself.  Notice the success all around you.. celebrate it.. knowing that it is just as available for you as it is for anyone.  Fill your mind up with this knowing.. Celebrate..

I love you.. love yourself well..

When People Come Against You

We’ve always had people who didn’t agree with us. Even Bullying isn’t new. Gossip has been around forever too.  With the internet and people being able to hide behind icons and made up user names things have grown to huge proportions. Today it only takes a few minutes for a tale to go all around the globe.

What do YOU do with all these stories?  Do you just jump on the bandwagon rolling by and take part?  What if that gossip is about YOU or someone you care about?  This is the problem with meddling in the business of others.  Personally I am not the least concerned with the private affairs of anyone. I am not interested in who is dating, divorcing or cheating with whom. I have business of my own and enjoy my very exciting and interesting life.

So what about you?  Are you a gossip?  Do you just go along with whatever is being said and share it with anyone who will listen?  I would be so excited to see a world where good stories made the rounds more quickly than gossip.  Can you imagine that?  How awesome that would be.

Now what about when you are the one being talked about?  What do you do?  Because I’ve been in the public eye for several years I’ve had a few tales told about me.  Now and then someone goes to the radio station chat and feels it necessary to type their fears about me for others to see.  I’ve even had a few folks share their dislike of me on social media over the years.

Do those stories have any thing to do with me?  Not really!  Many years ago one of my students carried a signature line on his email that stated a wonderful and empowering truth.  “What others think of me is NONE of my business”!  I love that and repeat it to myself on that rare occasion when someone sees me through their filter of fear. When people react to us the are for the most part not even knowing us, rather they are seeing themselves in us.  That is the reason for all the gossip and anger.  We see our own fear and beauty in others.  We are reflections for one another, like a 3D movie.  We see what we are most involved in energetically with in our own lives.

Free yourself by releasing gossip and fear.  Look for, acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and power within yourself and be amazed at how you begin to notice this all around you.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

I love YOU.. Love yourself well.

Expand Your Experience Follow the Happy


I love happy.  I write about happy.  I talk about happy.  I follow happy.  Following the fun assures my happy.  How bout you?  Are you actually enjoying your life or just making it through from one day to the next?  I understand how you feel about working to pay bills, take care of responsibilities, etc.  BUT did you know that you can do all those things and enjoy them?  It’s attitude and perspective.  Just last night a young man asked what I did for “work”, to which I replied that I “play at working”.  He told me how lucky I am and I agree.  I’m lucky that I realized a few years ago that I can do what I enjoy and actually have money to do the monthly expenses, eat out, travel etc.

He told me that he was out of work and needed to find a job.  I asked what he loved doing.  After he told me I suggested he start his own business doing just that.  Now get this.. he DID NOT jump up and down with joy at the prospect.. rather he began giving me a list of reasons why he CAN NOT do that.  OK.

It’s all about your outlook.  How are  you seeing things?  Hint here.. what it looks like “out there” is how you are seeing it in your emotions & beliefs.  That’s why it keeps looking like that.  Being happy isn’t hard.  It doesn’t require any thing or any one to show up and do anything either.  It’s a state of mind.  It’s a choice.

Follow the fun, decide on happy.  No matter what’s going on in your life decide on happy.  Watch as new doors open for you bringing even more to celebrate.

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I love you

love your self well!

Wake Up to your Greatness

You Are Awesome

It’s really a big thing that you realize just how awesome you are.  Until you do you will continue to create the same problems over and over again based on a false belief that you are powerless to change things, when in reality you are the awesome power creating experiences for yourself based on your beliefs.

That’s a mouthful of information isn’t it?  It’s true.  You are the energy, the creative mind, that brings your life into physical form so that you can experience yourself as the energy behind the experiences.  When you get this, really get this, you change everything.  You begin to create on purpose according to what you prefer rather than what you fear.  Most people stay poor even though they want money because they fear being poor and what it means.  They create late notices for bills, running out of money because this is the very thing they are afraid of.  Creating from fear only creates what you fear and more of it, big time.

As you awaken to your power to bring things into physical reality based on what you are experiencing yourself as, the joy, love, peace, abundance or fear, anger, dread, stress, you are free to decide what to create rather than creating on automatic.  Most of us have always created without much choice.  We’ve accepted beliefs, thoughts, ideas, that this is just the way it is and we keep creating with that energy.

Now it’s time for humanity to awaken to our greatness, to our awesome power.  Rather than just trying to survive another day it’s time to learn how to create a life that we actually want.  It’s time to awaken to the magic all around us, to understand that there is indeed more than enough of the good stuff for all of us.  We have only to reach out and experience it.  While that sounds simple and actually is simple, we don’t do it because we don’t believe it.  Now intellectually we know it, but we don’t really “know it” in our spirit.

This is the awakening.  Realizing in your spirit Who You Really Are.  Head knowledge will not change much.  As you move into knowing then things change because you change the energy you are creating with.  You are the key, you are the magic, you are the director in the play which is your life.

Isn’t it time you awaken?  Are you ready to create on purpose?

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You are the powerful creative power

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You are creative energy  Listen to the audio message

This is me, Donna DeVane with a manifestation crystal.  I”ve worked with crystals and stones for many years and have learned a lot, about the crystals and myself.  A manifestation crystal aids the process of bringing into form that which is wanted.  It’s a focus tool, a spiritual meditation aid.  YOU are the one doing the work.  You are the creator.

Working with stones and crystals over the years has helped me to better understand the process of creating.  Crystals teach you about allowing the energy to flow in and through them so that creation takes place.  The same is true for how you create.  You know that life Source Energy flows in, through and out of you, bringing into form that which you are knowing, being.

Just as light flows in and through the crystal it is always flowing through you.  As you open your awareness to this power flow and direct it with beliefs, actions, statements of affirmations and knowing, it comes into form.

Being open to the energy moving in and through you to do the work is key.  It’s not your mind, your body, your hands doing the work first.  Spirit is doing the work through you… Life Itself is the energy of creation, it’s moving in and through you, using your hands to bring physical form to your desires.

Know that you are the fountain of Life Energy! Know yourself as Creative Energy!  Now get to creating what you want to experience.

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Learning from your emotions; they have a message for you


Today there seems to be a lot of talk about only feeling those “good” emotions, working your way up the ladder of feelings without much regard for the ones you don’t much care for. While it’s understandable that you want to feel good, it’s beneficial to take a look at those unwanted feelings before moving on past them.
All feelings have value to you. Each one brings with it a message that once understood helps you to move forward with deeper understanding and personal insight. Anger for instance asks you to halt and pay attention to your surroundings, often warning you ahead of time of a potential danger. When understood anger as well as your other emotions bring healing and balance to your life experience.

The problem with anger is that often times it’s held to tightly because of a past trauma. Something happened and you just haven’t let it go. Anger boils inside you and explodes with the least provocation often bring with it destruction of relationships and peace. Once you take a look at the cause of this type of anger response you can trace it back to it’s root, change your perception of the situation and allow healing. Healing is the process of allowing something else into your life rather than the same old types of things.

After tracing your anger back to it’s root look for the gift in that situation. There is always a gift, sometimes you just have to dig really deep to find it. Abuse in childhood reminds you to protect yourself and you can now be inspired to help others understand that they have control over their own lives rather than just living with the anger and hurt of the past. No matter the original cause of the anger you can shift it’s meaning in your life and move forward into healing and balance.

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To Be Offended or Not?

As a young girl my mother often reminded us to , “not be offensive, now dear”.  Courtesy and kindness were a way of life for her and she taught her children the magic of living this way as well.  Perhaps this is why I am shocked when I am confronted with out right rudeness and nasty behavior and or remarks intended to hurt someone.

Recently while sitting in a room I overheard someone say outloud with the intention of being heard and it appeared, hurtful, a remark that included me.  For a second I felt a barb then a sadness for this person that they were so angry and hurt that they felt the only way to deal with their pain was to strike out at others.

While it really doesn’t heal the hurt many folks seem to act as if they cause hurt in another their own pain will lessen.  It doesn’t work that way.  Now what about the person on the intended receiving end?  What do you do when these types of things happen?

While Mother taught me to not be offensive, I have learned over my life time to not take offense.  Making a choice to not be offended takes practice and a good sense of self.  When you know who you are and that the words of another have no power over you unless you give them power, you can just choose to be peaceful.

Some will say, “but what if it’s not true”, “don’t I need to defend myself”?  Does what another say change what IS true?  If someone states that you blue eyes are actually brown do you take offense?  Does their statement change the color of your eyes?

Healing your own emotional addictions will free you from being offended. I hope you’ll give a listen to these radio shows.

Healing power of forgiveness

There is an energy of healing that only comes with forgiveness.

Holding anger and grudges is like carrying a bag of garbage around with you for your whole life.  It’s taints everything, every experience, every relationship with the nasty stench of it.

This is the state of unforgiveness that so many experience on a daily basis. Often it’s hidden behind anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness and even health problems, but it’s the root of the problems.

Forgiveness is a magical thing that release you from the emotional hold to past experiences, expectations of other, and places your power back with you.  Forgiveness is not about assessing blame to another, it’s about accepting that something is done and letting it go.  Learn a lesson, hear the message, receive the gift of it and then go on forward into the next experience.

When you hold onto anger it never hurts the one you are angry with as much as you are injured.  It festers and results in health problems, relationship difficulties and much more.

Isn’t it time you learned to let go?  Hold that hurt for a moment, let love flow to and through it and then release it so that forgiveness can wash through you bringing joy and balance.

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Are you sleepwalking or consciously creating?

You are always creating, you can’t stop it.  Creating is what you do because it’s what you are; creative energy, always creating.  You can however choose to create with awareness rather than reactive creating.  Reactive creation is the automatic response that most people go through life creating with.  Something happens, you react, generally with the same energy of the situation that you don’t like so that you create more of what you are not enjoying in the first place.

It’s habit.  Most people create this way.  Something is unpleasant you react with outrage, anger, fear, or running away.  Problem is this reactive creation keeps what you don’t want showing up over and over again.  There must be another way.

First you have to accept that you are going through life like a sleepwalker, you look awake, but are not.  React is to do over, do again whereas response is the conscious choice of how you wish to express and experience yourself.  See you are constant energy of creation.  You are not determined by what’s outside you.  You are the one determining the outer experiences.  When you get this things start to change.

You can now decide ahead of time whether or nor you wish to interact with what’s going on around you.  If you decide to be the conscious creator of your life experiences you will find them much more to your liking.  Take time to be still, to feel your way towards what you wish to experience.  Follow the feelings to inspired actions.   Decide how and if you will interact with things not in line with what you want.

Getting clear about your desired experiences is the first step to consciously creating.  Decide what you wish to express yourself as Being.  Feel that state of Being.  Take actions in line with that.  By following this course you will enjoy the process of being a creator without getting sidetracked by other’s creations.  Stay on track.  See and feel what you wish to experience.

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