To Be Offended or Not?

As a young girl my mother often reminded us to , “not be offensive, now dear”.  Courtesy and kindness were a way of life for her and she taught her children the magic of living this way as well.  Perhaps this is why I am shocked when I am confronted with out right rudeness and nasty behavior and or remarks intended to hurt someone.

Recently while sitting in a room I overheard someone say outloud with the intention of being heard and it appeared, hurtful, a remark that included me.  For a second I felt a barb then a sadness for this person that they were so angry and hurt that they felt the only way to deal with their pain was to strike out at others.

While it really doesn’t heal the hurt many folks seem to act as if they cause hurt in another their own pain will lessen.  It doesn’t work that way.  Now what about the person on the intended receiving end?  What do you do when these types of things happen?

While Mother taught me to not be offensive, I have learned over my life time to not take offense.  Making a choice to not be offended takes practice and a good sense of self.  When you know who you are and that the words of another have no power over you unless you give them power, you can just choose to be peaceful.

Some will say, “but what if it’s not true”, “don’t I need to defend myself”?  Does what another say change what IS true?  If someone states that you blue eyes are actually brown do you take offense?  Does their statement change the color of your eyes?

Healing your own emotional addictions will free you from being offended. I hope you’ll give a listen to these radio shows.

Healing power of forgiveness

There is an energy of healing that only comes with forgiveness.

Holding anger and grudges is like carrying a bag of garbage around with you for your whole life.  It’s taints everything, every experience, every relationship with the nasty stench of it.

This is the state of unforgiveness that so many experience on a daily basis. Often it’s hidden behind anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness and even health problems, but it’s the root of the problems.

Forgiveness is a magical thing that release you from the emotional hold to past experiences, expectations of other, and places your power back with you.  Forgiveness is not about assessing blame to another, it’s about accepting that something is done and letting it go.  Learn a lesson, hear the message, receive the gift of it and then go on forward into the next experience.

When you hold onto anger it never hurts the one you are angry with as much as you are injured.  It festers and results in health problems, relationship difficulties and much more.

Isn’t it time you learned to let go?  Hold that hurt for a moment, let love flow to and through it and then release it so that forgiveness can wash through you bringing joy and balance.

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Are you sleepwalking or consciously creating?

You are always creating, you can’t stop it.  Creating is what you do because it’s what you are; creative energy, always creating.  You can however choose to create with awareness rather than reactive creating.  Reactive creation is the automatic response that most people go through life creating with.  Something happens, you react, generally with the same energy of the situation that you don’t like so that you create more of what you are not enjoying in the first place.

It’s habit.  Most people create this way.  Something is unpleasant you react with outrage, anger, fear, or running away.  Problem is this reactive creation keeps what you don’t want showing up over and over again.  There must be another way.

First you have to accept that you are going through life like a sleepwalker, you look awake, but are not.  React is to do over, do again whereas response is the conscious choice of how you wish to express and experience yourself.  See you are constant energy of creation.  You are not determined by what’s outside you.  You are the one determining the outer experiences.  When you get this things start to change.

You can now decide ahead of time whether or nor you wish to interact with what’s going on around you.  If you decide to be the conscious creator of your life experiences you will find them much more to your liking.  Take time to be still, to feel your way towards what you wish to experience.  Follow the feelings to inspired actions.   Decide how and if you will interact with things not in line with what you want.

Getting clear about your desired experiences is the first step to consciously creating.  Decide what you wish to express yourself as Being.  Feel that state of Being.  Take actions in line with that.  By following this course you will enjoy the process of being a creator without getting sidetracked by other’s creations.  Stay on track.  See and feel what you wish to experience.

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The Joy of Being Your Creative Self

Let Joy Be your EnergyDo you know that you can choose the state of your Being?  You can decide to Be joy.. even when things are going on around you that are not to your liking. Make up your mind that you decide your State of Being, not the things happening in your life.

This is easy, it’s simple.  You have only to change your habits.  I know that sounds like a big order, but it only takes a month to change a habit.  You shift into a new way of Being through action, thought and feeling.

Most folks have learned to go through life reacting to what’s going on around them.  They have forgotten that they are the creative power that calls forth into physical form all these experiences to interact with.  As long as you stay caught up in reacting to the external you will continue in this loop.

BUT.. when you realize that YOU are the one doing all the creating things take on a different energy.  Now you can begin creating what you want to experience, you can decide whether or not to react to what is already present or to go within and see a new way of experiencing, adding your feelings and thoughts, combining new actions to bring forth a new creation.

This is the power that you ARE.  Make a choice right now to BE joy.  Go ahead, take a few deep breaths, as you exhale think, feel, and say.. JOY.  Feel that shift?  It’s instant.  Do it a few more times.  Now move gently into what you would like to experience.  Keep going with the breaths, they keep you calm and focused.  Feel yourself as the person experiencing the new situation.  Touch the experience with your mind, with your feelings and your energy.

By doing this exercise many times throughout the day for a month you will develop the habit of JOY.  You will know yourself as the energy that creates.  You will create more in line with what you really desire to experience.

The photo is a bunny suncatcher I created to help you stay focused on joy.  See it and others to help you stay focused by clicking here.

How do you stay focused on Being happy?  I’d love to hear from you.. leave me a comment.

Enjoying the law of attraction creative process

When my daughter was eight she was really into the process of creating one experience after another.  You would no sooner finish one excursion before she was asking, “what’s next”? One day I pointed out that perhaps she should enjoy the experience before running off to the next one.  She replied, “Oh I do enjoy the experience, but the exciting part is getting there”.

She understood something most adults have forgotten.   As creators we are all about the creation process.  It’s not really the “stuff” we are after but the process of experiencing ourselves as the energy of creation.  That’s why so many never feel that they’ve done or gotten enough stuff.  When you place all the importance on getting stuff you just are not fulfilled for very long.  Soon after arriving at one place your soul is urging you to create the next experience.

It’s the process of experiencing ourselves creating that really does it for us.  Simply by shifting your thoughts about things a bit you can enjoy your life right where you are while creating/attracting the next set of experiences.

Start by accepting that creating is what you do, it’s Who You Are.  There is no way around it, you are always calling things forth into form.  Now for the really fun part.  Begin seeing the fun in creating.  Each thing that shows up does so due to your asking it to appear for you to interact with.  Wow, that’s some powerful creating you’re doing.  Be amazed at that for just a moment.  Feel the energy of power moving through you.  Now you are ready to take the next step.

What are you desiring to interact with?  Get clear about that part.  Feel the creative life force stir within.  Think about all the possibilities of creative style.  You can go the long way around to your creation or straight to it.  The long way allows you to bring forth lots of little experiences that might not be so pleasant… but you learn from them what you don’t care for much.  The straight way may include some of the same experiences, but your attitude says that it’s all part of the process, showing you more and more who you are, what you are and allowing you the opportunity to experience yourself as creative power.

This second way is the way of joy.  You realize that the process of creating is the fun.  This is why you chose a body and this planet.  You want the experience of understanding yourself to be Creative Life Force in a physical body remembering just what a powerful creator you are.

You can now easily let go of situations, things, people, places not in line with what you are desiring to experience right now.  You can move easily through the process of creating enjoying each  moment, knowing yourself to Be the power calling forth into physical form each and every event.

Start where you are right now.  What do you want?  Who do you desire to experience yourself as Being?  Make a few decisions and get to the creating process.  Laugh a lot, smile often, hug people on a regular basis.. oh, yeah.. pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Live Happy Be Happy

Start off the New Year with a Bang


A lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions only to fall back into old habits a few months in. Here are a few tips to help you stay on course for the whole year.

First get rid of 50 items in 24 hours. There are lots of things, stacks of magazines, toys, shoes, clothing, etc, that are not being used. They are just taking up space and making you feel cluttered. Go through closets and release these unused items. Move into the kitchen, sort through those “junk” drawers. You will quickly realize why we call them junk drawers.

If you have a garage or storage building go through and get rid of things you haven’t used in the last 2-3 years. Chances are if you have used it or worn it in 2-3 years you will not. Letting go of unused items frees up your home and you for new to move in. Be aware of emotional connections to the clearing out process. Sort through these as well.

A few years ago I had a client who told me of a painting at the foot of her staircase. Each morning when she came downstairs she saw that painting and felt bad. It was connected to something painful in her past. I suggested she throw it out. After much thinking on her part she got rid of it. A few days later she called to tell me how wonderful it was coming downstairs first thing in the morning now. If you have an emotional connection to something that doesn’t feel good.. THROW IT OUT! And the emotional connection as well.

After the sorting process is finished take it to the trash, call a charity to pick it up or get online to find a Free Cycle near you where you can re-house the items. I love using free cycle for toys, clothes and furniture. It keeps the landfills clearer and helps others who need these items.

Next move through your home with a bell, incense or smudge, walking around the walls of each room. This clears stagnant energy and brings a fresh feel to your home. Arrange the furniture, pictures etc in a pleasing way. Place a stone or bowl of crystals in each room to remind you to stay aware of the “energy” of each room in the home. A Feng Shui Sun-catcher is also helpful to bring positive energy into the home.

Now sit down and make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished this year. Note where you’ve grown in wisdom and understanding, all the goals you’ve accomplished. Pat yourself on the back a few times. Make a second list of all the things you would like to experience in the new year. Keep these lists together so that as you make a new note of something desired you will be reminded of what you’ve accomplished.

Come back to the 50 in 24 hours exercise several times during the year. You will find it easier each time to release stuff and the emotions that you’ve been holding onto as well.

Happy New Year!

Sun-Catchers for your home

Law of Attraction You Daily Living

The law of attraction is often overlooked for regular day in day out stuff.  Listen to the conference call where we discuss the LOA and weight, health, relationships, love, prosperity and much more.

Creative Principle is the Spiritual understanding of law of attraction.  Just thinking and feeling will not change your life much.  You gotta BE..

This is the first time I’ve used this system, we had a glitch so the call is in two parts.

LOA & You part 1

LOA & YOU part 2

They will open in a new window, they are mp3

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