Let the past move you forward not hold you back

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Things happen, you have a past.  Some of the things in the past you think about and smile.  Some bring forth emotions that hold you in a place that is painful and unpleasant.  What is the power of these past memories?  How do they affect your now?

That depends on what you do with those memories.  If you take a different look at how experiences benefit you the past can be very helpful.  At some point in life you’ve touched a hot stove or a candle.  What did you learn from that uncomfortable experience?  You learned not to do it that way again.  You realized that candle flame and stove heat could be painful and useful at the same time.  The candle can light a dark room, the stove can cook you delicious meals.  You didn’t stay stuck in the painful memory of being burned, you learned from it and put the experience to good use.

Take that same principle with all the other painful things in your past.  You now know what actions you took that did not work the way you wanted them to.  You can use that information to take a different path next time.

When you are tempted to look backwards rather than move forward in life, take into consideration what the past taught you about yourself and your choices.  What were the thoughts and feelings going on that led to that choice?  Do you see how the energy is connected?  Fear thoughts and choices create with that energy.  Desperation creates with the energy of desperation.  Love and hope create with the energy of love and hope.  The energy of the creation will always match the energy used to create with.

Trying to create the experience of abundance with the energy of lack will always brings about abundance of lack.  That’s the way creative principle, law of attraction, works.

Look at what you’ve created, realize the why of it and then move forward to a new kind of energy.  Remember, if you can create anything, you can create anything else.  There are always endless possibilities waiting for your attention.  By learning from the past, you are free to move into the now and follow that to the new future.

I’d love to hear what you think about this topic.  Leave a comment about how the past has helped you to discover where you want to go and what you want to create. 


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Clinging to fear keeps you in the fear loop

IMAG0048   You know that fear is energy, just like love.  Energy always seeks to expand, increase to experience more of itself.  Then why do you cling to your fear?  You know that this only assures more to feel fearful of.  You say you want life to change for you yet you refuse to let go of the fear.  You hold onto all those dreadful what if thoughts as though you really want them to come into form all the while saying you hope they don’t show up.

You are guarantying that they will as long  as you continue to give all your  energy to fear.  Fear, like love, increases the more attention you give to it.  The reason unwanted stuff shows up  so quickly is that you pour more energy, more passion, pay more attention to unwanted circumstances.  Refuse this thinking and you change the flow of your life.  Realizing that you are the creator bringing things into form through thought, beliefs, passion and your actions places you in the driver’s seat.  You can now come to the conclusion that a simple shift of thinking has the power to change everything. 

A simple exercise will reveal this truth to you.  Stand in a dark room by the light switch.  Don’t touch the switch, just stand there and take note of the darkness.  After a minute or two reach over and turn on the light.  Wow, how easy that is.  The darkness doesn’t resist, the light doesn’t battle in order to destroy the darkness and win the day.  Just that easily you can choose to shift thoughts from what is wrong to your actual state of self.  You are light, you are love, you are joy, you are prosperity.  This is the actual state of Who You Are.  Staying focused on who you are allows you to create from this place, bringing into form things in alignment with this energy rather than the energy of fear and lack.

Many people tell me how hard it is to move away from the fear thoughts as they are all around them.  They say it’s hard to ignore the what is that stinks when you have to deal with it every day.  True.  It’s hard feeling to change your course from being a worry wart to being who you really are.  It takes practice, lots of practice.  Repeat the exercise above often to remind you that while it feels hard it’s actually easy to shift.  It’s a matter of choice.  You and only you get to decide what you think about and how you think about anything. 

The real question is are my thoughts in line with what I wish to experience myself as being.  When they are not shift those thoughts into alignment with Who You Are rather than who you are not.  With daily practice you will one day find that you have thought yourself into the light without a fight.

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