Power of Intent A Journey Back to Self Living Consciousness

Another blog entry today, I’m cooking with gas!  I’ve determined to experience a few new things and writing my  blog more often is one of those things.  Another is rewriting “A Journey Back To Self” and I’m making progress on that as well.  As a matter of fact the second edition will be available May 25th or before.  I’m excited to get this new book ready for you.  It covers chakra, color, meditation, healing, forgiveness, living consciously and much more.  You’ll be happy to know that I’m recording a CD with all the meditations in the book just for those who purchase the autographed copies from one of my websites.  This CD will not be included in the ones in the big retail stores.

Let’s discuss intent and intention today as I have something new to share with you on this topic.  I “intended” for a few years to rewrite A Journey and correct all the errors I made in the first printing.  I really did intend to do it.  The problem was I didn’t take any action to do it.  I hadn’t determined to rewrite the book.  Intention needs action in order to get a new experience.  Often we place the meaning on intent over with hope, wish, long for and don’t do anything to bring it about.

When I determined to do it, I added action to my desire or intent.  I spent a week replacing the hard drive in my laptop ( I write on it) loaded up all the programs and hundreds of updates.. you know how that is.. 🙂

Then I made a decision to NOT go into my office for the first few hours of the day.  Nope, don’t take a single step in that direction, rather I grab the laptop, put it on the bed, turn it on and begin writing after a few minutes of checking email and playing Bejeweled on Facebook. 

I’m almost half done with the rewrite plus I’m keeping my blogs more up to date.  This is determination, not just intent. Determination and action are the hands and feet of intention, necessary to actually get something done.  I know we like to sit and dream and imagine how wonderful it will be one sweet day when all our intentions come into manifestation… but chances are it will be a long time coming unless we actually take some action to work with the Creative Principles. 

What do you intend?  What are your dreams and goals?  Have you made a choice, taken action?  Let me know how it’s working.  I’d love to hear about what you are creating.  Join me for my radio broadcasts at Awakened Radio.  I share the principles of intent and A Journey Back To Self 5 days a week.  You are always invited to take part in the chat room and by calling in.

For more information on my recent and upcoming books, like A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness visit www.ThrivalWithDonnaDeVane.com

It’s time to heal and create something different

Time to Heal



There is an energy stirring and you feel it. There is a call to wake up to your Real Self. You feel that too.
Go ahead, change the thinking, the beliefs, the way you’ve been doing things.. create what you really want with the energy of who you really are. You can do it, you ARE the power of change!

Helping others succeed guarantees your success

You know you want to be successful, most people do.
But, do you know that the surest and quickest way to your own success is helping others?

It’s true and it’s within the law of attraction principles. Giving away that which you most desire opens the flood gates to your own success.
It also places you in the stream of meeting very helping and talented people who can then guide you on your journey to success.

Think for just a moment of really successful people, what do they all have in common?

They think success and share it through helping others. Successful writers, retailers, coaches.. all share the common bond of thinking successfully and sharing that helping attitude with others.

If you are a writer you are sharing wisdom that helps others live abundant lives. Join others in mentoring young writers just starting out and point them in the right direction.

Are you knowledgeable about blogging, website building, promotion, networking? Use this information to help others.

The more you give the more you receive.

I’ve often heard it said that “you can’t out give GOD”… and that’s the truth.

Start giving away what you desire to achieve in your own life. Use your gifts and talents, your knowledge base to encourage others in their goal to succeed.

Use network sites like Facebook to make new friends and share your videos, audio, text and website information with others. There are thousands of people waiting for what you have to share.

The more you reach out to others the more people will reach out to you.

Joe Vitali and others wonderful teachers suggest that you surround yourself with successful people. These people will have abilities you don’t and will be delighted to aid you in your accomplishment of goals.

Your sphere of influence will grow the more you share and help and it comes full circle as people begin showing up in your life to help you.

Ghandi said, “be the change you wish for the world”.
You wish for success, fulfillment, joy, helpfulness??? BE that. Be that to everyone you meet. We all have something to share, teach and learn from each other. Open your arms and your heart, receive the gifts that abundantly fill your life experience.

Remember, you can’t out give GOD, Source!!!!!

My Dreams and Lessons learned from politics

I have a dream for the month of May.

Ambitious though it may be I want to sale 1000 copies of my ebooks this month.

I have been writing and blogging off and on and realize that in order for people to buy the ebooks I have got to go where the people are.

So I have been building my friend list on Facebook. I signed up a while ago but didn’t do much with it as I figured it was pretty much the same thing as MySpace.

I was wrong. Facebook is much easier to use and offers groups, pages you can follow, and people from all ages, all around the world.

I spent several days finding friends who knew how to travel the roads of Facebook with the most ease. I am amazed at how helpful people are and how willing to join your network.

It’s easier to make friends with just a simple click or two.

I like being able to make pages about each of my books as well as my jewelry and dream catchers. There is also a market to list items I have for sale.

While working on Facebook I have been watching MSNBC news. This is my favorite news, don’t really know why.

I listened to how Clinton is now wanting to change the rules so she can be ahead. While I don’t support her as far as voting for her, I have to give her credit for knowing what she wants and being willing to never be deterred from reaching her goals.

I watch Obama take punch after punch and part of me applauds his unwillingness to play the game as usual but the other part says, come on dude, answer back.

I’m happy to see that Rev. Wright isn’t as much a part of the news, I had just about worn out the mute button on my remote so I wouldn’t have to listen to people telling me how offended I should be by his statements. I guess what Mother said when I was a child holds true for lots of folks, “you are known by the company you keep”.

Sometimes I think one or the other should say enough already and support the other so that we can have one Democrat and one Republican for the nation to choose from. I guess it’s good for McCain though, he gets to go about his business while the two Democrats chip away at each other and pay no attention to his remarks. While democrats stay focused on whether there are racial divides, gender differences and income niches that we all fit into, no one pays attention to McCain saying that once we get independent of foreign oil we will never again have to send our soldiers to middle east to fight for oil. Wow.. can’t believe so many people missed that one.

As I watch Clinton punch, duck and sway while changing the rules to suit her I do have to give her credit. She’s a one tough cookie. She sticks to her guns and sips Crown Royal rather than chugging it back. I’ve often said it’s probably a sin to mix it or drink it quickly and I ‘m glad to know I’m in presidential company.

Neither Obama nor Clinton want to give up no matter what is said about them. Clinton will even make pie in the sky promises she and most Americans know she can’t deliver on. Obama answers by saying it will not work. Ok, you’ve got my attention, go on.. tell me what will.

Americans are tired of high oil prices and the outrageous price on human life and suffering by the “war” in Iraq. Now we want to threaten Iran with blowing them off the map. Wow.. is this America?

I love this country, but I’ve always thought that when you act the same way as those you disagree with there is no difference between you. I guess our nations motto has changed to Might Makes Right rather than the land of the free and the brave.

I do get one good thing from all the political fussing and fighting though. Don’t give up on your dreams. If what you are doing isn’t working, change what you’re doing. Throw in the baby and the bathtub to live your dreams. AND if you don’t get it this time, there’s always four years down the road.