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I love happy.  I write about happy.  I talk about happy.  I follow happy.  Following the fun assures my happy.  How bout you?  Are you actually enjoying your life or just making it through from one day to the next?  I understand how you feel about working to pay bills, take care of responsibilities, etc.  BUT did you know that you can do all those things and enjoy them?  It’s attitude and perspective.  Just last night a young man asked what I did for “work”, to which I replied that I “play at working”.  He told me how lucky I am and I agree.  I’m lucky that I realized a few years ago that I can do what I enjoy and actually have money to do the monthly expenses, eat out, travel etc.

He told me that he was out of work and needed to find a job.  I asked what he loved doing.  After he told me I suggested he start his own business doing just that.  Now get this.. he DID NOT jump up and down with joy at the prospect.. rather he began giving me a list of reasons why he CAN NOT do that.  OK.

It’s all about your outlook.  How are  you seeing things?  Hint here.. what it looks like “out there” is how you are seeing it in your emotions & beliefs.  That’s why it keeps looking like that.  Being happy isn’t hard.  It doesn’t require any thing or any one to show up and do anything either.  It’s a state of mind.  It’s a choice.

Follow the fun, decide on happy.  No matter what’s going on in your life decide on happy.  Watch as new doors open for you bringing even more to celebrate.

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I love you

love your self well!

A new perspective seeing yourself in Truth

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Take a good look at the real YOU

There is a you that if you beheld yourself as this, it would blow your mind, shake up your world and change your life forever.  This You is the real YOU, the eternal, divine principle creative energy that you really are.

Right now many are grabbing hold of the law of attraction teaching of imagining, feeling, then doing.  Stop right there.  There is a simple way that works easier.


That’s it.  Simply BE who you are.  We’ve been going about it backwards, trying to do in order to become.  The Be comes first.  It’s more than just affirmations and vision boards, it’s a state of BEing who you really are.

You get a glimpse of this YOU when you meditate on love, peace, joy and abundance.  You are one with these states.  You feel it in every cell of your body.  Your mind even relaxes it’s hold on your thinking for a few moments as it responds to Being rather than thinking and doing.

Look at the crystal above.  Don’t try to name it or figure it out.  Just allow it to BE.  Enjoy the beauty of it.  Relax your body, eyes, mind and connect with it’s energy.  Allow this energy to flow easily through you.  Don’t try to hold onto it or figure it out, just let it flow.  Enjoy the connection, the Oneness.

Now look around you, don’t name things, just gaze upon them, notice the color, texture, beauty of things around you.  Let the flow of energy continue as you allow things to Be without naming them, without putting them in a category.

By practicing this throughout the day you begin to experience yourself as you are. .. Awareness.. not mind, body, thought, feeling.. but Awareness.

You are so much more than you’ve been thinking and acting.  You are the Whole of everything.  You are connected to All.  There is only Oneness.

Apply this process to your life, all of your life.  Rather than seeking love, be love.  Rather than working to be prosperous, Be prosperity.

Listen for your I AM statements, are they reflective of Who You Are or are they illusion?

How do you identify yourself?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, leave me a comment.

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The Joy of Being Your Creative Self

Let Joy Be your EnergyDo you know that you can choose the state of your Being?  You can decide to Be joy.. even when things are going on around you that are not to your liking. Make up your mind that you decide your State of Being, not the things happening in your life.

This is easy, it’s simple.  You have only to change your habits.  I know that sounds like a big order, but it only takes a month to change a habit.  You shift into a new way of Being through action, thought and feeling.

Most folks have learned to go through life reacting to what’s going on around them.  They have forgotten that they are the creative power that calls forth into physical form all these experiences to interact with.  As long as you stay caught up in reacting to the external you will continue in this loop.

BUT.. when you realize that YOU are the one doing all the creating things take on a different energy.  Now you can begin creating what you want to experience, you can decide whether or not to react to what is already present or to go within and see a new way of experiencing, adding your feelings and thoughts, combining new actions to bring forth a new creation.

This is the power that you ARE.  Make a choice right now to BE joy.  Go ahead, take a few deep breaths, as you exhale think, feel, and say.. JOY.  Feel that shift?  It’s instant.  Do it a few more times.  Now move gently into what you would like to experience.  Keep going with the breaths, they keep you calm and focused.  Feel yourself as the person experiencing the new situation.  Touch the experience with your mind, with your feelings and your energy.

By doing this exercise many times throughout the day for a month you will develop the habit of JOY.  You will know yourself as the energy that creates.  You will create more in line with what you really desire to experience.

The photo is a bunny suncatcher I created to help you stay focused on joy.  See it and others to help you stay focused by clicking here.

How do you stay focused on Being happy?  I’d love to hear from you.. leave me a comment.

You are NOT Ready to Really Be Happy

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You want to know how I know you are not ready to be happy?

I know because if you really wanted to be happy, you would be.

You are not happy because you are not ready to let go of thinking about and feeling about, talking with others about.. all the things you feel unhappy about.

As a coach I hear from people all the time who say to me that they want to be happy, they want to be rich, they want to be well.

They don’t really want this.

They are not willing to change one drop of thinking or feeling so that things can change for them.

Any state of Being is the product of your thinking and feeling that way.. acting that way.

How can you Be happy when all your conversation is about things that make you feel unhappy?

You can’t.

Thoughts always become things when given your attention with great passion.

The other day I asked a coaching client what she really wanted.  She responded that it was more about what she didn’t want.

Ok, I said, then tell me what you don’t want.

She didn’t want to be broke, she didn’t want to experience bounced checks, etc.

I had her write down the top five things she didn’t want and then flip them to what it was that she really wanted.

Ah, she exclaimed.. finally understanding that by putting all her energy into what she didn’t want.. she just kept getting more of that.

Being happy does not require everything in your life to be just as you want to experience it.  That’s putting the cart before the horse.

The law of attraction, the secret to experiencing is imagination combined with passion.. followed by inspired action.

Can you feel happy right where you are?

Of course you can.  Think about things that feel good to you.  Continue to work with this energy even if you have to think about things that have already happened.

You might even enjoy playing the “wouldn’t it be nice game”.  Just say, wouldn’t it be nice if all my bills were paid with money left over to go out and eat?

Continue in that vein of thought and watch your mood change.

Being Happy is a state of mind.. which creates circumstances to match the mood.

Be Happy…

I’ve written a powerful ebook that teaches you how to change your thinking and your feelings.  Discover the secret to Being Happy.. to Being whatever state you wish to experience.

Get your copy today and Be Happy!

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How do you really feel about money and yourself?

Money Back Guarantee

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As a coach I am tickled and amazed at how much people tell me without ever saying a word.

I’ve been running a special for new clients where they can get a coaching session for a donation.

It amazes me when someone donates five dollars for an hour of their and my time.  Now I do understand that there are some people to whom five dollars is a lot of money.  I’m not talking about those people.  I’m talking about people who say they are really ready to invest in themselves and create a new way of living.

These people want a more flowing life experience.  They often tell me on the call that money is a real issue with them.  They just don’t seem to ever have enough cash.  Things happen all the time that suck their money out of their bank accounts.

When we stop to understand how we treat money is how money treats us, we gain valuable insights.

Money is energy.  How we interact with it is how it will interact with us. 

When one is afraid of not having enough, they generally don’t.

Fear of not having or being enough clogs up the plumbing.  When you don’t feel deserving enough to invest in your life, your wellbeing and your joy, you don’t end up with anything different than what you already have.

Feeling good about yourself, about being successful and in wonderful relationships opens the door for these things.  However, if you are really believing that you don’t deserve them you will most likely not notice the opportunity for them when it comes by your house.

We all have hidden feelings, old emotions linked to past happenings that we filter our now and our future through.  Getting a handle on what is really going on in our thinking and feeling self is key to clearing them and getting into a new way of living.

What you belief you are worth will always show up.

What you belief you deserve will fill your life to overflowing.

Whatever is lacking is lacking because you are stopping it from entering your experience.

How do you treat money?  How do you treat yourself in regards to money?

Money responds to you in the same vein that you offer in regards to it.

Today take a few dollars and invest in yourself.  Take yourself for ice cream, get a new outfit or a hair cut.  Be in a good feeling place about this.  Get in the habit of treating yourself and money in a loving and respectful way.. spiced with joy and giggles.. watch and things change almost over night.

I’ve written a new ebook that helps you recognize the reasons you are not living happy.. and takes you step by step into changing your unhappy habits.

Get your copy today and live fully, joyfully and successfully.

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Taking Stock of Happy Choices


Now and again we like to stop and take stock of our investments, life experiences and opportunities.  This is a great idea as it keeps you on track and makes your progress real and tangible. 

Taking stock of your happy choices is also very important.  Most of us don’t realize how many choices we make each day about our feelings.  We over hear conversations and have an emotional reaction.  Listening to the news brings about instant emotion, as do movies and reality shows.

We are constantly making a decision about our state of feelings, our emotions. 

Connections have been made through years of practice linking the dots from things that look the same to always feeling the same.  It’s instant.  It doesn’t require any thought at all.. something happens and without being aware of the process.. YOU FEEL a certain way.

Being aware of the choices throughout the day brings things into focus.  Once you start paying attention to how you feel you start to get an idea of how you got to that feeling place.  Trace back what you were thinking and or doing right before you realized your feeling place wasn’t a great vacation spot.  By connecting the dots from thoughts to feelings.. you clear out a space to consciously decide what you are going to feel by deciding on your thoughts.

Thoughts are powerful and turn into things if given much headway.  Thinking something a few times makes it come alive in your feelings.  Once in your feelings things really begin to grow and take shape. 

Interrupt the process by being aware of your feelings.  Decide to make happy choices.  When you get it that your thought promote feelings.. you will be more easily able to trade one set of thoughts for another that leads to a better feeling place.

It’s like going on vacation.  You get online and look at pictures to see the layout of the hotel and the city you want to visit.  It doesn’t look and feel right so you make another choice.  By using the process of asking yourself “how does this feel”? you can just simply decide to take an imagined vacation in your head and emotions somewhere else.

Your feeling are important.. the road to them is always your thoughts.  When you take stock of happy thoughts, you begin making happy choices.  How does it feel is always a good place to start your journey.

Enjoy the Happy Choices in your life thought and feeling by thought and feeling.


I have written a powerful new ebook that helps you to let go of the past and move fully into the present.  Learn to Be Happy and make Happy Choices each day.  Step by step guidelines bring understanding and insight into what’s going on in your life.

Get your copy today and change your life.. BE Happy Live Happy


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Your Feelings Give You Away

What are you feeling right now?

Do you feel excited about the possibilities of a wonderful and enriching adventure or are you feeling worried, stressed and anxious?

How you feel reveals to you what you are in the process of creating.  Take notice of the way you feel throughout the day and you will not be surprised when the thoughts and feelings show up in experience.

Imagine yourself as a giant magnet, the pull is your feelings.  Whatever emotion you are most involved with is the energy with which you attract experiences.  Each experience matches the emotions, the feelings that you are sending out

This means that if you begin your day with dread, worry, anger and fear that situations that further this emotional standpoint will be attracted into your life.

The principle of attraction brings more of what you are sending out.  You can’t send out the signal of fear and expect to experience things that are not in line with what you are fearing.  Like attracts like.

What can you do then to align yourself to more positive experiences?

Be honest about the major energy you are feeling.  If you are feeling frustrated admit it to yourself and go on to discover why you are feeling that way.  There is something not the way you want it to be.  What is it? 

This is the point which contrast works on your behalf.  Things that are not pleasant to you give opportunity for clarification of that which you really do want.

Perhaps you had an argument first thing in the morning with your spouse about money.

What you really want is a relationship with your spouse where you communicate openly and respectfully and share responsibility for your finances.  You finances may not be the way you want them to be.  Perhaps you argued because there isn’t enough money to pay all the bills that are due.  This too is an opportunity to use contrast to be clear about what it is that you really do want.  You want to experience more financial abundance.

Now begin imagining yourself in this very situation.  Stay in the imagined place emotionally and watch as the reality of it shows up.  You will feel better and attract more to feel good about starting with day one.