Why I do what I do and the meaning of it all!



See that picture?  I did that with my pastel crayons.  Did I do it to win a prize or show people my artistic talents?  Nope.  I did it cause it’s fun and I enjoy it.  It’s not about others liking it or not.  It’s about me enjoying what I do and doing what I enjoy.  That goes not only for painting crayons but everything I do.  I follow the fun. Whether it’s making Spirit Dolls, jewelry, dream catchers, writing a book, hosting a radio show or cleaning house.. it’s about the fun. 

Pleasure is a good thing, it let’s me know I’m conscious and aware of myself.  There is no guilt in true pleasure, there is no harm in true pleasure.  Right now I’m piled up on my bed with my three Siamese kittens and the laptop writing this.  Of course I could be doing something else, but this is what is fun for me at this moment.  It may be fun later to cook a meal, clean the house or mow the lawn.  I might even get the art supplies out and make another picture.  I may read a book, or write another chapter in the book I’m working on now. 

My point is, I follow the fun.  Yeah, I make a mental note of the things I’d like to do, to accomplish, to finish. Some days I even do those things, some days I do some of them, other days I do none of them.  It all depends on the fun, the pleasure.  Pleasure is pure and expansive, as I explore my creative energy and express another aspect of myself.  It’s not about doing what has to be done but what thrills and delights me in the doing of it.

Recently I’ve begun really cleaning my home.  I’ve thrown away stuff from every corner of the house.  I’ve hauled unwanted furniture to the road.  A few people asked didn’t I feel guilty in not recycling it all?  NO I did not.  I stopped doing guilt a few years ago when I realized it was counter productive to enjoying my life. 

Thirty years ago I was a type A+ personality and was pretty miserable inside.  I was caught up in all the gotta, shoulda’s of life and it just wasn’t fun.  So, I stopped the guilt trip on myself.  Now that’s not saying do as you please and to Hades with the consequences, rather it’s an open door to self realization of your / my power to create and interact with that which is created.  I create, I get to interact with what I create.. so why would I create anything I didn’t want to have as an experience?  See the pure beauty in that?

Today follow the fun.  Let pure pleasure guide you to each experience.  If it ain’t fun.. just don’t bother with it, move on to something else.

I’d love to hear from you.  Did you follow the fun?  What was your experience?

Love yourself well,

The Barefoot Guru