Will Everything Be Alright?

We’ve all heard it, that optimistic leading that everything will be ok.  Things are gonna work out alright, but will they?

In my personal life I’ve found that if I stay focused on the outcome I want and do not waver, things do work out.  They don’t always work out the way I thought they would, honestly they hardly ever work out the way I thought they would, but they do work out.  Sometimes the end result is I change my mind and pursue another goal rather than the original one.

I’m writing this blog today in response to all the “negative” stuff we are all aware of.  It’s like the world has gone completely mad and few notice the insanity. Let’s go over a few crazy points as we move along.

Very young children being read to by Drag Queens.  Very young children being offered to pick a gender.  Very young children being schooled in gay and transgender lifestyles.

I am not against gay or trans folk, matter of fact I know quite a few of them.  I don’t know a single one that agrees with the above current stream of thought though.  We can support the choices of other people without encouraging young children to be more confused than normal life offers them.

I remember when my children were very little and started asking about where babies came from, I answered with information that they could understand.  Every year or so their inquiries got more complex so my answers followed suit.  I didn’t push more information on them than they were actually asking.  Sex education is a simple thing, you answer what is asked, no more, no less.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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Is America Coming Back to Sanity???

Hip Hip Hurray!!

Finally, after almost 8 years of insanity our Supreme court is coming to grips with what this nation stands for.

It decided… again.. that all prisoners held in the States or out.. do have rights.

Wow.. it’s hard for me to even consider that anyone in this nation, especially our president would think otherwise.

What makes our nation the envy of others? Why do people from all over the world want to move here?

Our freedom, our Constitution. Without the Constitution we are no different than any other nation in world.

The truth about this current President, George W. Bush is coming to light. Motions are being made to impeach him, too late though for all the damage he has done in our country.

I love this country and have been ashamed of many things that have happened over the last several years. Whenever we use terror to fight terrorist.. how are we then any different?

When we deny people a right to legal counsel and jail them for years without any rights whatsoever and use torture against them, please tell me how these acts differ from the ones we say we are fighting.

I am glad our Supreme Court made this decision. I am saddened that once again the Republicans including our president are upset about this decision. Are we going to turn from insanity back to the core of what our nation has always stood for?

I hear a lot of conservatives talking about how the morals and ethics in this nation are being eroded by abortion, gay rights, TV, books and movies.. yet none of the talk about denying other human beings protection from torture while in American custody.

How can this be?

Perhaps when a nation decides to believe the lies told by government to invade another country for oil they will fall for anything. I hope not. I hope we are waking up to what has been going on. We were told too many lies and lost too many freedoms to let it go on.

Hip hip Hurray Supreme Court of the United States of American for understanding that when it is legal to deny the constitutional rights to even one person, they have no value for anyone, American citizen or not.

Let’s bring this nation back to sanity and shine truth and light on lies, fear and those who promote it.