Healing power of forgiveness

There is an energy of healing that only comes with forgiveness.

Holding anger and grudges is like carrying a bag of garbage around with you for your whole life.  It’s taints everything, every experience, every relationship with the nasty stench of it.

This is the state of unforgiveness that so many experience on a daily basis. Often it’s hidden behind anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness and even health problems, but it’s the root of the problems.

Forgiveness is a magical thing that release you from the emotional hold to past experiences, expectations of other, and places your power back with you.  Forgiveness is not about assessing blame to another, it’s about accepting that something is done and letting it go.  Learn a lesson, hear the message, receive the gift of it and then go on forward into the next experience.

When you hold onto anger it never hurts the one you are angry with as much as you are injured.  It festers and results in health problems, relationship difficulties and much more.

Isn’t it time you learned to let go?  Hold that hurt for a moment, let love flow to and through it and then release it so that forgiveness can wash through you bringing joy and balance.

Turquoise and rose quartz are wonderful stones for bringing the energy of love, welling being and forgiveness into your life.  Visit my website for this and other healing jewelry creations.

A new perspective seeing yourself in Truth

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Take a good look at the real YOU

There is a you that if you beheld yourself as this, it would blow your mind, shake up your world and change your life forever.  This You is the real YOU, the eternal, divine principle creative energy that you really are.

Right now many are grabbing hold of the law of attraction teaching of imagining, feeling, then doing.  Stop right there.  There is a simple way that works easier.


That’s it.  Simply BE who you are.  We’ve been going about it backwards, trying to do in order to become.  The Be comes first.  It’s more than just affirmations and vision boards, it’s a state of BEing who you really are.

You get a glimpse of this YOU when you meditate on love, peace, joy and abundance.  You are one with these states.  You feel it in every cell of your body.  Your mind even relaxes it’s hold on your thinking for a few moments as it responds to Being rather than thinking and doing.

Look at the crystal above.  Don’t try to name it or figure it out.  Just allow it to BE.  Enjoy the beauty of it.  Relax your body, eyes, mind and connect with it’s energy.  Allow this energy to flow easily through you.  Don’t try to hold onto it or figure it out, just let it flow.  Enjoy the connection, the Oneness.

Now look around you, don’t name things, just gaze upon them, notice the color, texture, beauty of things around you.  Let the flow of energy continue as you allow things to Be without naming them, without putting them in a category.

By practicing this throughout the day you begin to experience yourself as you are. .. Awareness.. not mind, body, thought, feeling.. but Awareness.

You are so much more than you’ve been thinking and acting.  You are the Whole of everything.  You are connected to All.  There is only Oneness.

Apply this process to your life, all of your life.  Rather than seeking love, be love.  Rather than working to be prosperous, Be prosperity.

Listen for your I AM statements, are they reflective of Who You Are or are they illusion?

How do you identify yourself?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, leave me a comment.

For more information on shifting your beliefs and Being click here

Weaving Life by Design


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Dream Catcher Legend
Long ago Earth People saw, felt and heart Spirit all around. Becoming selfish and through neglect, most lost this ability. They began to follow every teacher, only a few continued to seek answers and truth.
A young man in searching truth and vision came upon a Spider who said, " I will help, You must find the Seventh Direction, Within". "I will make medicine to help you."
The old Spider bent a twig and wove a web within. She hung a feather for the Winged Ones, the Bringers of Dreams; a shell for the Water People, so dreams might be clear. She sat in the middle and spoke. "BE patient with self and others, share, do not judge, be loving." "While you sleep I’ll entangle the dreams that would harm you and show the good dreams the way through to help you find the Seventh Direction; the Teacher Within." The Spider then began to glow, transforming herself into a clear crystal.
May this medicine help you find the Seventh Direction.

Read the Spider’s wisdom again until you really “get” it.  Realize that you are the weaver of your life, you are the power bringing into manifested form those things which you experience.  It is not being done TO YOU, but by YOU.  This is empowering when you accept it.  You realize that even as you are powerful enough to bring about that which is not wanted you are equally powerful to change what you are creating and bring forth what is desired.

Many do not see this.  Religious beliefs have brainwashed them into thinking that it’s all up to some “god” up there somewhere who gives them according to some law.. those things which they experience.

GOD is the energy which created you to be a Creator.. not to be less than.. but equal to.. responsible for your life’s creations. 

Neale Donald Walsch states, “we are God Godding”.  I love that.  We are created to be the image and likeness of GOD.. not undeserving creatures.  Stop living as though GOD does not love you.  Realize who you are.. the power that you are.. and create with that.

There has been so much information about the law of attraction that we have over looked the spiritual aspect of this divine principle.  Go deeper, realize yourself.. create a Higher Expression of you..

Dream Catchers, Coaching, Healing

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Heal your pain Lithium Crystals


100_7224 lithium


Years ago I began working with stones and crystals for their metaphysical properties.  I realized that even as a child I had been attracted to stones, I just didn’t understand why.  Certain “rocks” just felt good to me and I would carry it around in my pocket or line my window sill with the treasures I found while playing.

Now, many years later I know much more about the history of working with minerals.  Not only have humans used them for ornamentation, but for their healing properties as well.

As an energy healer I know the power of working with stones and crystals to heal the mind, body and spirit of pain, congested energy blocks from past trauma and how this dis-ease is limiting to those experiencing it.

To this end I will begin focusing here on my blog a stone or crystal every few days that will be of benefit to you as a reiki, shamanic, light worker, or energy healer as well as though who wish healing and relief in body and emotions.

Today I start with a very powerful crystal.  Lithium quartz is a very strong energy for easing physical pain in the body.  Placing it on the affected part of the body will bring about relief, even more relief can be experienced by washing the crystal under running water for a minute.  Place crystal in glass jar filled with pure water.  Enhance the energy by placing bottle in sun or moon light.  Now.. only drink 1/8 to 1/4 cup at the time.  DO NOT drive after drinking the water.  Used at bedtime you will find it enhances sleep and releases you from pain, or reduces it enough to allow you relief.

As with any medicine use in moderation.  This mixture will allow you to be in less pain so that you can determine what is behind the pain and heal that. 

Pain in the body, dis-ease is related to something else.. not just pain or disease showing up randomly.  By working through the time line of the dis=ease you can get to the “root” of the cause and heal that..

The lithium crystal shown is on my website along with a few others.  I dug these myself and know their power to work to ease your pain.

See the crystals I offer, by clicking here. 

I also offer healing / coaching sessions on a donation basis when you are ready to heal your life.

Pain in the body is a symptom of your holding onto to something that needs to be released.  As long as you hold onto limits.. you will continue to attract more that limits.  This is law of attraction, creative principle at work. 

Healing is not just about healing the physical body.. it’s healing the whole self, mind, body and spirit.

Love yourself well..


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Get ready for a miracle

 ~ Moon Party (continues) ~

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We’ve all heard about miracles and have felt amazed. Wow, if that would only happen in my life has been our response when someone won the lottery, or realized healing of a horrible dis-ease.

Well.. here’s the truth about miracles. They are everyday, ordinary experiences.  The problem is.. we don’t believe in them, so we don’t recognize them.. they just aren’t in our line of vision.

It’s like wearing dark glasses, so dark that you can only see what’s right in front of you.  That’s how most people live.  They react to what’s already happened.. and each new opportunity is reacted to as though it’s something related to the past.

This gets you more of the same.. but, that’s a miracle too.  You are the miracle maker. You create them, draw them, attract them into your life with your thoughts, feelings, actions.. and most importantly.. your beliefs.

For just a moment consider your body. It heals itself, it digests food and converts it to energy. Your body runs, jumps, sings, dances.

Your life is a miracle. Be aware of it, touch it, interact with it. Think about how you create.. your thoughts, feelings and actions.. become.. THINGS>> wow..

Once you start paying attention you will notice miracles all around you. You’ve got to pay attention though.

This is where I come in. Every year during the holidays I offer a full one hour of coaching / healing for a donation of your choice. You get to decide how much you will invest in your own well being.  Why do I offer this? I enjoy helping others realize their own Highest Expression.  I also know that lots of people would like to try coaching / healing and just don’t think they can afford it.. so I leave the amount up to you.  Of course you can choose one of my ongoing coaching programs.. or try it out… for a donation.  You are under no obligation to stay with me.  As a matter of fact I will keep you as a donation only client for three months. That will provide you enough time to see results and if you want more.. we can arrange that.

Don’t go through the holidays feeling down and out.. frustrated and afraid.  Let’s work together to find your Highest Expression.. to create a flow of miracles.. day in day out in your life.. This is your birthright.. isn’t it time you claimed it?

Find out more about coaching for a donation by clicking here.

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Even cats forget who they are

I share my home in my life with several cats. I don’t remember a time in my life when I have not aired my home with cats. Watching them soak up sun and window seal as they serenely groomed themselves has always been very relaxing to me. Recently though I began to realize that my cats have forgotten who they are. Sure they still bathe in the sunlight and enjoy a good game of pop about the house with anything not tied down, but they no longer have the instinct to hunt.

My daughter, the cats and I all live way out in the country where vermin or plenty. Are yard is visited daily by hundreds of birds nesting in the trees and eating from the feeders. At night rabbits hop freely through our yard. Deer run paths created most likely by their grandparents. We also have mice. Now understand me I have nothing against mice in general, actually I think they’re rather cute. What what do we go below noses and constantly moving whiskers and all that soft fur they beg to be petted. I’ve even had my life’s for pets purchased at the pet shop and kept in a cage.

Each time the field behind the house is plowed the wild mice see this as an invitation to move into my house. I hear you asking, but don’t lie stay away from homes with cats in it? The answer is no. These are these mice have never heard this myth or I must come to the logical conclusion that my cats have forgotten how to be cats. See my cats lay about the kitchen all day long waiting for someone to feel that dish with food Or offer a bit of Milk as a treat. The best part of the day is spent reclining about the kitchen or other rooms of the house lifting their heads when someone enters to see whether or not they will be fed.

I have mentioned to the cats on numerous occasions that they are supposed to eat mice. Only one momma cat will go to the bother to catcher a mouse now and again when she has kittens to wean. The rest of the cats lay about waiting for a human to offer them dinner. A friend recently said that I was possibly a overfeeding the cats and that’s why they would not go outside and hunt mice. I thought about that and came to the conclusion that my cats have forgotten who they are. Because they have all been raised inside my home, fed many times a day and petted since birth they have forgotten their natural state. Hardly does a cat even bother a bird on the bird feeder, a young cat will now and again will flick it’s tail and watch in wonder at the antics of the birds but it seems to be too much bother to try to catch one.

The cats have become hypnotized into a state of being which is not natural for them. Like most people they have forgotten who they truly are. It doesn’t matter a lot to the cats whether or not they remember their natural state of being hunters long as I continue to feed them. But for human beings it is very important that we remember who we are so that we can live life to the fullest extent possible. A lot of people run about like rats in a maze trying to work enough in order to get enough to be happy. Lifetimes are spent in pursuit of enough work so that at retirement one can be comfortable.

Human beings were created to be creators, working with source energy to bring forth one amazing human experience after another. Due to most humans forgetting their power to create and bring forth into form all good experiences life is more like a battle than a divine creation. Just as my cats have forgotten their natural state humans have forgotten as well. Due to this forgetfulness we create wars, dis-ease, poverty and lack. All unwanted states and experiences are the result of having forgotten who we are.

Upon remembering that you are Creative Source Energy bringing forth into form whatever you give your passion and attention to you can once again begin to experience life as you were intended to.


For more information on living fully

Self empowerment movement is calling you

Since 1995 I’ve been working on line as a healer, a spiritual coach, teacher and writer. Over the past several years I’ve watched many changes take place not only on the Internet but in our world as well. I’ve seen a wall of fear energy grow and fill even our light workers and our energy healers.

I guess on the one hand it’s understandable because you cannot turn on the television or even ride down the road without being bombarded by messages of fear. It seems sometimes that fear is coming at us from all directions.

People on the left , liberals and Democrats, energy workers and healers, greenies and recyclers, are all telling us that we’re bringing destruction to our planet and that in a few more million years it will be uninhabitable for the human race. We are also being told that due to genetic manipulation of our foods that they’re not nutritional for us any longer and we must spend four times as much in order to get food that nourishes our body.

The right, Republicans and conservatives tell us that we’re losing sight of our righteousness and gaining the disapproval of GOD. This message is that all good things and approval of the Creator are outside ourselves and must be sought, even earned through our suffering and sacrifice. Now we are bombarded with the threat of a new fear in the form of a flu or the very vaccine that is supposed to help keep you from having this flu.

It seems that no matter where one looks fear is on the menu. Recently during meditation Spirit ask me to stop pussy footing all round some hard truths. These truths only appear to be hard due to so many people not wanting to listen to them. This is a spiritual fact; there is love and there’s fear.

Everything falls into one of these two camps. It doesn’t matter whether you were metaphysically inclined, are dogmatically religious , there are only two energies at play and these are love and fear. I am very perplexed at the amount of brainwashing affecting most people in this country. Someone who is supposed to be in authority tells you something to be afraid of and you just immediately fall in line with the fear. You accept without any conscious thought whatsoever what you are told in the news media and advertising and even in the pulpit.

We say that we are conscious beings , but most have very little if any awareness of where their beliefs come from. I am amazed at the similarity between the two camps of spirituality and religious people. Both have given way to fear of disease, war, poverty, and lack.

This is a wake-up call. A call to consciousness, a reminder of who you are and how powerful you are. Whether you were trying to change the world so that it will not overheat and boil us all into steam, or you were trying to save us from the liberals who would socialize our government thus controlling our every thought and action, the energy is the same; FEAR! Fear only and always reproduces in its own image. This is LIFE, ever expanding, ever reproducing more in its own likeness. It does not matter which fear camp you to set your tent up in, fear is fear. Today Spirit is inviting you to join in a new movement which only sees perfection , love, harmony and abundance. You can only bring this forth into physical experience when this is the only reality you see. Some will say, but Donna don’t we need to pay attention to all the horrible things going on in the world today? My answer is, only if you wish to continue by the giving of your energy to the states to see more of them. This is truth. What you give your attention and your energy to, always, always, creates more of itself in its image and likeness. This is creative principle, it is spiritual law.

I would like to invite you to join my healing network where you can add your positive energy to the positive energy of others around the world as we bring forth awareness of divine perfection, love, harmony, an abundance for all beings. As a healer and teacher I feel inspired to work with as many who are ready to hear so that they too may be empowered by and of the truths to take his powerful message to the world.

I do hope you’ll join me and tell all your friends so that together we create a world that is in harmony with spiritual law reflecting our inner harmony and understanding of spiritual truths.

Click here to join on Earth Mother Self Heal network and make a positive difference in our world