Healing power of forgiveness

There is an energy of healing that only comes with forgiveness.

Holding anger and grudges is like carrying a bag of garbage around with you for your whole life.  It’s taints everything, every experience, every relationship with the nasty stench of it.

This is the state of unforgiveness that so many experience on a daily basis. Often it’s hidden behind anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness and even health problems, but it’s the root of the problems.

Forgiveness is a magical thing that release you from the emotional hold to past experiences, expectations of other, and places your power back with you.  Forgiveness is not about assessing blame to another, it’s about accepting that something is done and letting it go.  Learn a lesson, hear the message, receive the gift of it and then go on forward into the next experience.

When you hold onto anger it never hurts the one you are angry with as much as you are injured.  It festers and results in health problems, relationship difficulties and much more.

Isn’t it time you learned to let go?  Hold that hurt for a moment, let love flow to and through it and then release it so that forgiveness can wash through you bringing joy and balance.

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I AM statements, creating yourself anew


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Do you have any idea how many times each day you say I am?  You day is filled these declarations of who you are and how your life is.  These statements are your constant prayer, declarations to the Universe of what you are creating. 

This is the law of attraction in action in your life.  You don’t realize it, but you sabatoge yourself all day long with statements that you don’t really want to create with, but you do it unconsciuosly.  It’s social habit to declare how tired, sick, aggravated, angry, broke etc. that we are.  We’ve created a term, “cooler talk” to describe this conversation.

The use of I AM statements can be used to begin creating a new type of life for you, simply by paying attention to what you are saying and using your words to create feelings within that bring about a state you are more pleased by.

A few I AM statements that you might consider using during the day are:

I am so excited about what the day will bring.

I am open to the gifts of life.

I am content and always creating more.

I am so loved by so many people.

I am so grateful for my wonderful, strong, healthy body.

I am delighted to learn something new about myself today.

I am happy and joyful.

I am expecting all good things to come to me.

I am enjoying positive and loving relationships.

These are just a few examples, you can create more for yourself.  Write them down, read over the list several times a day.  Keep a small list in your pocket so that when others fall into the trap of “cooler talk” you can feel your list in your pocket and change your declarations.

This simple shift of I AM declarations will empower you to change your life and the complextion of your creations.

Have fun.

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Changing the What Ifs in Your Life, Changes Your Life

You’re playing a what if game and losing most of the time.  The what if game is the train of thoughts running through your head and emotions that goes something like this.

What if I lose my job?

What if my mate leaves me?

What if I don’t have enough money?

What if I never find anyone to marry?

What if I get sick?

What if ____   _____ _____.  You fill in the blanks for your personal favorites.

The point is that thinking and feeling this way keeps you first in line to get just exactly what you are imagining happening.

Remember the story of Job, “that which I most feared has come upon me”?

Fear of something happening is just like really, really wishing for it to happen.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t know whether you are really wanting these things or if you are trying to avoid them.  Law of Attraction works on the feelings, the strong vibration messages you send out.

Yes, energetically means yes.. but so does NO>> NO>> NOOOO>>>>

They both send out signals of strong feeling that attract what the focus is on.

The reason that things you don’t want seem to come so much faster and easier into  your life is the passion you have towards them.

Turn this passion on concerning the things that you really do want and see what happens.

Play a new What If game.  Rather than what if all the bad stuff happens, turn the tables.

What if i find the perfect job?

What if my mate and I grow even closer together?

What if I make more money this year than ever?

What if I meet Mr../ Miss Right?

What if my body gets stronger and healthier ?

By placing this version of the what if game you open your life up to the highest and best your can imagine and bring it more quickly into your experience.

When you play the game allow your imagination to run forward as far as it can with the what if questions.  The more you play it the more quickly you will change your thinking patterns and your life will fill more quickly the these wonderful experiences.

Bacon Cheese Grits and Blueberry Bagel

A bagel

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Just thinking about bacon, cheese grits and a hot blueberry bagel brings a smile to my lips.

Now I understand this may not be your breakfast of choice, but for me it’s a delight.

I love the grits with so much cheese they it strings with each fork full.  The bacon is best thick, country style and crisp.  The blueberry bagel should have a bit of crisp to it so that as I take a bite I get a wonderful sensation of taste and texture.

For me eating is a delight.  I learned long ago that food was to be a source of not only fuel for my body but food for the soul as well.  I truly enjoy each bite I take.  I love the taste and allow it to move over the taste buds so that I really get to appreciate it. 

For some people food is seen as the enemy.  I just don’t understand that.  Food is energy, just like me.  My body which is energy, enjoys the energy of food.  I am gifted with the ability to not only taste but to experience texture, which adds to the enjoyment of eating.

I don’t eat things that don’t taste good to me, there are just too many good tasting foods in the world not to enjoy each bite.

Eating out with a client a while back she was fussing about how many calories her salad had and commented that it wasn’t fair that I ate double ranch dressing, fries and a dessert and never gained weight.  Why would I gain weight, I asked?

Her reply was that just looking at what I ate put pounds on her hips. 

“From your lips to your hips” , I responded and laughed.

She couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed my food, praising it and thanking it for it’s taste and fuel for my physical strength.  Food is good, I told her and good food is really good.  It’s a joy.

I follow my bliss in everything.  If it ain’t fun I just don’t do it.  There is no reason.

I explained that many years ago I made peace with food and my body.  I had grown up with a mother who always told you to finish everything on your plate.  Don’t waste, think of all those starving children in Africa.  I could never understand how my eating more than I wanted or foods I didn’t like helped those kids, but one day told Mother to box it  up and send it to them.  I was excused from the table and got to spend time in my room thinking about it.

Over the years since childhood I still haven’t understood that line of thinking about food and eating.

A while back I explained to a client how to really eat a good piece of chocolate.

I said first you make a fresh pot of coffee, strong and black.  Enjoy the sensation of scent as it drips into the pot.  Let it fill you up with expectation.

Pour yourself and cup and delight in the color and smell.  Let your nose enjoy the sacred smell of fresh coffee.

Next open a small piece of really good chocolate.  Look at it, take it in with your eyes.  Smell it, ah, you know it’s going to be good.

Now take a tiny little bite.  Let it melt as you move it all around on your taste buds.  Let each part of taste be experienced, the sweet and the bitter of chocolate and sugar.

When it’s fully melted take a sip of coffee. 

Now that’s heaven folks.

I was delighted several months later when she called me up and said I would be so proud of her.  She had eaten a good piece of chocolate and had a cup of coffee… and fully enjoyed it.. no guilt what so ever..

This lady now has a body that weights over one hundred pounds less that it did three years ago.. and most importantly… she is learning to enjoy her food, not be afraid of it.

Happy Meals.. are a reality..

You Put Yourself Right Where You Are

What I’m about to say is going to be shocking to you.

Take a deep breath and relax, get ready for it.  Open your heart and your mind and your life will change.

Wherever you are right now, what ever you are experiencing, who ever you are involved with in this moment of your life….

You put yourself there.  You did it.  No one else is to blame, there is no one who’s fault it is.

You did it. 

I hear you shouting, “No Way”,  “I didn’t make myself sick, poor, in a horrible relationship”!

Yep, you did. 

You made choices that put you right where you are at this very moment of your life experience.

I’ll tell you why you did it too.

You are so brilliant, so smart, so inventive that you created all these experiences to point out to you by the contrast what it is that you really do want.

The extent to which you are totally miserable right now is the extent that you really wanted to get your attention on the subject of what is wanted.

While it isn’t mandatory to do things the hard way, most people do.  It’s very effective.

A body that hurts really makes an impact in the direction of yearning for a healthy, strong body.

Stressing and worrying over bills gets to the point rather quickly of wanting a life of financial freedom and ease.

A relationship that lacks respect, caring and companionship brings to your attention quickly how much you want a warm, loving and enjoyable one.

Do you see how smart you are?  Are you recognizing your brilliance in all this?

You created your present life circumstances to get your own attention on the subject of what it is that you really want.

Now for the fun and easy part.  You have all the hints and contrast you need to get clear about what it is that you really are wanting to create, attract and experience.

Do a little flipping and you will be off and running to a new and more pleasant life.

Take what is and flip it over to what you want that experience to look and feel like.

Take your lack of money.  By looking at what you don’t want.. that’s easy, you’ve already got that.. you can just flip it to the other side of what is.

Write it to suit you. I desire to experience financial freedom.  I want to enjoy the fun of going where I please, eating out, wearing new clothes, driving a wonderful car, living in a beautiful home.

Go further than just this moment’s worth of bills or you will stay in this moment.

If you have a health issue, move past just wanting to feel better right now.

See yourself going for a walk, riding a bike.  I desire to experience health in my body.  I enjoy walking through the mall while shopping with family and friends.

I enjoy going on vacation and riding a bike, skiing, swimming.

You get the picture.  What’s most important is that you move out of this present set of circumstances.  Thinking just about paying the next bill or not hurting so much, keeps you in the same place.

Dream bigger, live bigger.

Give yourself a hug and pat on the back for being so smart.  You got your own attention and now you know what you want.  You are turning your attention to what delights you and know that moving in the direction of your dreams, brings them into focus.

What a brilliant creator you are.

The Perils of Resistance Just for the Sake of Resisting

                          what would happen is


I talk with lots of people every week who are caught up in a “tug of war”.

They just don’t know how to stop fighting against and resisting good in their lives.

Now they say they want all those good things; love, money, health, happiness, but they really don’t.

What they really want is what they are getting, a tug of war.

Most of us learned as children to say no just because we could.  Parents will remember the first 100 times their little one said “NO” to everything.

They resisted getting dressed, eating, following to the car, getting in and out of the car, on and on..

Little children do this as a way of understanding their power over themselves and their lives.  Knowing how to say no and mean it is a good thing.. unless you just don’t learn to say yes.

There is “only a stream of well being”, says Abraham.  This is all there is.

I get that most people are not experiencing it.  What they are experiencing is lack and lots of it.

You don’t do it on purpose, you’re not really even aware of it.

Yet, you are still playing the game of tug of war, resisting abundance, loving relationships, health, wealth and happiness.


When you focus most of your attention on defending why something or someone is in your life.. you just ask for more of the same.

When you argue to be right rather than letting your desire for feeling good take priority, you are resisting.

We see this all around us, even in politics these days.  Rather than working together to solve a problem we create, politicians and individuals  would rather argue and prove themselves right.

Nothing is right about this.  Arguing just to be arguing is problem creation, not problem solving.

We humans have a tendency to create lots of “problems” for ourselves so that we can get a better idea of what we really do want to interact with.  These problems encourage us to reach higher, think differently and make exciting choices leading to exciting new “realities” to experience.

This is natural.  What’s working against us is when you don’t know when or how to stop problem creating and get on to the solution creating.

Ask yourself what would happen if you just let go easily.  How would you feel?  What would be the reaction of others if you stopped arguing, stopped fighting and just chose joy?

The choice is really whether you would rather be happy or be right..

If you can stop resisting long enough to discover what would happen if you chose joy over being right, you would discover a whole new energy to create your life with.

Needing to be right is the ego trying to gain power.  It reflects your insecurity and doubts about your self worth.

Being happy says that you are ok with you, you know how wonderful, powerful, creative and worthy you are. 

What’s your choice?


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Get on Board the Hope Train

There’s a train load of hope circling the globe right now. Millions upon millions of people have linked together seeing and thinking a New Way Of Living and Doing that will change the World.

You have a ticket, all you have to do is board the train and enjoy the ride.

This current energy of hope is bringing with it new ideas and dreams of prosperity for all.
Each day more and more get on board and add their energy to the wave of hope that’s making it’s way around the globe.

This is a time of magic potential, opportunities without limit for change on global, national and personal levels.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of something huge, wonderful, life changing and magical; this is that time.

We as a People have backed ourselves into a corner where change had to occur. We worked together joined by fear and resistance until we created a corner that we were all painted into. There was nothing to do but go for change, and this we have done.

Now that we have joined together to create opportunities for all manner of changes in our world, my hope is that we will hold onto this feeling, this energy of transformation, of cooperation and joint creation for good.

Let us link our hearts and our intentions to change the world and at the same time apply this life transforming energy to our own lives.

What have you personally been wanting to change? What areas of life have you back yourself up against a brick wall in?

Join this tremendous flow of “energy for change” and apply it to all these areas in your life.
You do have the power and you now have a huge open door to walk through where change is just on the other side beckoning you to move forward.

Let your life fill up with goodness, well being, health, prosperity, loving and respectful relationships, let the creativity and possibles flow from one success to the next.

Together we have changed the world, together we will continue to bring about changes on a global and personal level.

Get on board the Hope Train and ride it to the Life of Your Dreams.

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