Don’t Let Your Senses Deceive You Any Longer


Chances are you are only seeing what has already been made form through your thinking, believing and feeling.  STOP!

Don’t let your senses deceive you any longer.  What you see is the left overs of thoughts and feelings brought into form on your behalf.  You can have new experiences but you first must release your emotional addiction to what already is.  Think of it this way; what is going on in your life right now is the residue of thoughts you’ve already had and emotions you’ve already felt.  Once you release them they no longer have form.

How do you release them?  Simply by going within your Sacred Space and moving into a new knowing.  We’ve spent years peeling onion layers that only exist because we continue creating them.  STOP!  By now you probably know what  a lot of your beliefs, limits and self doubts are.  Stop entertaining them.  Stop giving life to them.

In your prayer closet, in your mediation, in your Sacred Space know deeply Who You Are.  Feel only that.  Think only that.  Express only that with your words and actions.  This is the path of the Master. 

I’ve written books for you, done hundreds of videos and radio shows for you.  I even offer right here on this website to work with you as your guide.  The next step is yours. Only a few will take up this path.  Only a few will Be a Master.

Will you?

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

If Not For Fear What Would Your Life Be Like?


I did this short recording a bit ago to discuss some insights into how we stay in an unwanted place due to fear of what others may think or say.  How is fear holding you back in life?  If you were not worried that others would think you selfish what would you do for yourself?

Dreams are not lived due to the fear of not being good enough or smart enough.  In order to live your dream you must be more than ready for a change, you must be willing to step into that change.  If not for fear how would your life be different?  What job would you have?  Where would you live, dress, eat?

If there were no limits how big would your life be?  Sit in the silence with that and see where the fear is.  Releasing it can be done once  you identify it.  Is the belief even true?  No?  Then what is the truth? 

What you invest your thinking, feeling and doing energy into is what you will experience.  After finding the truth speak only that, live only that. 

I’ll do another recording on that soon.  I’ve recently written a very short guide book How Can I Be Happy cover

That’s a picture of it.  Use these three steps to discover how you are creating your life experiences and to create a whole new experience for yourself.  Visit my Amazon Author Page for How Can I Be Happy Three Easy Steps To Personal Well Being as well as my other print, kindle and audio books. 

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I love you.. love yourself well..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Are You Bold Enough To Detox Those Limiting Beliefs?



Are you bold? Do you feel courageous?  You need that to make those big changes you keep saying you want.  You want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, have great relationships.. OK, but are you bold enough to do it?  It will require you ask yourself some questions about beliefs you have held onto as though your life depended on them.  Are you willing to ask, “what if, just what if, everything I think I know about Everything is WRONG?”

Until you detox those limiting beliefs, no matter how dear they are to you.. NOTHING will change.  I’m being honest here.  Over my life time and working with others has confirmed this as truth.  No fountain can bring forth both bitter and sweet water.  You have to decide.  You are the fountain.  What energy flows from you?

I’m talking about more here than just your daily feel good affirmations too.  Spending a few minutes a day getting your emotional fix and investing the other 24 hours with worry, stress, low self esteem and worry.. will not bring about the life you want to live.

I’m talking about going within your prayer closet, or doing your shadow work.  Pick your favorite phrase for it.. but do the work.  I love you.  I want you to be happy, healthy and successful.  That’s why I write books, blogs, do video and radio.  I why I have private students.. I want YOU to live the life you know deep down inside that you can live. I’m willing to be blunt with you to get your attention too.

You’ve spent years wishing and hoping.. you’ve prayed, done your feel good activities and nothing is different.  It can’t be until YOU are different.  That’s why I’m here.. to help YOU be different!

Are you ready?  I’m taking new students right now.  See the Services tab.  Make it happen.  There are three options for you to work with me.  Be Bold.  Pick one.  Follow through!  Read my books, live the wisdom within them.   Read all my blogs, watch all 500 of my videos.  Listen to the thousands of hours of radio broadcasts I’ve done over the years. 

Most importantly… DO YOUR WORK! 

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru!

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Get the Life you Want by Knowing What You Want


Honestly most people are too busy trying to pay bills that they never get around to enjoying success!  I know that’s a powerful statement.. however… it is true.  Think about it for a moment.  Your thoughts are on how to keep the lights on or make the car payment or get little Sally a pair of shoes.  You are filled up with that energy and that’s what you are creating your next set of experiences with. 

You get to fill up the space that is your life with any thing you want.. you just haven’t figured out what you want and you’ve been so busy with the little day in day out annoyances that you’ve not gotten around to realizing just how dog-goned powerful you really are.  If you don’t have a big picture you’ll stay right there in the little picture your whole life.  This is fact.

Let me ask you this and I trust you to answer honestly.  What do you want?  Go ahead and write it down. What outside of just paying the bills and not feeling bad right this moment do you want?  Can you even see past right now and how bad it is?

Working for a paycheck keeps you in the mindset of the small picture of life.  You might buy a lottery ticket now and then hoping to make it rich, but the majority of your energy is focused on just how to pay this month’s bills and feel less stress for a few moments.

Move into the bigger picture for bigger results.  What do YOU WANT? You can get something you don’t know what is.  Perhaps you say, “I want more money, I want to be healthier, I want better relationships”.  OK, but what do YOU WANT? We all want to be happy and successful, to have less struggling to survive and more thriving.  BUT!!! What is that for you?

You gotta get specific here.  I wrote “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want; Consciously Living Life” to help you answer these questions and understand how you are creating now and how you can do it for better results.  Take five minutes right now to feel your way into what you want to experience.  What does it look like, feel like?  How are you dressed, how are you feeling?  Stay in that energy as you go through your day.  Yes, pay those bills, but don’t get stuck in that rerun.  Move into a bigger expression of yourself and a new experience that better pleases you.

I love you.. love yourself well..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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Awakening to Your Power


Don’t you think it’s time?  Time to be aware of just how powerful you are to change your life is now.  You have a decision to make, do you continue to walk in reaction or do you take the reins of your life and create it as you want it to be?  There is a lot of talk today about Surviving the Bad Times Ahead.  Is this what you want, just to survive?  Surviving is better than not surviving, but not nearly as nice and thriving.  You decide.  Which would you rather experience?  Many are without jobs, without homes, without money and feel powerless to do anything about it.  That is not true, you are powerful.  You DO have the right and the power to create a new experience for yourself. 

You decide.  Do you want to just survive the hard times or actually create and experience something pleasing and fun?  It’s really not a hard concept.  You are the deciding factor.  It’s up to you.  There is no one with power over your life, unless you say so.  No one is out to get you unless you believe that they are.  You have no enemies only brothers and sisters unless you want enemies.

You don’t have to wait for the government to change, to create jobs, to help you get a home.  The government isn’t your creator.  You are the power of creation.  You have agreed to what you are now experiencing, possibility so that you could come to the understanding of just how powerful you are and begin right now, to create something else to experience.

You may be feeling fearful or angry, perhaps a combination.  That’s ok.  Now you can do something positive with those emotions.  Let them motivate you to move forward, to create something more to your liking.  You do have the power to do that.

Today make the choice to walk through the open door of personal power and potential.  Be Awake, Aware, Alert.. create on purpose.

Focus on Real Wealth Get Money Easier

Thrive kindle book


What is real wealth?  It’s what money can not buy, love, joy, peace and inner happiness.  While we spend so much of our lives in pursuit of money we miss out on the real wealth.  A study was done a few years ago to discover who the happiest people were on the planet.  Surprisingly, the researchers found it was NOT the people with the most money.  Those who had the most real wealth, happiness, actually had the least money.  Tribal communities who spent their days hunting for food, cooking together and telling stories while crafting were the winners of the happy award.

How can this be, many who pursue money ask.  What we want when we fight, struggle, battle and compete with one another for money isn’t really the money at all.  It’s the state of love, joy, peace and happiness that we think we will get when we have money.  Understand, I am not against money, I love money.  Money is energy which is wonderful for exchanging for utilities, clothing, travel etc.  Money isn’t joy though, it’s not happiness.  There is no store that sales those states of being.  The easiest way to peace is to BE just that.  Be peace.  Now if you have use of money you find that it comes more easily into your life. 

It’s been said and proven to be true that the quickest way to personal success is to help others succeed.  We use this principle when we create products and services to help others.  I use this principle as I write a new book.  My goal is to help others live empowered, happy and joy filled lives.  I want to help others succeed.  When you buy the book, you are then helping me to succeed, not only in the money coming in that I use to exchange for food, clothing, utilities etc, but my goal to help you has been met.  I’ve succeeded by helping you to succeed and you’ve helped yourself by helping me.  This is Creative Principle at work.  What you put out there comes back to you increased and magnified.

When we understand the principles of success and the value to true wealth life is easier and a lot more fun.  You don’t have to spend as much time seeking for what you want due to knowing where to look for it.  It’s like a treasure hunt and you already have the map marking the location of the treasure.  It’s easy to just follow along and go right to the reward.  When you know what true wealth is, as you understand that money will not buy you a state of being, then it’s a simple thing to decide on happy, move forward into the ease of success by helping others and just go from joy to joy as you live your life.

Get clear about what you really want.  What does the money mean to you?  Are you in pursuit of happiness and looking for money to give you something it doesn’t have to offer?  When you understand these principles, money will flow rather easily into your life to match the joy and wealth you are sharing with others.

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Prepare to Thrive and Live Successfully

Thrive kindle book


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Many make preparations to survive hard times and while it is to wise set back a little nest egg, it is wiser still to make preparations to thrive.  How do you prepare to be successful?  First you must believe that you can be successful and then you must have the operating system or beliefs in place that work energetically to create success.  Once you know that you have the operating system or beliefs in place that allow you to be successful it is a matter of moving steadily in the direction of your dreams and goals.  Without the belief that you can be successful you will find it very challenging to experience success for very long.  Just just about everyone wants more money, most do not have a belief system that allows them to create a successful experience for themselves.

Take a look at your own personal beliefs.  What do you think about money, the energy of having money, what do you think about people we have lots of money?  How hard do you think money is to get and hold on to you?  How would it change you and change your life?  Many people have a hidden fear  of being successful.  Many feel that if they are in the limelight people will take a look in their closet and find all the skeletons that they have hidden there.  Guilt and shame hinder many people from living a successful live style.  Because you have not made peace with your past, perhaps you have made some unwise choices, you have a fear that someone will find out.  A very important step in the process of preparing for success is going back through your life and applying the energy of forgiveness  for yourself and for others.  This allows you to energetically clean the space between you and experiences so that you will not worried about other seeing inside.

Start by writing down your beliefs about money and people with money.  If you want money on the one hand yet believe that money is easy if easy to see why money runs away from you.  Money is energy and all energy affects all other energy and is affected by all energy. You may have heard the saying in order to have a friend be a friend, the energy dynamics of that works equally for money.  In order to have money and success one must know themselves to be worthy of money and successful.  A process of doing your own inner  clearing work will allow you to release all the limits and fear that keep you from being successful.  When you get to the plate that you have nothing to slide you lose the concern that someone will find your skeletons.  Making peace with the path, applying the energy of forgiveness, and  honesty will released you so that you can move into success.

Once you have an honestly dealt with your fears and insecurity you then have only to make sure that your beliefs have the creative power to bring you into successful experiences.  Clearing out the path and installing a new  belief system guarantees success.  All you need now is a clear mental picture of what you really want. Once you decide what it is you want to experience you have only to follow the inspiration and the joy to create just that.  Fear no longer holds you back and limiting beliefs have released their hold on you.  You are ready now to create the lives of your dreams one incredible day after another. You have taken the steps to Be Successful and success will show up time and again in your experience.  You’ve done all the work necessary to begin creating with the energy of what you desire and can be assured that it will manifest in your experience.


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