Are You Bold Enough To Detox Those Limiting Beliefs?



Are you bold? Do you feel courageous?  You need that to make those big changes you keep saying you want.  You want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, have great relationships.. OK, but are you bold enough to do it?  It will require you ask yourself some questions about beliefs you have held onto as though your life depended on them.  Are you willing to ask, “what if, just what if, everything I think I know about Everything is WRONG?”

Until you detox those limiting beliefs, no matter how dear they are to you.. NOTHING will change.  I’m being honest here.  Over my life time and working with others has confirmed this as truth.  No fountain can bring forth both bitter and sweet water.  You have to decide.  You are the fountain.  What energy flows from you?

I’m talking about more here than just your daily feel good affirmations too.  Spending a few minutes a day getting your emotional fix and investing the other 24 hours with worry, stress, low self esteem and worry.. will not bring about the life you want to live.

I’m talking about going within your prayer closet, or doing your shadow work.  Pick your favorite phrase for it.. but do the work.  I love you.  I want you to be happy, healthy and successful.  That’s why I write books, blogs, do video and radio.  I why I have private students.. I want YOU to live the life you know deep down inside that you can live. I’m willing to be blunt with you to get your attention too.

You’ve spent years wishing and hoping.. you’ve prayed, done your feel good activities and nothing is different.  It can’t be until YOU are different.  That’s why I’m here.. to help YOU be different!

Are you ready?  I’m taking new students right now.  See the Services tab.  Make it happen.  There are three options for you to work with me.  Be Bold.  Pick one.  Follow through!  Read my books, live the wisdom within them.   Read all my blogs, watch all 500 of my videos.  Listen to the thousands of hours of radio broadcasts I’ve done over the years. 

Most importantly… DO YOUR WORK! 

I love you.. love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru!

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How To Get The Struggle Out Of Life Wealth The Easy Way



Are you tired of struggling?  I know you are.  I hear from people all week long through my social networks and radio show who are just fed up with feeling like rats fighting for crumbs.  You just might be one of those folks who have just had it with all the promises of success through reading a book, or taking a course or attending a webinar.  How much time and money have you invested in things that just don’t work?  Are you ready for success? 

First define wealth for yourself.  That’s a HUGE first step.  What does it mean for you?  Write it down in your journal and feel it.  I’m not talking about just getting emotional about it either.  Feel the reality of it in your bone marrow.  KNOW that nothing is ever withheld from you by Source.  You are the only one with the power to present yourself with experiences.  You’ve lined things up the way they are for a reason.  That reason is to remind you what you are believing into form and show you that you are powerful to create these situations.  Here is the kicker… the same way you get all that struggle is how you get wealth and joy and happiness!

Most often we ask for something because we simply want to escape the feeling we are currently in.  Take time to get honest with yourself about that.  If you are wanting money because you are feeling awful about not having enough money that will only bring about more not having enough. ( Yes I know I rambled with that sentence, I meant to get your attention & it did that big time)  Let’s take another example.  You want a great relationship because you either don’t have a relationship at all and don’t like being uninvolved or the one you are in stinks.  Perhaps you are experiencing dis-ease and crying out for health because you don’t want to be sick anymore.

I get where you are coming from, honestly I do.  I can also promise you that that way of using energy will only result in more of the same stuff you say you don’t want.  Let me give you a walk through of what I’m talking about here.  Look at the top of this page, notice where it says Farm.   That’s a dream of mine.  Now I don’t live there now.  When I drove by it and my daughter texted to find out the price I didn’t have the amount of money in my bank to purchase it.  (That’s not the actual house / prosperity by the way) The actual property has 38 acres, swimming pool, two story four bedroom, 3 bath, formal dining room etc.. nice.. very nice.   Zoe and I made an appointment for a walk through and fell in love with the place.  I instantly knew it was the energy I want to experience for not only my home but the Lady’s Farm Healing Retreat.  I stated that I only needed to sale 100,000 books and we’d move in.  It’s still available too.. we went by the other day.

Anyway here is my big point.  My focus isn’t on not having the $315,000 to purchase it, that keeps it always out there in dream la la land.  My focus in on the experience I want to have.  Living in  that home or one like it, swimming in the pool, riding the horses, entertaining guests, having people, (maybe even you) join me for a weekend or a week of self exploration,  and enjoying the firecrackers out of the experience.  Having the money isn’t the main thing.  The experience of the home, living there, eating there, enjoying myself is the key.  Do you see what I’m talking about here?

Ok, let’s move on.  Struggling is based on not having.  It’s rooted in escaping a situation more than anything else.  I don’t want to get away from the life I have now, I want an expansion of it.  Feel the difference?  Wealth is based on the whole experience, the whole thing.  It’s not about trying to get away from or out of anything, it’s all about moving into a new expression of wonder and fun.  This attitude always allows that what you desire is already possible.  Running to rather than running from makes a monumental difference in the ease of your life.  Struggling with life is always the result of not being clear about what you do want.  It’s based in not enough, lack, hard times.  Running to empowers you through the wisdom that everything you ask for is already yours.  Like the Lady’s Farm, it’s already mine.  I asked, it’s done.  That experience is already there just waiting for me to walk completely into it.  While it’s unfolding I’m enjoying the process.  That process is writing articles, blogs, books, doing my radio shows, videos, cooking, cleaning, sleeping and playing.  In other words I take steps all day long, every day, to be in that experience. 

I have defined wealth for me and it includes health, friendship, money, laughter, helping others, and yes stuff like houses, food, and cars.  I don’t wait until all that is here in my hands to know wealth either.  It’s mine.  NOW!  I enjoy it each moment of each day.  One of the most powerful things you will do for yourself is to take time to define wealth for yourself.  Be honest.  Are you running from or running towards?  That makes the difference.

If you’d like a bit of help check out my Kindle, print and audio books.  I also work privately with folks and you could be one of those people.  See services page and Consciousness Power.