But How Can I Be Happy When Everything is SO Wrong!


I understand. Really, I do.  I’ve been there and may be there again. Here’s why.  What you are experiencing right now is the residue or left over energy of your last master piece.  Yep, that’s right.  This is what you already created. Now, just release it and stay in the new creation.

First accept that everything in your life is there due to you.  No one is doing anything to you or holding anything from you.  That’s some mighty power you have there!  Now that we’ve got that under our belt simply move on to going within to create what you want.  Use that powerful imagination of yours that you’ve used to create everything else with.  This time use it and master your mind, seeing only what you’ve asked for, knowing that it’s already yours.

Stay in that.  When you senses show you what was rather than what IS, instruct them in the truth! The truth is, that is not how it is anymore.  Then take a few moments to visit again in your imagination how it IS!

That’s the Big Secret!  YOU have the power.  Use it to master your life!

How Can You Be Happy? Release Those Danged Limiting Beliefs For The Truth

How Can I Be Happy cover

“You create with your energy. Your energy is passion, feelings, emotions, thoughts. Where those things are is a preview of what you experience next. That’s why I asked you to define what happiness is for you and how it feels. You are much more invested in knowing how not wanting feels than you are in knowing what you want feels. You’ve got to get passionate about what you want in your life. Defining what you want and imagining it, feeling it, makes it come alive. You also can start dropping the not from your speech. “ page 6  “How Can I Be Happy Three Easy Steps To Personal Well Being” by Donna DeVane

I included that little bit from my book so you can get started on your happy journey.  What are you most passionate about, the unwanted or the wanted?  It makes a HUGE difference.  Since you create with energy and thoughts / feelings, are energy.. it makes sense to honestly take stock of where you are on this topic.

You want to be happy, we all do.  We enjoy feeling good, being in great relationships, experiencing health and prosperity.  So why is it so danged hard for so many?  It’s beliefs and the constant practicing of them even though they don’t work. That’s why I talk so much about healing the emotional memories so you can shift into an experience of your self that isn’t limiting by beliefs.

If you don’t believe you can be happy or deserve to be happy that’s where you start.  Work on that belief.  Is it true?  Was it ever true?  What is the truth?  Line up your thinking, feeling, talking with the truth.  That clears the belief right out of your system.

Next define what happiness is for you.  You can get get something you don’t know what is.  Make a list, write down everything that happiness is for you.  Now you are on the road to happiness.  Let your attention be on this truth.  When it wanders, and it will, bring it back to the TRUTH!

I’d love to hear about your happiness journey. Leave me a message.  I’ll respond.. promise!

I love you, love yourself well..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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Letting Change Have Room To Manifest or How To Live Happy With Change



Have you ever asked for your life to change and everything seem to go to pot at once?  Well, that’s what you asked for.  Smile

How often in life do we ask for something new and then cling to, fight for and struggle to hold onto the old? We really do want something different, but we are frightened by the uncertainty of not knowing what it will all be like.  When we stay in the fear we also stay in the same circumstance.

What we can do is claim our sense of adventure about life.  Look fear square in the face and step forward anyway with laughter and glee. It’s not really about not experiencing fear and uncertainty as much as it is about trusting Source to always support us in whatever we do.  Let the dice fall where they may, just keep rolling the dice and living the adventure that life is.

I know it feels hard, but those hard places are where the most growth will occur, the most remembering who you are is found in those darkest hours of fear and trembling.  Go within and face your fear.  Once faced fear is a funny thing, it fades into excitement and adventure.

Go to YouTube and watch some videos of extreme sports.  You’ll be amazed at what people are doing.  Grab that adventure spirit and step into your next trek for something awesome to experience.  As I say in my new book, life is your space, you get to fill it with any thing and every thing you want.  So go for it.  What’s holding you back?

I love you… love yourself well..

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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How To Go Ahead And Create With The Energy Of Change Or When Life Goes BAM


You know how it goes.. you have all these plans about how the change will happen and then BAM!!! Out of the blue your whole life is upside down and you’re sitting there shaking your head wondering what in the world happened.. this isn’t what you had in mind.  You wanted change, something bigger and better.  Perhaps you even asked for easier and flowing and this MESS is what you’ve got!  What is going on here?

Smile and take three deep breaths.  Life is following your instructions exactly.  In order for the new to take place what is already there needs to pack up and move out.  That’s what’s happening.  While it does sometimes feel spooky, as you move into the energy of it with anticipation and joy filled excitement, life is the adventure you meant it to be.

Rather than grabbing handfuls of the what is and trying to keep it in place or force it to change shapes, bless it and bid it a good journey back to the wiggly jiggly jello field of potentiality.  You are getting the hang of this creating on purpose thing now.  You said you wanted something new and it’s forming for you.. waiting for you to clear out the space in your life where it will interact with you. 

Can you feel it?  Change is forming, your desires are being granted.  Now get busy with the fun of clearing out those closets and storage rooms in your home… and release those old thoughts, pain, beliefs and habits to provide a wide open space for this wonderful adventure showing up just for you.

I love you… love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

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Stop Faking It Go Ahead And Make It Being Happy & Successful



You can stop faking it right now.  Go ahead and make it, be happy and successful.  All that agony and struggle is not out there waiting for you to magically transform it into something else.  It’s all in your head and emotions.  Yep!

Pause for a moment and play along with me.  Notice that whatever is going on is in your head.  You are thinking about it, then chemicals that match that thought stream are flushed through your body resulting in that feeling or emotion.  That’s it.  That’s the secret to being happy.

As you go within and clean, clear, release you heal.  It’s that simple.  It’s also as easy as you let it be.  There is nothing out there to deal with.  Actually, there is nothing out there at all. 

Perhaps this will make it even more clear for you.  Do you fight with a movie?  Even one you didn’t like?  Do you try to force it to be something different, to have a different outcome?

NO you don’t.  The reason is you know it’s out there and it’s an illusion. 

That’s the way of everything.

Understand that and it changes everything.

The first and most important change is in you.  When you realize that the out there is a perfect reflection of the in there, your thinking and feeling, which leads to actions / reactions and then beliefs.. you can see perfectly how to have a difference experience. 

Take just one thing today, a small one and play around with it.  Let it just be what it is, stop faking being happy and just be.  Allow yourself to follow the trail of thought to feeling and back again.  When the light bulb goes off, move into a new way of thinking, feeling and doing.  It’s easy and simple.. it just takes practice.

I’d love to hear about your adventure with this process.. so leave me a comment. 

If you’d like a bit of help check out my Shift My Beliefs page

I love you, love yourself well…

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

PS.  While here on this page you are being helped, cleared and healing work done.. do you feel it?

You Can Move From Being A Survivalist to a Thrivalist And Discover How to Really Be Happy

Want to Thrive?

I’m going all out on this new book, blogs, articles, videos, contests.. the whole nine yards because I KNOW how powerful this information is.   While I am delighted with all my books,  this one brings all the teachings, all the wisdom together in 100 print pages and 50 kindle pages.  It’s packed full of stories, examples and exercises to show you the proof of what I’m talking about.  You’ve had enough of the struggling just to survive.  I know how totally fed up and frustrated you are feeling because I’ve felt that way too.  This book took me 20 years to live, and you can read it in a few days and if you make the practices in it real, you’re life can start changing from day one!

YES! This information is that powerful.  I am so pumped about as many people as possible getting their Kindle readers filled with this information that I am creating a new page here on the website where you can get a free Audible copy of my book, “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World” FREE just for purchasing and reviewing “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want”.  That’s huge and the audio book is yours to keep.  Audible and I ask only that you review it and I ask that you apply the teachings in the book to create the life you want.

I’m willing to bet that you, like me, are weary of trying to figure out what’s wrong and are more interested in how to just go ahead and consciously create the life you want to live.  These are the tools I give you in this book.  I’ve been celebrating and saying, “thank you Creator” since I finished the last read before sending the files to the publishers.  This stuff works.  If it works for me and those students I’ve taught it to over the years.. IT WILL work for you too.

You do have to read it and you do have to apply the wisdom.  But it’s presented in a way that’s fun and exciting.  I’ve got new stories, new examples and new exercises to help you. 

What is your biggest concern right now?  What are you having the most difficulty with?  Leave me a comment.  I’d love to have a conversation with you. 

How To Stop Struggling And Just Go Ahead And Be Happy

Take Action


How many times each week do you declare that something has just got to change?  Often I’d wager.  We all want change.  We don’t really like that stressful, over the top, day in day out, struggle, but we don’t know how to do anything else.  How can you be happy when life is just so danged hard?  Is there a secret to being happy and thriving that is held so tightly by the very few just to keep everyone else poor?  That might well be part of it.. however you can move into a happier, less stress filled life anytime you choose to do so.  Stress is what you say it is.. so is everything else.  I know, I know.. you’ve heard it before and it just doesn’t make sense does it?  Well.. it’s true.  Life is what you say it is.  Now just saying it with your mouth doesn’t change much, but when you KNOW things change rapidly.  Life starts amazing you almost at once.

Let’s play for just a moment so you can get a taste of what I mean.  Remember a time when you really felt loved, cared for, excited about life and happy.  Go ahead, remember, fill up on it.  How do you feel right now?  Good, right?  Now as long as you stay in that energy you’ll continue to feel good.  As soon as you go back to life is hard, nobody loves me, I don’t know how I’ll pay the bills.. etc.. the feeling changes.  YOU are doing that!  You don’t need everyone and everything around you to line up differently, rather,  you need an ATTITUDE Adjustment.  Yep. 

You think and feel in circles because that’s how you’ve always done it.  That’s what you know.  You need to know something else.  You need a new program to operate in, a new energy, a new outlook.  Call it what you will but until and unless YOU CHANGE nothing will change.  Period!

Making these internal changes is easier than you think once you have the right tools.  I’ll give you the tools for free if you’ll take them and apply them to your life.  All these blog posts, articles, videos, radio shows.. are there for the taking.. and they are FREE too!  Are you using this wisdom?  Applying it to your life? 

Now I have something else for you.. it’s almost free too.  Audible and I will GIVE you a free copy of one of my audio books just for a review.  Now these are full copies of the audio books.  You listen, write a review and most importantly apply the principles in the books.  I can’t do your work for you, will not even try to.. but I will give you the tools for you to use. 

Want a free audio book to listen to, review and apply?  You do have to take a bit of action.  Go to Free Audio Books by clicking these words,  Leave a comment stating which book you would like.  I’ll send you an email with the information to download, it includes a one time only code from Audible.  You download,  listen, review and apply.  Easy right?  Yep!  Now it’s your turn.  Will you take an action?

I’d love to hear from you so leave me a comment.  Oh, and will you help me out by sharing the link to this website with your friends?  Use the social media buttons.. Jan has made it really easy for you to share.

I love you, love yourself well.

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru